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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Post 129 ~ Gorean Gacha and ROMP!

April is FULL of events, which are FULL of goodies!  If you role play in Gorean, fantasy or medieval genres, or just like to dress up, you are going to find some awesome items out there on sale!

If you're doing ROMP monthly shopping, you'll need to get out there today or tomorrow to get your goods!  There are a ton of items that were absolutely amazing, but I could only fit so many things in this one post!

There is a little more time to shop at the Gorean Gacha, though, which will be open until the 27th of April and has a lot of great designers.

I got all dressed up and dropped into Brundisium to take some pictures, where I was quickly surrounded by several very large, very strong, very intimidating warriors!  I was able to set up this pose scene from Come Soon Poses (the entire background is included as props, including the "sleen" that you see trying to come eat my face!) and Kuruk was kind enough to jump in and play my hero.  Doesn't he make it look natural?

Of course, a southern Kajira is nothing if she's not pleasing to the eyes and able to serve her Master well.  I wore -zero- mesh attachments for this look.  No mesh hands, no mesh feet, no mesh breasts or body.  Just the traditional SL body with a skin and shape from Favourite Genes, who came out of retirement just for the Gorean Gacha event.  The skin is 50L$ per play, with a surprise ultra-rare in there that is the entire set of skins and shape.  Each skin also includes the Lolas applier.  You can also see (faintly) the all-over moles body mark tattoo layer that is part of a discount set that you can pick up for 75L$.

The camisk from PEQE is beautiful and simple, and perfect for the south.  It comes in multiple colors, black being the Ultrarare.  The beautiful copper jewelry collection is from Keystone at the Gorean Gacha, and though you only get a glimpse of it here, it includes an intricately crafted belt.  What made my day, though, was being able to get the simply beautiful collar from Cae (for ROMP) to match the jewelry metals with the simple click of a HUD button.

The Breakdown:

on Kuruk:

[The Forge] Gorged Pauldrons,  (Black) Fur
:Enigma: Cholia Fur Limited M
[The Forge] Asgar Bracer UltraRare (Black)
AoD Blindfold Eyepatch Black
[The Forge] Arwen's Belt, (Black)
(Ro) The Black Hound Pants M
#TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(m)
*Drot* The Kenji- Midnight2
B*FLY-Kanji God Tatoo

on Whisp:

{FG} Anali Shape (Rare) and Anali Bloom skin (Common) with Moles All Over body marks (Gorean Gacha)
IKON Sovereign Eyes - Field
Magika - Please
PEQE Ell camisk - black - Ultrarare (Gorean Gacha)
Keystone - Abha - Copper Headpiece (Rare), Copper belt (Common), Copper Earrings (Common), Copper arm bands (Common) - (Gorean Gacha)
Cae - Forge::Collar - ROMP sale item!

Pose and Background:

Come Soon Poses - Sleen Attack - Full Scene - (Gorean Gacha)

Special thanks to Brundisium Gorean RP sim and Kuruk Souji (jokekiller) for help with this shoot!