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Friday, November 7, 2014

112 ~ The monsters we create

The window pane, cool and smooth, was grounding.  It was a solid reminder of reality, existence in the world rather than the unshakable surrealism of recent events.  A monster.  That was what had been created.

Heated streams of salt and sorrow pooled between flesh and glass, and she stepped back, sliding down against the stone until her skirt billowed out and her body met the floor.  Despair had taken her by force and was consuming her.  Unlike that beast fashioned of cadavers and lightning's force, the monster she faced was one unseen.  Were the monster tangible, one that followed her physically, she could formulate a strategy of defense.  She could barricade herself in a stone tower, could isolate herself... or could find a large group of people who might come to her aid.  Surely many together could defeat a mere beast.  No.  There was no weapon to be forged against this monster.  No tower tall enough, no group of brave and noble warriors that could defeat this creation.

The monster was in her head.

The windowed wall shown here is a pose and prop set from Rook Poses, inspired by Chapter 20 - Frankenstein - Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley.  Shelley's Frankenstein  is the topic of the first of, hopefully, many events called A Tattered Page.  These are shopping events inspired by our favorite literary works.  Everyone knows the basic story of Frankenstein... thanks largely to Hollywood.  To get to the heart of the story, to feel the essence of the fear, anguish and love in the story, you have to go back to where it began - the tattered page of inspired words.

The dress, hair, and tears tattoo are from Pale Empress.  They are part of a Justine collection.  Wondering who Justine is?  Try reading the book!  You're guaranteed to get more insight than you ever will by watching a film or cartoon production.

The eyes are from Chop Shop, who did an entire series of eyes for the event.  They come as shown (system with matching mesh) and in varying colors.  You can also give a try to the "broken" versions, or the monster eyes.  You'll be seeing more of these in upcoming posts!  The locket is from House of Rain.  There is a red version, which is exclusively for the event, though they have another version that sells at a higher price with a texture HUD.  I'll show you the red one soon, I promise!  All HoR jewelry is original mesh, from original designs. No goth bands were sacrificed to make this necklace, per their designers.  (Don't worry, we believe you!)
The breakdown:

Hair:  Pale Empress - Justine - includes color HUD - for A Tattered Page
Skin:  The Skin You're In - Mari - Sunglow with Sunglow Brows
Shape:  Mine!
Eyes:  !Chop Shop! - Frankenstein - Hope - for A Tattered Page
Tears:  Pale Empress - Justine - Tears - for A Tattered Page
Dress:  Pale Empress - Justine - Fitted Mesh -  for A Tattered Page (includes fitted mesh and rigged mesh sized versions, and alpha)
Locket:  HoR - Find Forever Gone - Closed - ATP version - for A Tattered Page
Poses/Props:  Rook Poses - Frankenstein's Anguish - for A Tattered Page

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