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Saturday, September 13, 2014

unsteady footing

She walked onto the bridge, the scenery behind her breathtaking.  She determined two things in the short time since she'd begun her adventure... that this was a place remarkable to behold, and that these shoes were not made for adventuring.  The rope bridge swung and she staggered, catching her balance.  If she wanted to continue, she'd have to take off her sandals.  

Above:  The necklace, earrings and ring are an old VIP gift from Garage.  While a lot of items that I used to wear back in 2010 have been tossed, there are a few things that have nestled into my inventory and found themselves long-term homes.

Above:  Manicure is the same one you've seen in previous posts from By Snow.  The eyes are from Insufferable Dastard.  So while the shape is my own, the jewelry from Garage, manicure and eyes are separate... Everything else you see in this outfit, even the makeup, is part of a new avatar from Tameless.

The outfit comes with two footwear options.  One is the sandal version for Slink High feet, shown here, and the other is a pair of boots.  We women love options!  The mesh blouse, when worn in large, was formed well enough for me to wear it with my Lolas Delicq breasts without any problem.  The skin comes in multiple shades, and includes just about every applier one can think of!

The breakdown:

Shape:  Mine!
Skin, Hair, Eye Shadow, Lashes, Shirt, Pants, Sandals:  Tameless - Mallory Ultimate Set - The basic set is 499L$, the ulitmate set with appliers is 699L$ and the skin and shape can be purchased separately for 399L$.  Everything you see on the package art is included.  And all items included have copy permissions.
Jewelry:  Garage (which then became Koketka) - Gems 01 - VIP Gift (back in 2010... not available now)
Eyes:  Insufferable Dastard - Thank You Gift - free in store!
Special Thanks to Jornstvedt, location for this shoot.  Jornstvedt is a Northern BtB Gorean RP sim.

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