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Monday, December 22, 2014

123 ~ She rules the winter forest

 ~She's been given report that the humans are encroaching on the border, as humans are wont to do.  With the sun cresting high in the sky, she mounts her steed, venturing off with only her magic to defend her as she rides along the perimeter.  The glistening snow, the shimmering ice and clear waters all reflect the truths that have been spoken.  The humans are spreading their claim on the lands.  Soon, they will be edging further and further into the protected space that she has been charged with leading... and protecting.  Regally, she rides, looking out over the expanding village with a seriousness about her, and yet a placid demeanor.  Tonight will bring the long-coming conversation with the elders that she had hoped would not have to be.  Yet, the prophecy spoke of it.  The humans are coming. ~

Back in my Elven Warrior days, I was gifted this beautiful horse so I could learn jousting and compete against human counterparts in a land called Dubhan.  While there are more updated animals out there, I love this one still, because of all of the options with it.  You can make it prance, trot, walk, stand, even leave piles behind for that extra bit of realism.  Just add to the outfit and turn off the ao and you're set!

Okay, so maybe I should have dressed her up a little more ethereal... but I'm spending my L$ on Christmas gifts instead of on outfits for myself these days!  Not that there aren't some amazing items I'd love to have, and a TON of events going on that would more than deserve my money!  Some of them are getting my money, actually, as I shop for others.  Anyway, this outfit is well enough for a woman of the woods, who embraces the seasons and doesn't have to worry about hot or cold against her skin.

This amazing mesh crown is a collaborative piece from Yukio Ida of [ Gauze ]  and Selos Dae from [[Trap]].  It's called the Faunus Crown, and comes in either Fay (shown) or Natura.  Hand-painted custom mesh, with HUD options for coloring and lots of options, as well as resizing, this crown is amazing!  You can find it at We <3 rp=""> .  I highly recommend snatching this up!

Special thanks to Valdrtosk for letting me come to sim dressed as a fantasy queen, rather than a Gorean player!  There aren't actual horses in Gor, though the kailla is similar... with huge fangs!  I always find this sim to be a gorgeous backdrop for pictures, particularly when Tor has it dressed up for winter!
The breakdown:

Hair:  Calico - Alyena - Rare Pale Blondes - Gorean Gacha win
Skin:  Glam Affair - Aria - Asia - Combination 03 A - Arcade win
Shape:  Mine!
Eyes:  Mayfly - Luminous Eyes - Aurora - 1 (New!)
Crown:  [ Gauze ] - and [[Trap]] - Faunus Crown - Fay - at We <3 r="">P
Armor:  .storybook. - Valeska - Dark - Rares - Gorean Gacha win
Coat:  Stitched - Elyana coat - Blue - Gorean Gacha win
Horse:  The Armour Stall - Ardennes Horse - Buckskin
Location:  Valdrtosk Village - Northern Gorean RP sim

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