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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What have I gotten myself into?

She bent her knee, reaching down to adjust the strap of her stiletto, waiting for the client to arrive.  She knew that there would be two this time... of that she'd been warned.

What she hadn't realized was that this forest they'd walked through to get to the old castle was not a normal forest.  She hadn't known... couldn't have known... that it was inhabited by beasts of various kinds, and all of them ravenous for what she specialized in.  Only she wouldn't be the domme this time.  No, she would be the victim.

Stunned, she looked first to the satyr... with the face of a handsome man and the legs, horns, and... oh my....  She blinked and looked at much larger, more foreboding beast.  Could this be real?  She'd heard fairy tales, legends, of the Minotaur....

Overwhelmed, she staggered and fell to her knees, scrambling to rise again.  Much to her surprise, the satyr came to offer her a hand... to help her to her feet and reassure her.

"Don't worry," he said, pressing her hand to his strong heartbeat.  "It won't hurt... much."

NEW SIM!  A dear group of friends of mine have recently built an amazing sim, with beautiful landscaping and little niches here and there for a variety of creatures.  The Enchanted Forest of the Beasts is open to the public, with only 6 very simple rules.  You can enjoy the scenery... or explore your kinks!  Take care, though... there are beasts hiding in recesses and caves that might think you've come as a gift!

The breakdown:

Callum Maktoum aka Pan:

Skin: Labyrinth - silver skin (tan) - The Beast
Hair: [Underscore] - Thor Hair Realistic Basic Mix
Beard: [TS] - Khal Beard - Blacks
Eyes: [Gauze] - Hallows - Eyes - Spectral
Body hair: Inside Out - Body Hair Flesh
Hooves: Violet Studios - VS Baal 5 Mesh Hooves
Horns and Tail: M_Faun_Obsidian
Cock: Realistics Horse Cock Black
Ears: Sinful Needs - Mesh Fae Ears S2D1
Jewelry: [The Forge] Celtic Headband and Aura Necklace, Chop Zuey Freedom & Valor Mens Ring, Tightrope Men's Necklace
AO: Vista Animations Badboy AO

Stephan Warbaum aka Mr. M:

Skin: Niramyth Daenotaur The Coal
Tail: Imperium Designs - Daenotaur Tail Coal 1.2
Clothes: HOTBG - Ceremonial II Black N Silver
Jewelry: *VB* Daenotaur Nosering 1.0
AO: Niramyth Daenotaur The Coal

Whisp aka Victim!:

Hair:  Magika - Please
Skin:  Panda Punx - Anyka Skin - Star - Bronze
Shape:  Mine!
Eyes:  Mayfly - Liquid Light Eyes - Ultraviolet Pitch - (group gift)
Hands and Feet:  Slink - Relaxed hands (f) and High feet (f)
Bodysuit:  Pure Poison - Valentine Lingerie (rigged mesh) - (group gift)
Cuffs:  Pure Poison - Locked Handcuffs - (group gift)
Heels:  Pure Poison - Kathy Sandals for Slink High Feet - ROMP September (back to regular price now)

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