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Friday, January 23, 2015

126 ~ Let's not keep Mistress waiting

January ROMP has come to an end; but February round is soon upon us, with the event being set up as you read this!  I'm so excited to see it, not only because of the amazing designers that will be displaying items there, and what they have; but because I absolutely love the layouts that the team comes up with.

In my anticipation of things to come, I'm getting into the spirit of kink with this post... WAITING... for the next round of ROMP to begin!

Artisan Fantasy featured this Mission set for ROMP January, and still has it available in store.  That is part of the beauty of ROMP monthly, is that while you can nab these beautiful items at a discount during ROMP weekend, you can still find them in-store after, if you missed it.  You just have to pay full price.  Discounted or not, this set is well worth it.  Exquisite details, multiple poses, AND you can use it for a variety of genres.  If you're looking for something Gorean, you can use it.  If you're looking for something rustic but modern, you can use it.  RP or not, it's perfect.  

Yes, this is the same corset in both pictures.  Amazing what a little lighting change can do!  The collar is a former ROMP item as well, from ANE.  You can wear it with the rings or with the ring/strap combo.  I love that they allowed for a strap leash as an option here.  The over-knee boots are a new release from Al-Hanna, with a 20 color HUD for only 90L$.  Lovely stockings as well, yes?  Nope!  Tattoos!  Yay for tattoos!  The lower body tats shown here are from Things and come with appliers for all kinds of mesh bodies and attachments.  Details below in the breakdown.  
The breakdown:

Furniture:  Artisan Fantasy - Mission Armchair and Ottoman - Weathered

Hair:  Tableau Vivant - Hatsuhi - New Year's Group Gift (no group fee)
Skin:  Glam Affair - Aria - Asia - Combo 3
Shape:  Mine
Collar:  ANE - Kinky Collar Necklace with Straps
Corset:  Anarchy Ink - Goth Pinched Corset - with texture HUD
Boots:  Al-Hanna - Pretty Mesh Boots with color HUD in standard sizes
Tattoos:  Things - [Appius Sleeves - Fresh] (top) and [Spectrum - Fresh (bottom) - includes appliers for Belleza, Slink, TMP, Ghetto Booty and Phat Azz - out now at the Fantasy Collective event

Monday, January 12, 2015

125 ~ The Throne Room

~It's a simple room, sparsely furnished.  Only the gleam of candle light on a bronze rose on the table gives any kind of hint that this is a room used for anything other than sitting.  Stepping into the room, though, and walking to that table to inspect the rose shows it's more than just a pretty bauble.  It's a plug.  The door slides shut, leaving her there in her coat and heels, to wait.  Soon enough, a waif of a woman enters, silent, efficient, taking her coat and clicking the manacles into place about wrists and ankles.  A flit of dark eyes to blue, a gesture to the simple chair, then she is left bound to await the Master.~

ROMP January is here!  With a limited number of designers, it is surprisingly amazing, and I look forward to each round.  Turns out that the limited numbers is due in large part to the demand for high quality items - and they do not disappoint!

The throne from DDD is so intricate, with amazing texture work as always.  And, as usual, extremely low land impact.  They're specialists at giving more bang for the buck.  This throne has a plethora of poses, including some props, and rings in at only 2 land impact!

Artisan Fantasy has been doing rustically beautiful pieces for a long time now, so I always look forward to seeing what they come up with.  This hammered bronze lamp and table are part of their Mission set.  The lamp comes in large or small.  2LI for the table, and 2 for the lamp as well.  The plug you see here, in bronze, is one of many color options from [Haste] for this round of ROMP.  And, in a very thoughtful gesture, they've given options where you can choose to wear the plug, or put out a low land impact version for decor!

The dress shown here is a less cliche option for those with a little fantasy about wearing a trench coat and showing up to seduce someone... with little to nothing else under it!  It comes in a variety of color/print options.  I tend to prefer something more subtle most of the time, punched up with bright accessories.  In the background, you can sort of catch a glimpse of more of the Mission set from AF.

The manacles are part of the chair that Whisp is sitting in for this shoot.  You can click the chair to change the poses, or to get the manacle props.  There are single sits as well as interactive naughty couple poses.  The tattoo is new from .Things. and can be found out at the Big Show!

Roawenwood has come a long way over the years, as you can see by this mesh chair they've put out.  It's so simple, low impact, but once you sit in it you will be delightfully amazed by the options in it.

ECRU has an MM board in store that offers a unique color of special items.  Recently, they had this set of shoes in a variety of colors out for 60L$ weekends, and put this color (one of my favorites!) in the MM board.  I knew I had to get over there because I was positive it would lock down, and voila!  Sparkly shoes!  They're made for Slink high feet, and can be found in store for sale if you've missed out on the MM.

I love this collar.  I love the color HUD options, I love the simplicity of it, I love the design.  I've seen so many collars that are garish or don't translate well from one genre to the next.  This is perfection.  So, so glad that Cae came up with this!  Comes in 2 options - OpenCollar and accessory.  And, might I mention, the customer service for Cae is AMAZING.  Super fast at responding to questions and nipping problems in the bud!  I seriously can't rave about them enough!
The breakdown:

Hair:  Tableau Vivant - Hatsuhi  (New Year Group Gift)
Skin:  Glam Affair - Aria - Asia - Combination 03 A
Shape:  Mine
Eyes:  Mayfly - Luminous - Aurora w1
Hands and Feet: Slink
Dress:  Bomshie - Fola Dress Coat - Aluminum - Fitted Mesh
Shoes:  ECRU - Instinct - Hyper Wedge for Slink high feet - Cyan
Tattoo:  .Things. - Appius Sleeves - Faded - with appliers for Slink, Belleza and TMP - at the Big Show
Collar:  Cae - Interlaced Collar - for ROMP January
Lingerie:  Pretty Lady - Showoff - Black


Lamp, table, armchair, ottoman:  Artisan Fantasy - Mission Set - for ROMP January (adult or PG)
Plug (on table):  [Haste] - Rose Plug - Bronze (low land impact) - for ROMP January
Chair:  Roawenwood - Sleek Bondage and Sub Training Chair - White (comes in white and traditional with or without RLV) - for ROMP January
Throne:  Dysfunctional Dolly Designs - Carved Wooden Throne - for ROMP January