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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

117 ~ From the Steel World to the Lands of Odin

~The crash had been horrific.  Her owner, a beast of gargantuan proportion and vicious rage, was bent on claiming the lands.  So bent, that he had stubbornly flown his ship into battle.  They made their escape with a damaged hull, and finally, after the long and arduous flight, the ship crashed.  It was in the snowy mountain tops of the men of Odin.  Torvaldsland.  She nearly froze before she found civilization.  When she found it, it was a strange adjustment.  Men, rather than beasts, yet just as strong and strict as her previous master had been.  Snow, ice, structures of wood and stone rather than machinery and metal... it was strange, yet welcome.  Then, she met the overseer.~

I got this great outfit from .storybook. at the Gorean Gacha, and my first thoughts were, in order, Priest Kings, Kurii, Panther Girls.  I mulled it over, and decided that a Kurii pet would make sense for this... but where should I take the pictures?  One of the Gorean Gacha sponsors this round was the Northern Gorean RP sim, Njordheim.  I was fortunate enough to run into this guy (Ulfr the Lieutenant, Blacksmith and Head Overseer), who let me interview him as well as snap some pretty great shots!  Plus, look at him!  I mean really, look.  At.  Him!  Don't you just want to lick those abs?

Given the scenario I suggested, Ulfr said this is basically what I could expect from their sim.  "A kurii pet..from the steel worlds... It would depend much on her behavior and who she met. Not all men are the same. So lets say Ulfr met her out there.. he would watch her and see what she was. Ulfr is a rough man; a blacksmith and overseer of slaves, so he is not really not really soft. But he would try to figure her out and pull her into his forge and collar her to his village, tossing her before the Jarl as she is a kurii pet and would have to warn of possible kurii to soon follow."
W - I noticed "Darker Side of Gor" in the land info. What does that mean to you? 
U - Hmm. This means we will allow inner-sim player conflict and we do allow death and bad things to happen. What we found in Gor was that most was just tea parties and chit chats. We want to bring out that Gor was harsh; how it was. I think what is unique about us is that we do the Minor Jarl rp. We allow other players to come forward with story lines and will do those. We are not a heavy raid fighting sim. We are more about the role play. So if we capture on a raid or raiders lose to us when they attack, we will role play with them to have pit fights with each other or a larl or kurii we capture. 
W - You guys are pretty high up there in traffic and ranking. What do you think makes it draw people in? 
U - We are consistent in our role play and rules. We have a firm foundation of who and what we are. The core members are good at creating new story lines and allowing other ideas as well. But.. I think most of all, we have some really impressive role players. So when we get visitors they either love or hate us because it is that intense... like a good morning smack in the face. lol

The RP can get pretty intense.  This by no means indicates that the players, admin or owners condone domestic violence!  Please play responsibly!  This is an imaginary world, where players come together and write fiction.  Whatever role you choose to play, you may not always end up with a happy ending.  The beautiful thing about it, though, is that if it gets to be too intense, you can fade to black or fast forward through a scene.  And at the end of the day, when all is said and done, you can click the "x" and close the program, and go on with your real life.

Ulfr is a high-ranking man of the north.  That means that he has oathed himself to the Hold Jarl, earned his place above the salt, and was given a bronze arm band to symbolize his rise in status.  As Ulfr put it, "Gold would be Chieftain. Silver Captains, Bronze for Lieutenant, Copper and then Iron."  There are many roles one can take in RP, and all are welcome to play.  Simply read the rules, and understand that the actions are RP-driven, not OOC-led.  You can play how you like - good, bad, a mix of both - but expect to have consequences that you must face in RP.  Or, as Ulfr put it, "As long as your role play is Gorean and not ooc motivated and always be ready for what may and could happen... good or bad."

Now, about this look!  This outfit is from .storybook., as I mentioned before.  This is the rare Dark set, which comes with a HUD to change the metal as well as the cloth under the armor.  The ankle, wrist and necklace pieces are also prizes to win.  The hair is from Calico, also at the Gorean Gacha.  The blonde set is a rare.  And just my color set!  How lucky am I?

For those itching to explore this sim, here are some tips.
W - What about for people who want to come into the sim?  Any advice?
U -  Depends on their story. All I would suggest to newcomers is to read the rules and understand what kind of sim they are coming onto. Death can happen here. If you come in in a way that would cause a Gorean to be upset, well then, your story might be shorter here. If you role play smart and well, you can always find a way to make your way here.  People that would have a hard time would be panthers coming in with their weapons. Of course they are outlaws, and if they just walk in or steal, they could end up dead or enslaved.

The breakdown:

On Ulfr:
Skin:  Aeros Avatar - Arrow
Shape - His own creation
Hair: Asset - Vikings Hair - blonde
Shoulders:  PFC - The Hunter -  Grizzly
Belt:  PFC - Role Belt - Raider
Arms and hands:  PFC - Thrall arm and hand bandages
Pants:  Silk Worms - Corruption brown
Boots:  Rochambeau - The Hound
Armband:  Zelection - Dragon Bracelet - Bronze
Weapons:  LR Weapons -Shield - Hazel; Axe - Hazel Klaive axe

On Whisp:
Skin:  Flounce - Amelia - Mocha - Tribal - with blonde brows
Shape:  Mine!
Hair:  Calico - Alyena - Blondes (Rare) - at Gorean Gacha event now!
Eyes:  Kosh - 123
Hands and Feet:  Slink - F - Relaxed hands and High feet
Collar:  Ginger Line - Northern Collar - V.2B - out now at the Countdown Room November
Armor:  Storybook - Valeska - Dark Tones (Rare) with Pewter jewelry - at Gorean Gacha event now!

Location:  Njordheim BtB Northern Gor RP sim - sponsor of this round of the Gorean Gacha event

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