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Friday, January 31, 2014

Welcome to the Outlands

So, today I had this GREAT set of gear in a conglomeration of stuff from [Room69] and new releases that I mixed and matched to come up with this Outlander look.  It's kind of a wild, punky, Road Warrior style, which fits right in with... you guessed it... the Lost Vegas sim!  I also stole the souls of three of the regulars there.  Okay, so I didn't steal their souls.  But I did get some pretty good shots of their awesome avs!

First off (above), I snapped this image of Addisen, aka the Teacher.  Her character is one that can manipulate time (Yes, she's a Whovian for those of you who know what that means!), and this is her "I'm blending in" look for town.  One of these days, I'll get some shots of her in her other form!

 Above and below:  What can I say but YUM?  Agamemnon is not only the god of war & leadership, but I hear that OOC he does a great job with SL photography!  He leads the Spartans, controls the Merit Points, and reminds me why I like cowboys so very much.

 Only one thing can look this dangerous and sexy at the same time, and that's a Scarecrow.  This (Above) is Madame Pe.  She's not awful; she's misunderstood!  Okay, maybe she would rather play with your insides than your outsides; but, at least she does it in style!

And now for what you've all been waiting for... the goodies!

These jeans are part of a set out at [Room69] for February.  It includes a shirt, jacket & boots, but with the rips on the legs, I felt it would be a perfect match with the military belted top I was wearing for this "Outlander" look.

This partially-shaved hair style is from Tameless and includes the shaved hair bases, so you don't have to go hunt those down!

The Breakdown:

On the Teacher:

Hair/hat: 'Jill' from TRUTH

Necklace: 'Stone necklace' from .Eldritch.

Hooded Dress: 'Coconut Dress' from DECO

Jeans: 'Low Rise Rune' from DE

Boots: 'Buckled Brown' From Lightstar

Blade: 'Kukri' from Remarkable Oblivion

On Agamemnon:

Jeans: Jomo

Shirt: Gio-Men

Hat: Riders - straw cowboy hat - FREE
Boots: GOS - Aviator Boots
Eyes:  Poetic Colors – Milky Eyes (Grass)
Tattoo: Sleepy Bozer - Ally Moss
Skin: Nivaro - James Skin (Vice Beard)

On Pe:

Shape: #adored - janelle - m (Sized down to a small)

Skin: .Birdy. Zombie girl~ Group gift<3 font="" new="">

Eyes: JM2 ~ [black] Demon eyes

Hair: Exile::Longest Night Blacks

Stitched wounds: - DAMNED - PuzzleDoll /Full

Eye makeup: - DAMNED - CatEyes Makeup

Dress: Sugar - Mina Mini Dress

Hand necklace: [ zerO ] Last Caress - Choker (resizer) - Bone

Cleaver necklace: KOSH- CHOP U UP NECKLACE

Thigh highs: ISON - black leather thigh highs

Fishnets: ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Queen of hearts fishnets

Spiked knee pads: dl:: Spiked Knee Guards

Boots: RO - Hobnails (leather)

Harvester piercing: .r.M. - Harvester - Piercing

On Whisp:

Skin: Skin Sation  (formerly Goddess) - Yasmine*3* Tan C - Lucky Letter Board! (Group Fee free TODAY! 100L$ on 2/1/14)

Lips: Skin Sation - Viki Lips - Natural

Hair:  Tameless - Giana - includes hair base - NEW RELEASE (thanks!) 3 color packs: Naturals with all 20 natural colors, Fades with 16 ombre and tipped colors, and Fantasy with 20 fantasy colors.  Each color pack is $249.  The Mega Pack with all colors are $499L.

Left Eye:  Plastik - Haunt - Withered (Mesh)

Right Eye: IKON - Promise Eyes - Fjord - Group gift!

Boots:  Edge Grafica - 31 Engineer Boots

Shirt:  !!smesh - Mesh military belted top - [Room69]

Jeans:  iCandy - Taken (part of outfit) - [Room69]

Nailed Plank - REVOLT


body - Para Designs - Fire & Ice - Burnt Edition
face - Damned - War Stripes - Red/Black (old hunt item)
eye - Repulse - Gashed Eyelids II Face Tattoo (left)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Last chance on the road to Vegas...

What amazes me about the Lost Vegas sim is how even the landing zone is gorgeous.  It is so well built that you literally feel you are already in the RP area.  So, this post is done using the "LZ" as a backdrop.  I've got some really cool stuff to show you from gachas, the upcoming [Room69] event, and some new releases!  Have a peek!

Above:  Kharma has a couple of great tattoos out at the [Room69] event.  This one is a bow star tattoo like stocking laces up the back of the legs.  It also comes with Phat Azz and Cute Azz appliers.

Above:  These shoes come with different colored laces, so you get options!  It's a great new 90L$ release from Al-Hanna, and I love the details in things like the hooks, the little loops on the back, and the shading around the laces themselves.

Above:  You can almost see the entire getup here.  The funky mesh mini dress is from J & A Rock Culture and is available at the [Room69] event starting in just a few days.

Above:  Kharma also has this hand tattoo in different levels of ink strength.  Shown here is the 65% option.  It also comes with the SLink applier for hands, and is available at the [Room69] event.

Above:  Skin, freckles and brows are part of a Gacha prize pack from Favourite Genes.  35L$ a play.  The earrings are from Baubles! by Phe, 145L$ for them but half price if you wear your group tag!  The hair is a new release from Cheveux and includes the hair bases.

The breakdown:
Lighting: Phototools - Dream Book Light 03
Location:  Lost Vegas - a Godswar Roleplay sim
Skin:  Favourite Genes - Hanna - Ivory - Festive - Gacha prize (includes brows and freckles tattoos)
Shape:  Mine!  I made it.
Eyes:  IKON - Promise Eyes - Fjord - group gift!
Hair:  Cheveux - F041 - hairblond03 - New Release! (Thanks!)
Dress:  J & A Rock Culture - mesh mini dress - Hipster - Indie - [Room69]
Earrings:  Baubles! by Phe - Gold Grated Hoops - Orange - New Release! (Thanks!)
Shoes:  Al-Hanna - Color Skulls Sneeker - Orange Laces - New Release! (Thanks!)
Kharma - Poker Hands Tattoo (65%) with SLink Applier - [Room69]
Kharma - Bow Star Tattoo with Phat Azz and Cute Azz appliers - [Room69]

Special thanks to sim owners at Lost Vegas for letting me use your beautiful sim for this series!  I'll be back for more soon!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

A little pleasure... a little terror...

Hello again, all!  As I said before, I'm doing a whole series of posts on a really cool and hopping sim called Lost Vegas: a Godswar Roleplay.  Since I just can't seem to stop my addiction to shopping for stuff in SL, either, I'm blending them together for a whole bundle of fun.

This time, I have some really cool surprises for you!  First off, let me show you Whisp's look this time... fresh out of the gorean room and the Fantasy Collective, a drool-worthy collaboration!

This Camisk set is a beautiful mesh item found at the gorean room this round.  Perfect for a gorgeous slave!  Now, I know most people outside of SL immediately think of pre-civil war slavery when they hear that term.  Inside SL, when people hear slave or slavery, the first thought generally runs to gorean or to those tacky silks, leashes and nadu aos.  This sim has a really different look on slavery and the slave trade.  While there is the possibility of the sexual aspect to it, it's not a sim where you can just be captured and forced into being someone's whore.  No; here, slaves are willing submissives.  They submit themselves entirely with a lot more in mind than just orgies and running around naked.  It's a refreshing look at a story line that can be played out tactfully and with a lot of fun!

 Above:  Slaves aren't necessarily treated poorly, either.  The slaves in the Bellagio, for example, are treated very well and highly valued.  The Talena, created of Astarte, are especially valuable.  From the lore: "First generation created are often passed from one God to another as a 'gift.'  The Talena are famous for their passionate slavery, and a few of the others consider it quite the honor to be owned by a God or Goddess.  It is only on the rarest occasions that someone other than a God be gifted with one... the person receiving the godchild as their own is quite special indeed."

This skin was a gacha find at the Fantasy Collective.  It came with a shape (not shown) and these matching mesh feet.  Not a bad deal at all!

When looking for the Talena, you don't go to the brothel.  You go to the Bellagio!  Just watch for the fantastic building shown above.  Gorgeous water jet fountains, a beautiful little nature setting, and a majestic building in and of itself!

Above & Below:  Every time I visit Lost Vegas, I meet a new god of the lore.  So far, even though they are evil IC, they've all been wonderful!  Harvest, who plays a god undercover by the name of Taylor Lespool, is the god of Nightmares and Fear.  Taylor is so delicious, though, that I had to get some pictures!

Beware of his true nature, though...

 Harvest is indeed fearsome, and the darkness itself worships him, trying to pull him in close every time he slips away to torment the sleeping souls of the weary.  I certainly wouldn't want to see this guy in my dreams!

The breakdown:

Skin - Bite & Claw - Fleur - Petal - Gacha @ the Fantasy Collective (includes shape and mesh feet)
Camisk - Luas - Celeste - White @ the gorean room (includes standard shapes, bangles, belt and necklace)
Eyes - Ikon - Promise - Fjord with HUD and system eyes - Group Gift! 0L$ in store!
Hair - Truth - Parisia - Roots - Honey

Taylor Lespool:
Lapointe and Bastchild - Men's "Biker" Boot
.Birdy. - Damon Skin ~Dusk~
[INK] - Hair__MOAT - Coal
[VIRTUAL INSANITY] -- Lucky Stroke Ciggue (Gacha 2 - Indigo)
::Fe Style:: - Facial Hair/Beard 2Ed - 02
IKON Promise Eyes - Quicksilver (M)
SUGAR -- Costello Jacket Shirt & Tie (M)
SUGAR -- M Mens MESH Trousers
THESKINSHOP - -- (10) (EYEBROWS) "Suave" (Black)

Hoorenbeek -- Riding Boots
Floyd's Body Shop -- Rape Tentacles
Aii - The Ugly and Beautiful -- Pull of Darkness Magic Aura
Little Britian Designs - The Chatterer

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What do goddesses do after the GodsWar?

Well, you all know how much I love RP - almost as much as finding great stuff in SL!  I revisited the Lost Vegas sim for this layout, and was met at the landing zone by the god of information, secrets and insects himself!  Kafka was kind enough to take me into the City of Lost Vegas to see the Luxor, where I got some great backdrop for this outfit!  Since he has invited me back, I'm going to do a whole series of posts with this sim.  Of course, you're going to have links to their information and how to go see it for yourself!  For now... on with the goodies!

 Above:  In later posts, I will show an exterior view of this.  It's remarkable the way they've replicated actual buildings in Vegas!  This is the Luxor, the great black pyramid.

It seems fitting that a goddess would wear an outfit like this with its draping toga, gold accents and provocative style.  Where better to pose than between the onyx statues as she descends from her room?

Above:  Rich details in the folds of this toga, gleaming gold chains, tightly wrapped and luxurious cloth... what's not to love?  There are resizers in all of the prim parts, and this outfit comes with heeled sandals that have a HUD for color change to match up your skin and change your toenails.

The breakdown:

Hair: Magika - Veruka (comes with HUD for color change)
Skin/Shape: Favourite Genes - Celeste - Peach - Neutral Makeup - (99L$ skin, 79L$ shape @ the Dock.)
Outfit: Tamiron Forge - Olympia - White
Eyes: Amacci - InSight - Infinity Image
Location: Lost Vegas - A GodsWar Roleplay

Friday, January 10, 2014

Another preview from the Dock...

I apologize that these aren't the greatest pictures when it comes to detail.  I thought the setting was so cute, though.  Nothing like curling up next to a crackling fire with a cup of coffee on a beautiful evening.

This rigged mesh robe will be available exclusively at the Dock event on January 15th, courtesy of La Raza Rara.  It comes in the standard SL sizes with alpha for only 99L$.  Adorable!  Other sizes and styles will be available in-store at regular price.

The breakdown:

Rigged mesh bathrobe: La Raza Rara - Leopard - the Dock event (Jan. 15th - 31st) - 99L$
Skin & freckles:  Favourite Genes - Celeste - Peach - Natural - the Dock event - 99L$
Rigged Mesh Hair: Eater's Coma - Gift 03 - Light Sandy Blonde - GROUP GIFT - 0L$
Chair, firepit, coffee: What Next (Chair is gacha!)

More to come soon!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A toast to the warm fuzzies

You all should know by now how much I love finding great deals in SL.  I am a huge fan of collaboration events and discounts, sales and group gifts.  There's a NEW one coming on the 15th, and I've already been given an inside scoop to some of the items!  On top of that, [Room69] is up and running at full force, so hold onto your hats and take a look!

 These poses are all from Icons of Style.  The poses are in the props; just wear and you're ready for pictures!  You can get the 5 pack for 69L$ or go gather up the entire set of 20 for 169L$.

Accessories really pull things together.  The mesh shoulder fur with resizable chain comes with a HUD so you can change the fur texture.  Lots of really cool options on there, so I had a hard time deciding!  I ultimately chose the plain black fur puffs to go along with these boots, which have a furry texture at the top.

The breakdown:

Poses:  Icons of Style - Champagne Poses - [Room69] (5/69L$ or 20/169L$)
Mesh Dress:  Perch - Ava Dress - Black Leo - [Room69] - Lots of different style options for this, too!
Mesh Shoulder Fur w/Chain: DramaZone - Attention - [Room69]
Rigged Mesh Boots: La Raza Rara - Black Fur-Topped
Hair: Leverocci - Sylvia - Almost Black
Eyes: Amacci - InSight - Infinity Image (old group gift)
Skin/Shape: Favourite Genes - Celeste - the Dock (99L$ for skin including applier HUD and freckles layer, 79L$ for shape)