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Monday, November 24, 2014

119 ~ Bring me to life

~Brought back from the brink of where breath ends and silence begins... kissed by the spark of life at your hands.  Where once I knew only pain, only defeat, and longed for an end to all, a jolt of hope... of something reviving me... has begun coursing through my veins anew.  You have struck this chord, hit me with this bolt of refreshment.   You, my muse, my giver of life, have brought me back from death.  You, alone, have given strength to a weary heart and a broken mind.  You will I follow.~

There are only a few days remaining in the A Tattered Page event for this round, which features Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" as the inspiration.  This rigged mesh electricity is called Daemon Light.  Daemon Light is an original mesh creation by Kerryth Tarantal, employing fractal images also created by Kerryth Tarantal.

The skin, with appliers for Lolas, Slink, and Slink nails, as well as the eyes, are from Fallen Gods.  The Cadaver set comes in Male or Female, for A Tattered Page.  There is also a group gift set out in honor of the event, not shown here.  

A few years ago (2010), there was an event called the Crazy Ass Hair Hunt.  In a strive to create uniqueness, diversity, where it seemed that templates and cookie-cutter avs were the norm, designers across the grid came up with unique styles like this one.  I blame Treebee! (Seriously, thanks Treebee!)

So much detail went into these Cadaver skins.  Even on the skull, you can see signs of death and reanimation.  Stitches, bruising, veins that are no longer being fed blood... it's amazing work.
The breakdown:

Hair:  <> - Oy - Teal - in-world store now closed!  IM Kamherra Albatros for info on products.
Skin:  +Fallen Gods - Cadaver - F - Creature SB with appliers for A Tattered Page event
Shape:  Mine
Electricity:  Spyralle - Daemon Light - Static - This includes a HUD to change the glow and alpha.  I probably would have gotten a much better picture result had I read the instructions and played with the HUD before snapping these shots!  Rigged mesh, for A Tattered Page event

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