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Sunday, November 30, 2014

120 ~ Artistic Hands

In the times of Pharaohs, of weddings and festivals, adorning the women of nobility, royalty, peasant alike, Henna Tattoos have no limits.  When the leaves are crushed, releasing their dye, they can be mixed with essential oils to be used by artists to decorate the skin.  A woman's most basic and primitive tools, her hands and feet, become glorious works of art.  No longer meant solely to carry and nurture a child, to travel across the floor again and again or to scrub, weave, stir, brush, paint or any other mundane task - her hands and feet are now intricate jewels, hand-painted into elegance.

For more information on Henna and the history of this practice, check out this link.

The purest of Hennas is not black, which is a common misconception.  It is a red-brown color, like this one shown.  The Temple Hands tattoo (with Slink applier) comes in red, brown, black or white.

My favorite part of this tattoo is that the details are incorporated all the way down the middle finger.  She could have just stopped at the knuckles.  Thanks for not getting lazy!
The breakdown:

Tattoo:  .Things. - The Temple Hands - Red Fresh - with Slink Applier
Hair:  Exile - Desperately Wanting - Light Blondes (top image)  Exile - Cry Ophelia - Naturals (bottom image)
Skin:  Flounce - Amelia - Mocha - Bare with blonde brows
Shape:  Mine
Eyes:  La Petite Morte - Clarity Eyes - Blue
Hands:  Slink - F - Relaxed
Breasts:  Lolas - Delicq

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