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Thursday, November 20, 2014

118 ~ To the ones who came before

~The journey to the mountains had been arduous, with carts swaying off the path, threatening to tumble to the fjords below.  There was a lush valley, though, fertile and ready for hosting a multitude of seeds and livestock.  This would be home.

When they found the settlement, it had been abandoned, giving them a chance to rebuild on what their forefathers had begun.  And it was to those who had come before that the shrine was erected.  With one skull to mark, and a constant refreshing of candles, the place was marked.  Their hard work would no go in vain, as new generations would come in and claim the land, making the village rise once again, in honor of the god Tyr.~

At the shrine of the fallen
 In continuing the awesome display of goodies at the Gorean Gacha event, I decided to pay a visit to Tyrstoftir today, who was another sponsor of the event.  I had the opportunity to speak with Quinn, the Hold Jarl of the sim, who very politely allowed me to ask him questions and loiter on his sim while I composed this post!
Arcadia is one of the designers participating in this round of the Gorean Gacha, with these camisks and jewelry as prizes to be won.  The tattoo, with appliers, is a new item out from .Things. and comes with or without the neck, in fresh and faded.  I love that it goes all the way to the fingers with seamless details.

In my last post featuring this hair from Calico, I don't think I made it quite clear just how long this style is.  You can see it better in this image, as well as the amazing view of the northern lights of Gor!

W:   What do you think makes Tyrstoftir different from other sims?
Q:   A very close-knit family feel, based in the traditions of the North, lost to many players on the grid.  We stick to our guns, we are Gorean, not pew-pew every day and we focus on good solid RP between family and kith. Also I built this sim to be realistic, but gorgeous.  We are also IN the mountains and showcase that.
W:  With you being in the mountains, do you have a lot of panthers show up?
Q:  No in fact our rules are strict on them.  Panther girls would not realistically come this far North, esp into the mountains, to trade.  We DO allow it, to allow for creative story lines, but being picked off by them we don't allow, they are not allowed to raid here.
W:  Do you have anything you'd like to see more or less of when it comes to new players on sim?
Q:  More real bondmaids. It seems so many players are "coming from the South" but in the book they describe bondmaids as big breasted, hardy, giggly things with split-belly kirtles; and Torvies are blond.  I know that we would fictionally be raiding to get women from the South, but there were also robust bondmaids, and I rarely get those.  I also would like to see more men show up... we get a few but so many on SL want to pew pew daily.  We are not that here, so we attract more FW than anything.
Hardy bonds, this is the long hall where you would be stepping in to strip down and serve!  So much warmer in here than out in the snow!
Thinking of giving it a try?  Make sure your av is at least 5'8" by SL standards, read the rules, and follow this advice from Quinn:
"Make it fun.  Create whatever story you want and include coming into the mountains.  It really depends on the character one is playing.  You got lost... you are searching for kin that are lost... you want to see the splendor of the Hrigmars... you are up for a challenge and seeking Kur.... you are looking for solitude... you have heard of the strength of the village and its Chieftain and are looking for the real North again..... you are seeking family... you are seeking a female mate (I have a lot of female family that are single) are "retiring" to the mountains.... you come to see the great Temple dedicated to Tyr god of courage and honor...."

The breakdown:

Hair:  Calico - Alyena - Pale Blondes (Rare) - at Gorean Gacha event now!
Skin:  Flounce - Amelia - Mocha - Lined
Shape:  Mine!
Eyes:  KOSH - 123
Hands and Feet:  Slink - F - Relaxed hands and High feet
Tattoo:  .Things. - Henna Bolero - at the Fantasy Collective
Outfit:  Arcadia - Knotwork Camisk - Green - at Gorean Gacha event now!
Location:  Tyrstoftir - Northern BTB Gorean RP sim
All poses by LeRawr

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