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Sunday, November 30, 2014

120 ~ Artistic Hands

In the times of Pharaohs, of weddings and festivals, adorning the women of nobility, royalty, peasant alike, Henna Tattoos have no limits.  When the leaves are crushed, releasing their dye, they can be mixed with essential oils to be used by artists to decorate the skin.  A woman's most basic and primitive tools, her hands and feet, become glorious works of art.  No longer meant solely to carry and nurture a child, to travel across the floor again and again or to scrub, weave, stir, brush, paint or any other mundane task - her hands and feet are now intricate jewels, hand-painted into elegance.

For more information on Henna and the history of this practice, check out this link.

The purest of Hennas is not black, which is a common misconception.  It is a red-brown color, like this one shown.  The Temple Hands tattoo (with Slink applier) comes in red, brown, black or white.

My favorite part of this tattoo is that the details are incorporated all the way down the middle finger.  She could have just stopped at the knuckles.  Thanks for not getting lazy!
The breakdown:

Tattoo:  .Things. - The Temple Hands - Red Fresh - with Slink Applier
Hair:  Exile - Desperately Wanting - Light Blondes (top image)  Exile - Cry Ophelia - Naturals (bottom image)
Skin:  Flounce - Amelia - Mocha - Bare with blonde brows
Shape:  Mine
Eyes:  La Petite Morte - Clarity Eyes - Blue
Hands:  Slink - F - Relaxed
Breasts:  Lolas - Delicq

Monday, November 24, 2014

119 ~ Bring me to life

~Brought back from the brink of where breath ends and silence begins... kissed by the spark of life at your hands.  Where once I knew only pain, only defeat, and longed for an end to all, a jolt of hope... of something reviving me... has begun coursing through my veins anew.  You have struck this chord, hit me with this bolt of refreshment.   You, my muse, my giver of life, have brought me back from death.  You, alone, have given strength to a weary heart and a broken mind.  You will I follow.~

There are only a few days remaining in the A Tattered Page event for this round, which features Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" as the inspiration.  This rigged mesh electricity is called Daemon Light.  Daemon Light is an original mesh creation by Kerryth Tarantal, employing fractal images also created by Kerryth Tarantal.

The skin, with appliers for Lolas, Slink, and Slink nails, as well as the eyes, are from Fallen Gods.  The Cadaver set comes in Male or Female, for A Tattered Page.  There is also a group gift set out in honor of the event, not shown here.  

A few years ago (2010), there was an event called the Crazy Ass Hair Hunt.  In a strive to create uniqueness, diversity, where it seemed that templates and cookie-cutter avs were the norm, designers across the grid came up with unique styles like this one.  I blame Treebee! (Seriously, thanks Treebee!)

So much detail went into these Cadaver skins.  Even on the skull, you can see signs of death and reanimation.  Stitches, bruising, veins that are no longer being fed blood... it's amazing work.
The breakdown:

Hair:  <> - Oy - Teal - in-world store now closed!  IM Kamherra Albatros for info on products.
Skin:  +Fallen Gods - Cadaver - F - Creature SB with appliers for A Tattered Page event
Shape:  Mine
Electricity:  Spyralle - Daemon Light - Static - This includes a HUD to change the glow and alpha.  I probably would have gotten a much better picture result had I read the instructions and played with the HUD before snapping these shots!  Rigged mesh, for A Tattered Page event

Thursday, November 20, 2014

118 ~ To the ones who came before

~The journey to the mountains had been arduous, with carts swaying off the path, threatening to tumble to the fjords below.  There was a lush valley, though, fertile and ready for hosting a multitude of seeds and livestock.  This would be home.

When they found the settlement, it had been abandoned, giving them a chance to rebuild on what their forefathers had begun.  And it was to those who had come before that the shrine was erected.  With one skull to mark, and a constant refreshing of candles, the place was marked.  Their hard work would no go in vain, as new generations would come in and claim the land, making the village rise once again, in honor of the god Tyr.~

At the shrine of the fallen
 In continuing the awesome display of goodies at the Gorean Gacha event, I decided to pay a visit to Tyrstoftir today, who was another sponsor of the event.  I had the opportunity to speak with Quinn, the Hold Jarl of the sim, who very politely allowed me to ask him questions and loiter on his sim while I composed this post!
Arcadia is one of the designers participating in this round of the Gorean Gacha, with these camisks and jewelry as prizes to be won.  The tattoo, with appliers, is a new item out from .Things. and comes with or without the neck, in fresh and faded.  I love that it goes all the way to the fingers with seamless details.

In my last post featuring this hair from Calico, I don't think I made it quite clear just how long this style is.  You can see it better in this image, as well as the amazing view of the northern lights of Gor!

W:   What do you think makes Tyrstoftir different from other sims?
Q:   A very close-knit family feel, based in the traditions of the North, lost to many players on the grid.  We stick to our guns, we are Gorean, not pew-pew every day and we focus on good solid RP between family and kith. Also I built this sim to be realistic, but gorgeous.  We are also IN the mountains and showcase that.
W:  With you being in the mountains, do you have a lot of panthers show up?
Q:  No in fact our rules are strict on them.  Panther girls would not realistically come this far North, esp into the mountains, to trade.  We DO allow it, to allow for creative story lines, but being picked off by them we don't allow, they are not allowed to raid here.
W:  Do you have anything you'd like to see more or less of when it comes to new players on sim?
Q:  More real bondmaids. It seems so many players are "coming from the South" but in the book they describe bondmaids as big breasted, hardy, giggly things with split-belly kirtles; and Torvies are blond.  I know that we would fictionally be raiding to get women from the South, but there were also robust bondmaids, and I rarely get those.  I also would like to see more men show up... we get a few but so many on SL want to pew pew daily.  We are not that here, so we attract more FW than anything.
Hardy bonds, this is the long hall where you would be stepping in to strip down and serve!  So much warmer in here than out in the snow!
Thinking of giving it a try?  Make sure your av is at least 5'8" by SL standards, read the rules, and follow this advice from Quinn:
"Make it fun.  Create whatever story you want and include coming into the mountains.  It really depends on the character one is playing.  You got lost... you are searching for kin that are lost... you want to see the splendor of the Hrigmars... you are up for a challenge and seeking Kur.... you are looking for solitude... you have heard of the strength of the village and its Chieftain and are looking for the real North again..... you are seeking family... you are seeking a female mate (I have a lot of female family that are single) are "retiring" to the mountains.... you come to see the great Temple dedicated to Tyr god of courage and honor...."

The breakdown:

Hair:  Calico - Alyena - Pale Blondes (Rare) - at Gorean Gacha event now!
Skin:  Flounce - Amelia - Mocha - Lined
Shape:  Mine!
Eyes:  KOSH - 123
Hands and Feet:  Slink - F - Relaxed hands and High feet
Tattoo:  .Things. - Henna Bolero - at the Fantasy Collective
Outfit:  Arcadia - Knotwork Camisk - Green - at Gorean Gacha event now!
Location:  Tyrstoftir - Northern BTB Gorean RP sim
All poses by LeRawr

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

117 ~ From the Steel World to the Lands of Odin

~The crash had been horrific.  Her owner, a beast of gargantuan proportion and vicious rage, was bent on claiming the lands.  So bent, that he had stubbornly flown his ship into battle.  They made their escape with a damaged hull, and finally, after the long and arduous flight, the ship crashed.  It was in the snowy mountain tops of the men of Odin.  Torvaldsland.  She nearly froze before she found civilization.  When she found it, it was a strange adjustment.  Men, rather than beasts, yet just as strong and strict as her previous master had been.  Snow, ice, structures of wood and stone rather than machinery and metal... it was strange, yet welcome.  Then, she met the overseer.~

I got this great outfit from .storybook. at the Gorean Gacha, and my first thoughts were, in order, Priest Kings, Kurii, Panther Girls.  I mulled it over, and decided that a Kurii pet would make sense for this... but where should I take the pictures?  One of the Gorean Gacha sponsors this round was the Northern Gorean RP sim, Njordheim.  I was fortunate enough to run into this guy (Ulfr the Lieutenant, Blacksmith and Head Overseer), who let me interview him as well as snap some pretty great shots!  Plus, look at him!  I mean really, look.  At.  Him!  Don't you just want to lick those abs?

Given the scenario I suggested, Ulfr said this is basically what I could expect from their sim.  "A kurii pet..from the steel worlds... It would depend much on her behavior and who she met. Not all men are the same. So lets say Ulfr met her out there.. he would watch her and see what she was. Ulfr is a rough man; a blacksmith and overseer of slaves, so he is not really not really soft. But he would try to figure her out and pull her into his forge and collar her to his village, tossing her before the Jarl as she is a kurii pet and would have to warn of possible kurii to soon follow."
W - I noticed "Darker Side of Gor" in the land info. What does that mean to you? 
U - Hmm. This means we will allow inner-sim player conflict and we do allow death and bad things to happen. What we found in Gor was that most was just tea parties and chit chats. We want to bring out that Gor was harsh; how it was. I think what is unique about us is that we do the Minor Jarl rp. We allow other players to come forward with story lines and will do those. We are not a heavy raid fighting sim. We are more about the role play. So if we capture on a raid or raiders lose to us when they attack, we will role play with them to have pit fights with each other or a larl or kurii we capture. 
W - You guys are pretty high up there in traffic and ranking. What do you think makes it draw people in? 
U - We are consistent in our role play and rules. We have a firm foundation of who and what we are. The core members are good at creating new story lines and allowing other ideas as well. But.. I think most of all, we have some really impressive role players. So when we get visitors they either love or hate us because it is that intense... like a good morning smack in the face. lol

The RP can get pretty intense.  This by no means indicates that the players, admin or owners condone domestic violence!  Please play responsibly!  This is an imaginary world, where players come together and write fiction.  Whatever role you choose to play, you may not always end up with a happy ending.  The beautiful thing about it, though, is that if it gets to be too intense, you can fade to black or fast forward through a scene.  And at the end of the day, when all is said and done, you can click the "x" and close the program, and go on with your real life.

Ulfr is a high-ranking man of the north.  That means that he has oathed himself to the Hold Jarl, earned his place above the salt, and was given a bronze arm band to symbolize his rise in status.  As Ulfr put it, "Gold would be Chieftain. Silver Captains, Bronze for Lieutenant, Copper and then Iron."  There are many roles one can take in RP, and all are welcome to play.  Simply read the rules, and understand that the actions are RP-driven, not OOC-led.  You can play how you like - good, bad, a mix of both - but expect to have consequences that you must face in RP.  Or, as Ulfr put it, "As long as your role play is Gorean and not ooc motivated and always be ready for what may and could happen... good or bad."

Now, about this look!  This outfit is from .storybook., as I mentioned before.  This is the rare Dark set, which comes with a HUD to change the metal as well as the cloth under the armor.  The ankle, wrist and necklace pieces are also prizes to win.  The hair is from Calico, also at the Gorean Gacha.  The blonde set is a rare.  And just my color set!  How lucky am I?

For those itching to explore this sim, here are some tips.
W - What about for people who want to come into the sim?  Any advice?
U -  Depends on their story. All I would suggest to newcomers is to read the rules and understand what kind of sim they are coming onto. Death can happen here. If you come in in a way that would cause a Gorean to be upset, well then, your story might be shorter here. If you role play smart and well, you can always find a way to make your way here.  People that would have a hard time would be panthers coming in with their weapons. Of course they are outlaws, and if they just walk in or steal, they could end up dead or enslaved.

The breakdown:

On Ulfr:
Skin:  Aeros Avatar - Arrow
Shape - His own creation
Hair: Asset - Vikings Hair - blonde
Shoulders:  PFC - The Hunter -  Grizzly
Belt:  PFC - Role Belt - Raider
Arms and hands:  PFC - Thrall arm and hand bandages
Pants:  Silk Worms - Corruption brown
Boots:  Rochambeau - The Hound
Armband:  Zelection - Dragon Bracelet - Bronze
Weapons:  LR Weapons -Shield - Hazel; Axe - Hazel Klaive axe

On Whisp:
Skin:  Flounce - Amelia - Mocha - Tribal - with blonde brows
Shape:  Mine!
Hair:  Calico - Alyena - Blondes (Rare) - at Gorean Gacha event now!
Eyes:  Kosh - 123
Hands and Feet:  Slink - F - Relaxed hands and High feet
Collar:  Ginger Line - Northern Collar - V.2B - out now at the Countdown Room November
Armor:  Storybook - Valeska - Dark Tones (Rare) with Pewter jewelry - at Gorean Gacha event now!

Location:  Njordheim BtB Northern Gor RP sim - sponsor of this round of the Gorean Gacha event

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

116 ~ Let me map it out for you...

The Gorean Gacha continues, and WOW, did Frogstar bring it!  The Cartographer's Skybox is an ultra-rare, and beautifully designed.  Of course, if you're not in the Caste of Scribes, and are looking for a really cool skybox, this will work amazingly well for all the adventurous, explorer types.

I absolutely love the detail put into the pieces.  All of these are prizes to be won.

Another designer that blew my mind was [Stitched].  I decided to mix-and-match the blue coat with the red dress, because - why not?  It's elegant and yet simple, and perfect for a variety of genres.

The only thing in this image that is not part of the Frogstar gacha, is the wine tray you see, which is from Stone Misery, also at the Gorean Gacha event.

The red dress is an uncommon item in the [Stitched] prize set.  I love the subtle details in the textures, and how versatile this piece is.  The pose is part of a set available from LeRawr at [Room69] November.
The breakdown:

Hair:  Wasabi Pills - Jean - Rye (with hair base)
Skin:  7 Deadly s{K}ins - August 2014 Group Gift
Shape:  Mine!
Eyes:  Kosh - 123
Hands and Feet:  Slink - F - Relaxed hands and High feet
Dress:  [Stitched] - Elyana - Red (uncommon) - at Gorean Gacha event
Coat:  [Stitched] - Elyana Coat - Blue - at Gorean Gacha event
Cartographer set:  Frogstar - The Cartographer's Study Gacha contains 14 commons, 2 rares and 1 ultrarare skybox. Each play will be 50L. - at Gorean Gacha event
Wine tray:  Stone Misery - Medieval 2.0 - Wine Tray - at Gorean Gacha event
Chandelier:  Twy's Treasures - Medieval Chandelier - (old MM board prize)
Pose (last pic):  LeRawr - I'm All Yours 2 - at [Room69] November

Sunday, November 16, 2014

115 ~ A rare red gown

Port Kar.  She had heard of it.  It was a place rumored to be a haven for those with a penchant for darker, more frowned-upon activities of the seedy sort.  Weary of the pleasantries that were more commonplace in cities, the woman cast her stones with this lot, stepping onto the dock and finding her way with her hired guard.  The widow of a Red Caste Warrior, she knew much about blood and pain.  It didn't faze her when she passed by the several impaled bodies, decaying on display as a warning to those who would cross the line.  And such a blurred line it was.

With her head held high, she gave order for her things to be delivered to the inn, if such place were to be had.  Amidst jokes about the brothel nearby, she felt her palms beginning to sweat, her heart thrumming violently beneath her ribs.  She could do this.  She could start anew.  And she would do whatever it would take to survive.

This dress and cape are brand new designs from Bloom!, found at the Gorean Gacha event right now!  The red is rare, with several other colors to win as well.

Port Kar is a Para-RP sim, recently opened, for those who enjoy Gor but are looking for a place where you can actually play the "bad guy."  It's so refreshing to find a higher level of RP, where there is no "white knight syndrome!"

The mesh scarf comes in 2 sizes, to wear with a simple hair base, or with hair (shown).  When it comes to hair, particularly for free women of Gor, this gift from Eaters Coma is one that I have found to be one of the best.  It lays closely enough to the head to fit under most head coverings without any issues; yet doesn't skimp on simple elegance.  It's one of my go-to designs, particularly for Gorean RP.
The breakdown:

Hair:  Eaters Coma - Gift 03 - Light Sandy Blonde
Skin:  Panda Punx - Maddie - Lovestruck - Sunkissed
Shape:  Mine!
Clothing:  Bloom! - Carrie - Red - Rare - at Gorean Gacha event now!
Location:  Port Kar - Para RP Gorean Sim

114 ~ A moment

~The world of Gor is harsh and unforgiving.  When freedom is taken, it is rarely ever gifted again.  Yet, there are moments... just moments... when a slave can find respite.  Time to bathe, for example. When the beasts of the waters are off doing other things, when the chores are done, and when the sun is resting just so in the sky, there is a moment to dip into the bay and maybe even have a moment of drying out on the dock, enjoying the feel of the sun and breeze on weary skin.~

The Gorean Gacha is in full swing, running now until December 15th.  Asset is there with 2 great styles for RP.  Though Asset usually caters to men (a much-needed niche!), I've found several of their styles can be considered unisex.  In fact, their style called Pirate is meant to be just that.  The one I've chosen to show you today, though, is called Miracle.  For a bond in northern Gor, a moment of rest and a peaceful bath is just that.  A miracle!  How fitting!

The breakdown:

Hair:  >Asset< - Miracle - Blondes - now at the Gorean Gacha event
Skin:  Panda Punx - Maddie - Lovestruck - Sunkissed
Shape:  Mine
Eyes:  MADesigns - AWAKE - moss
Breasts:  Lolas - Tango - Delicq
Hands and Feet:  Slink - F - Relaxed hands, high feet
Location:  Tyrstoftir BTB Northern Gorean RP sim, and its adjacent Vhargon farm land.  Tyrstoftir RP sim is a sponsor for this first round of the Gorean Gacha event, and is currently welcoming all roles for Gorean RP.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

113 ~ A mask to hide her heart

It was just a dance.  Just some made-for-fun masquerade, where everyone would dress up, dance, and forget their troubles.  Unless their troubles were dancing with them.  Hers would be.  Possibly.  He was certainly escorting her.

She'd painstakingly searched for just the right gown, just the right ring to represent her favorite character.  She was dressed to the nines and when he came in to help her with her necklace, to help with any finishing touches, he took her breath away.

It was a moment when she felt she could identify with the anguish that was felt so often by writers of the classic books.  The ones tormented by their emotions, so desperately in need of healing of the heart, which evaded them.  It often ended in tragedy, the pain so overwhelming... or in romance.  She knew which way her story would end.

A viciously cruel twist of the fates, this love triangle.  It was one that could never end her way.  He looked so devilishly handsome, standing there, wearing an almost-matching collar set to her ear cuffs and mask.  If only the mask could hide the longing in her eyes as she stared up at him.  He  had to know.  It was evident in every breath she took.  And yet - his love was destined for another.

The inspiration for the gown was innocence and loss - something known all too well by Elizabeth from this round's book for A Tattered Page.

The black and bone color set of this unique ring series will not be available after the A Tattered Page event!

The Doctor had always been fascinated with the secrets of nature, the inspiration behind the pieces from ISD.  Aether is the exclusive color for the event, though you can still find the basic elements represented in-store after.  

The necklace was fashioned after the one that so touched Frankenstein's heart when he saw it on a young wearer.  The creators have gone so far as to set up a photo shoot in SL, representative of the mother that the image was to be of, and play with lighting and settings to make it more "real."

There is a lot of beautiful detail work in the chandelier and vanity set.  Sadly, this picture just doesn't do justice to all the work that you will see when you zoom in closely to the metal work done on this.

I also love the details in this vest.  And who says that hair is specifically for a man or woman?  I think Niko rocks this hair from Magika... but then, the man always does look good.

The breakdown:

On her:

Skin:  TSYI - Mari - Sunglow with Sunglow brows
Shape:  Mine!
Eyes:  !Chop Shop! - Frankenstein - Hope - for A Tattered Page event
Lashes:  Tameless - Lashes 33
Hair:  Ink - Uros - Black
Hands:  Slink - F - Relaxed
Dress:  Greymoon - Lost Innocence with Sleeve Add-on - for ATP
Necklace:  Eclectica - the Frankenstein Miniature - for ATP
Mask and Earcuffs:  ISD - Secrets of Nature - Masque and Chains - Aether - for ATP
Ring:  Bliensen and MaiTai - Wedding Night Ring - Purple/Black/Bone (exclusive color) for ATP
Vanity, Stool, Chandelier:  Ravenghost - Victorian Dressing Table and Stool in Walnut and Midsummer's Night Chandelier in Silver - all for [Room69] event for November

On him:

Eyes: .ID. Soulful Eyes Dark Green
Top: Deon Gothic Spiked Vest *FASHIONNATIC*
Boots: Eudora 3D Steampunk boots BBG
Pants: Kevon Male suspender pants - *FASHIONNATIC*
Hair: Magika - Meadow
Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Echo - Tone 5
Collar: @->~ISD Secrets of Nature Shirt Collar - Water - for the ATP project

Friday, November 7, 2014

112 ~ The monsters we create

The window pane, cool and smooth, was grounding.  It was a solid reminder of reality, existence in the world rather than the unshakable surrealism of recent events.  A monster.  That was what had been created.

Heated streams of salt and sorrow pooled between flesh and glass, and she stepped back, sliding down against the stone until her skirt billowed out and her body met the floor.  Despair had taken her by force and was consuming her.  Unlike that beast fashioned of cadavers and lightning's force, the monster she faced was one unseen.  Were the monster tangible, one that followed her physically, she could formulate a strategy of defense.  She could barricade herself in a stone tower, could isolate herself... or could find a large group of people who might come to her aid.  Surely many together could defeat a mere beast.  No.  There was no weapon to be forged against this monster.  No tower tall enough, no group of brave and noble warriors that could defeat this creation.

The monster was in her head.

The windowed wall shown here is a pose and prop set from Rook Poses, inspired by Chapter 20 - Frankenstein - Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley.  Shelley's Frankenstein  is the topic of the first of, hopefully, many events called A Tattered Page.  These are shopping events inspired by our favorite literary works.  Everyone knows the basic story of Frankenstein... thanks largely to Hollywood.  To get to the heart of the story, to feel the essence of the fear, anguish and love in the story, you have to go back to where it began - the tattered page of inspired words.

The dress, hair, and tears tattoo are from Pale Empress.  They are part of a Justine collection.  Wondering who Justine is?  Try reading the book!  You're guaranteed to get more insight than you ever will by watching a film or cartoon production.

The eyes are from Chop Shop, who did an entire series of eyes for the event.  They come as shown (system with matching mesh) and in varying colors.  You can also give a try to the "broken" versions, or the monster eyes.  You'll be seeing more of these in upcoming posts!  The locket is from House of Rain.  There is a red version, which is exclusively for the event, though they have another version that sells at a higher price with a texture HUD.  I'll show you the red one soon, I promise!  All HoR jewelry is original mesh, from original designs. No goth bands were sacrificed to make this necklace, per their designers.  (Don't worry, we believe you!)
The breakdown:

Hair:  Pale Empress - Justine - includes color HUD - for A Tattered Page
Skin:  The Skin You're In - Mari - Sunglow with Sunglow Brows
Shape:  Mine!
Eyes:  !Chop Shop! - Frankenstein - Hope - for A Tattered Page
Tears:  Pale Empress - Justine - Tears - for A Tattered Page
Dress:  Pale Empress - Justine - Fitted Mesh -  for A Tattered Page (includes fitted mesh and rigged mesh sized versions, and alpha)
Locket:  HoR - Find Forever Gone - Closed - ATP version - for A Tattered Page
Poses/Props:  Rook Poses - Frankenstein's Anguish - for A Tattered Page

Thursday, November 6, 2014

111 - the Perfect Body

Recently, I had a look at a story that I found personally inspiring.  Everyone has heard, I'm sure, about Victoria's Secret and their recent ad for the "Perfect Body" underwear.  I think that while the message was intended to say that the product itself had the perfect "body" to be everything that a woman could need in lingerie, it came off more as "These women wearing this lingerie have perfect bodies."  That sparked outrage, and with that outlook on it, I think it was rightfully so.  A simple misunderstanding; but I can definitely stand by this cause.  There is no singular "perfect body."  As such, there has been a retort of sorts in the "perfect body" campaign to show that all bodies are perfect and we should love ourselves for who and what we are.

That was the inspiration behind today's look.  Showing off the body, even if it's not the social norm, and loving it for what it is.  Have a look.  If you like it, leave me a message, and I'll expand on this topic later with one post exclusively set aside for just several pictures of a variety of forms.

I have known women in RL who look like this.  Tall, thick, muscular, full-figured.  This is a beautiful sight to me.  They always struggled, though, with being compared to men.  They were called "butch" or "dyke" because they had bigger builds.  I call them beautiful.

Almost everything you see here can be found at the November round of [Room69].  You can flaunt your figure in the see-through top (with appliers) in a variety of shades, scoop up some heels (shown here in snakeskin) with a color HUD to match, too.

The lingerie here isn't quite the same as the "perfect body" panty sets.  They're sassy, and come in multiple colors and prints.  No appliers for  these, though, ladies.  System only.  

The heels here for Slink High Feet are in snakeskin; but you can also get a leather option.  The color HUD gives a variety of choices to mix and match with whatever you want to wear. 

Freckles, beauty marks, and pink - yes, pink! - eyebrows adorn this skin from Deluxe Body Factory.  It comes with 3 cleavage options and appliers for just about everything, so you can wear your Slink, Lolas, and more with it.
The breakdown:

Hair:  Exile - Desperately Wanting - L - Light Blondes
Skin:  [DBF] - Savannah Skin - Tan - Subtle Cleavage (with appliers) - at [Room69] November (69L$!!!!)
Shape:  Mine
Eyes:  .ID. Thank You Gift - with shine type 2
Hands/Feet:  Slink - F - Relaxed hands and high feet
Breasts:  Lolas Delicq
Shirt:  IAF Sexy Sheer Top - Red (with appliers) - at [Room69] November
Panties:  ..::Eden.::.. -Tasty Undie - Red (no appliers) - at [Room69] November
Ring:  {Eden.} - Oblivian Ring - at [Room69] November
Shoes:  {D.o.R.k} - Zahra - Snake Skin (with color HUD) - at [Room69] November
Poses:  _LeRawr_  - Latisha Pose 3, Anastasia Pose 4 - Sets at [Room69] November

Monday, November 3, 2014

110 ~ Confinement

He was a cruel master.  Not so cruel in the grand scheme of things; but his training was rigorous, his discipline relentless.  He was training her.  She could do well, and sleep in the sweet hay later... or she could do poorly and curl up in the cage.  She scrubbed the floors, she poured the wine, but then - she took a little rest.  Rather than serve, rather than clean up the bucket and brush, she lay down in that sweet hay.  When she was found, she then found her bed for the night.  Because she'd been so sleepy that she had to stop and rest, he sent her to bed early.  Should she spill a drop of his wine as he watched her sleep, she would surely feel his kurt upon her back.

The bucket makes a nice enough prop on its own, complete with little dirt spot on the floor.  Even better, though, is that it is animated, with a scrub brush that you can get just by clicking it.

The Gorean Gacha event opens in less than 2 weeks!  Everything will be 25-100L$ per play, and all themed on the Gorean RP genre!  There are 20+ designers, information on RP sims, and gifts scattered about.  Definitely a place to check out!

The pet bed is a pile of hay and bales, with a blanket.  It has several different poses built-in, such as the well-known Nadu pose for Gor.  Not playing a slave in Gor?  No problem.  There are regular sit, sleep, lay poses and more!

The camisk is one of multiple prizes you could win at the Gorean Gacha from Tamiron Forge!  This happens to be the ultra-rare white tiger option.  It's a rigged mesh camisk, which can be worn with or without the fur under layers (system).  I tried it with the Lolas as well.  It -does- work, though I had to adjust the size and such to make it fit, and the under layer doesn't come with an applier.

Oops, busted!  The hair is a gorgeous design from Exile.  I've long been a fan of Kavar's work, and didn't even have to buy a demo for this to know I'd love it! 

The wine tray gives a pewter goblet of wine (for left and right hand) on click.  Norb's pose is not a part of the cage.
The breakdown:

On Whisp:

Hair:  Exile - Desperately Wanting - Light Blondes
Skin:  Glam Affair - Penny - Asia - Autumn Girl
Eyes:  .ID. - Thank You Gift  - with Shine Type 2
Hands/Feet:  Slink - F - Relaxed Hands and High Feet
Clothes:  [TF] - Lyra - Ultra Rare White Tiger Camisk - at Gorean Gacha event Nov. 15th - Dec. 15th!
Necklace:  Una - Flecha - Brown - Collar
Props/Poses:  Bucket with scrub animation and brush, Tiny cage with curled up animation, Wine tray with pewter goblet of wine giver, Gorean pet bed with multiple animations - Stone Misery - 75L$ per play at the Gorean Gacha event Nov. 15th - Dec. 15th!

On Norb:

Skin:  UNIQUE Megastore - Jeffrey_M8_CHH_by_Nany_Merlin
Shape:  His
Eyes: MADesigns STUDIO - blue - Greatful eyes
Hair: Alice Project - Hyori - Infinity in brown
Clothing:  C&N September Group Gift for males.  Includes: Pants, leather chest belt, boots, bracers and kilt.