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Monday, July 13, 2015

130 ~ A Summer ROMP

It's here, it's here, it's here!  I get so excited when I know ROMP is upcoming, and I know I drive my friends crazy with it!  Well, IT'S HERE!  And there are only a few days left!  If you haven't been yet, you have to go check it out because there are SO MANY great designers that you'll want to buy all the things!  Get there before the 17th!

With everything from sexy heels to shibari rigging, you can find all your kink needs filled at ROMP!  I had a really tough time deciding what to put in this post, and if I can get some better shots of the other items soon, I'll have another post coming to show you even more of what's available.  I've been having some serious PC issues lately, hence the inactivity for ugh... months!  Enough about me, though, let's talk about ROMP!

I'm so excited that one of my favorite SL designers, Kalia Firelyte, has branched off into her own brand.  While I still love Dysfunctional Designs (Anke is amazeballs), Kalia is doing some really amazing work with her new brand, Jian.  Here, you can see she's even gotten into more modern and kink furniture.  The bedding set shown here comes in PG or Adult, and you can change the poses and textures with a touch.  The lamps have on and off modes, too, which comes in really handy when you tend to take overly-dark images like I do. 

I also need to just put it out there that yes, I have finally jumped on the bandwagon, and got myself a Maitreya body.  I did a major avi overhaul when I was going to start RP with the Sa Di Lina Panthers; but recently have found myself with less and less time in SL, and have had to abandon the RP.  Too bad, too, because those ladies are awesome!

The harness and pasties from Oaken work really well with the mesh body, I might add, as do the cuffs and collar shown here.  The pose even works well with or without the mesh body, without any major stick-through that you sometimes get.  The pose shown here and in the first image are both from POSEOLOGY, in their "Me Time" series.

The dresser also has animations in it, which I didn't try with me being alone for this shoot.  You can change the color of the laundry basket (left), the dresser itself, and the accessories, as well as turn the candles on/off by touch.  The framed print that you can see on the left, leaned against the mirror, is a gift from Fallen Gods.  Alia drew this!  I'm super impressed that not only is it skins - Fallen Gods has teamed with Faida to create some remarkable collabs, and now artwork too?  I'm in awe.  The beads on the dresser are from SBoT (Sacred Band of Thebes) and come in 5 colors, OR you can grab the rainbow version for only 1L$ and get a fun launcher, too!  Yes, that's right!  Troll your friends by shooting anal beads at them!  (Please don't go trolling sims, though.  That's not okay.)

The cuff shown here (kind of hard to see with me taking overly-dark pictures :x) is from C L A Vv.  I've got Whispering in the black/gold version; but there are several to choose from and a matching ring that can be worn with it.  I didn't wear it because it looks to be made more for a man, and with the Maitreya body, Whispering doesn't have man-hands!  They're daintier, and more feminine, which generally is a good thing.

The Breakdown:


Bed, Nightstands, Dresser:  Jian - Saxton - Adult bed, adult dresser, nightstand for him, nightstand for her - at ROMP event
Naughty Print:  Alia Baroque - Pleasure Leash gift print - GIFT at ROMP event
Beads:   SBoT - ONLY AT ROMP event!


Hair:  Truth - Sylvia - Streaked - Swedish (I know, I know... it's not mesh.  One of few flexi hairs I still like!)
Skin:  Birth - Jana - Honey tone - Natural - Promo on MP! - appliers sold separately
Shape:  Mine!
Body:  Maitreya - Lara
Eyes:  IKON - Spectral Eyes - Leonine
Pasties & Harness:  Oaken - Imogen at ROMP event (collab between Noodles and Haste)
Collar:   Goth1c0 - Spiked Leather Collar - at ROMP event
Cuff:  C L A Vv - Cuffed Bracelet - Black/Gold/Materials - at ROMP event


POSEOLOGY - After Dark - Me Time (1 and 2) - at ROMP event
final image shows "belly lay" in the bed itself

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