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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Post 127 ~ The dollhouse in the attic

The problem with the ROMP event, if there is one, is that I find myself wanting to buy ALL THE THINGS!  Of course, I don't have room for all the things, so I send friends to buy the things I can't fit into my little corner of the grid, and then I get to see great pieces and designs when I visit with them!  Time is running out, though, so if you want to grab up the great pieces you see here, you'll need to get on over to ROMP: Fresh! and get yours NOW!

Who knew there would be such a lovely doll in the display box, hidden away in the attic of this cabin in the woods?  Okay, so it's not an attic; it's the loft.  It's still a really sassy, sexy way to keep your doll on display!

Materials, how I love thee!  I was so excited to see 22769 ~ [bauwerk] on the creator list.  I can't get enough of their work.  They did not disappoint, with the detailed bedroom pieces (complete set not shown - visit Fresh! to see the other items in the set!) in leather, fur and alligator hide.  No virtual animals were harmed in the making of these items.  

The bookends you see here, holding up the literary works devoted to kink, are also available as statues, and custom ones were made for the event itself.  Yet another reason to love Lost Junction!

Of course, the girls have to have fun!  This leash holder, which I love, is delightfully unisex, and the tray of toys comes with a male or female version!  Cerberus Xing and Plethora, you know what a girl wants!

Mina came through with a design for the men and a design for the women for this round of ROMP, and the one for the ladies is a sexy, let's-get-naughty (or maybe, we-just-got-naughty) look!  I love the way it's tousled.  I'm not normally a gold kind of gal, but there were so many things in this hue that I had to pair them all up for this scene.  The necklace (and tattoo!) are from .things. and the dress is from PEQE.

The breakdown:

Scarlet Creative Country Keep - Collabor88
22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Black Leather Bed, Black Tied Leather Bench, Alligator Skin Nightstands, Decadence Leather Chair @ ROMP
The Hive - Cabinet of Curiosities [Black] @ ROMP
*~*HopScotch*~* Pretty Doll - White @ ROMP
Plethora - It's Business Time Clock, King Tray (For Her) @ ROMP (Will go up on MP after the 19th)
[CX] Chained Leash Holder @ ROMP
[LJ] Penitent Bookends - Bronze - M/F @ ROMP


Hair: Mina - Milou01 - Natural (materials) @ ROMP
Skin: Glam Affair - Aria - Asia - 03A
Eyes: la petite morte - clarity eyes - blue
Makeup: The Wicked Peach - Yes Mistress Eye Makeup - Gold3 @ ROMP
Tattoo (Chest): Things - You Complete Me (fresh) - with Slink Physique, Belleza Body, Omega, and TMP appliers, fresh and faded intensity
Collar:  Goth1c0 - Metal Collar (female) @ ROMP
Necklace:  Things - Tendrae Necklace
Dress:  PEQE - Domen - Yellow @ ROMP
Boots:  ANE - Dominatrix Boots - Gold (rigged) @ ROMP

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