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Thursday, November 6, 2014

111 - the Perfect Body

Recently, I had a look at a story that I found personally inspiring.  Everyone has heard, I'm sure, about Victoria's Secret and their recent ad for the "Perfect Body" underwear.  I think that while the message was intended to say that the product itself had the perfect "body" to be everything that a woman could need in lingerie, it came off more as "These women wearing this lingerie have perfect bodies."  That sparked outrage, and with that outlook on it, I think it was rightfully so.  A simple misunderstanding; but I can definitely stand by this cause.  There is no singular "perfect body."  As such, there has been a retort of sorts in the "perfect body" campaign to show that all bodies are perfect and we should love ourselves for who and what we are.

That was the inspiration behind today's look.  Showing off the body, even if it's not the social norm, and loving it for what it is.  Have a look.  If you like it, leave me a message, and I'll expand on this topic later with one post exclusively set aside for just several pictures of a variety of forms.

I have known women in RL who look like this.  Tall, thick, muscular, full-figured.  This is a beautiful sight to me.  They always struggled, though, with being compared to men.  They were called "butch" or "dyke" because they had bigger builds.  I call them beautiful.

Almost everything you see here can be found at the November round of [Room69].  You can flaunt your figure in the see-through top (with appliers) in a variety of shades, scoop up some heels (shown here in snakeskin) with a color HUD to match, too.

The lingerie here isn't quite the same as the "perfect body" panty sets.  They're sassy, and come in multiple colors and prints.  No appliers for  these, though, ladies.  System only.  

The heels here for Slink High Feet are in snakeskin; but you can also get a leather option.  The color HUD gives a variety of choices to mix and match with whatever you want to wear. 

Freckles, beauty marks, and pink - yes, pink! - eyebrows adorn this skin from Deluxe Body Factory.  It comes with 3 cleavage options and appliers for just about everything, so you can wear your Slink, Lolas, and more with it.
The breakdown:

Hair:  Exile - Desperately Wanting - L - Light Blondes
Skin:  [DBF] - Savannah Skin - Tan - Subtle Cleavage (with appliers) - at [Room69] November (69L$!!!!)
Shape:  Mine
Eyes:  .ID. Thank You Gift - with shine type 2
Hands/Feet:  Slink - F - Relaxed hands and high feet
Breasts:  Lolas Delicq
Shirt:  IAF Sexy Sheer Top - Red (with appliers) - at [Room69] November
Panties:  ..::Eden.::.. -Tasty Undie - Red (no appliers) - at [Room69] November
Ring:  {Eden.} - Oblivian Ring - at [Room69] November
Shoes:  {D.o.R.k} - Zahra - Snake Skin (with color HUD) - at [Room69] November
Poses:  _LeRawr_  - Latisha Pose 3, Anastasia Pose 4 - Sets at [Room69] November


  1. Yes! I read that article and was a little offended myself by it. But I think you're right, it was about the lingerie. I'd love to see you do a few blogs on different shapes. Keep up the great work!



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