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Monday, November 3, 2014

110 ~ Confinement

He was a cruel master.  Not so cruel in the grand scheme of things; but his training was rigorous, his discipline relentless.  He was training her.  She could do well, and sleep in the sweet hay later... or she could do poorly and curl up in the cage.  She scrubbed the floors, she poured the wine, but then - she took a little rest.  Rather than serve, rather than clean up the bucket and brush, she lay down in that sweet hay.  When she was found, she then found her bed for the night.  Because she'd been so sleepy that she had to stop and rest, he sent her to bed early.  Should she spill a drop of his wine as he watched her sleep, she would surely feel his kurt upon her back.

The bucket makes a nice enough prop on its own, complete with little dirt spot on the floor.  Even better, though, is that it is animated, with a scrub brush that you can get just by clicking it.

The Gorean Gacha event opens in less than 2 weeks!  Everything will be 25-100L$ per play, and all themed on the Gorean RP genre!  There are 20+ designers, information on RP sims, and gifts scattered about.  Definitely a place to check out!

The pet bed is a pile of hay and bales, with a blanket.  It has several different poses built-in, such as the well-known Nadu pose for Gor.  Not playing a slave in Gor?  No problem.  There are regular sit, sleep, lay poses and more!

The camisk is one of multiple prizes you could win at the Gorean Gacha from Tamiron Forge!  This happens to be the ultra-rare white tiger option.  It's a rigged mesh camisk, which can be worn with or without the fur under layers (system).  I tried it with the Lolas as well.  It -does- work, though I had to adjust the size and such to make it fit, and the under layer doesn't come with an applier.

Oops, busted!  The hair is a gorgeous design from Exile.  I've long been a fan of Kavar's work, and didn't even have to buy a demo for this to know I'd love it! 

The wine tray gives a pewter goblet of wine (for left and right hand) on click.  Norb's pose is not a part of the cage.
The breakdown:

On Whisp:

Hair:  Exile - Desperately Wanting - Light Blondes
Skin:  Glam Affair - Penny - Asia - Autumn Girl
Eyes:  .ID. - Thank You Gift  - with Shine Type 2
Hands/Feet:  Slink - F - Relaxed Hands and High Feet
Clothes:  [TF] - Lyra - Ultra Rare White Tiger Camisk - at Gorean Gacha event Nov. 15th - Dec. 15th!
Necklace:  Una - Flecha - Brown - Collar
Props/Poses:  Bucket with scrub animation and brush, Tiny cage with curled up animation, Wine tray with pewter goblet of wine giver, Gorean pet bed with multiple animations - Stone Misery - 75L$ per play at the Gorean Gacha event Nov. 15th - Dec. 15th!

On Norb:

Skin:  UNIQUE Megastore - Jeffrey_M8_CHH_by_Nany_Merlin
Shape:  His
Eyes: MADesigns STUDIO - blue - Greatful eyes
Hair: Alice Project - Hyori - Infinity in brown
Clothing:  C&N September Group Gift for males.  Includes: Pants, leather chest belt, boots, bracers and kilt.

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