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Monday, September 22, 2014

A small rest

Perhaps it was an illusion...

Perhaps this bed, out in the midst of the forest was an hallucination; a fictional grant to a request of my aching, yearning body.  And there, awaiting, beckoning, was the beautiful, mystical figure of a lovely fae-rie.  Yes, it had to be a dream.  I had already fallen asleep, and the sweet embrace of the dream had me thinking I had snuggled down into a bed.  A bed!  In the middle of the forest!  And in the company of fae-folk would I imagine rest...

Bed by Trompe Loeil - perfect for this surreal vision, don't you think?

I just can't get enough of Mayfly's Luminous eyes.  The adjustable shading and shine gives a realism to them that I adore.

Al Hanna has released this entire fairy set, including the circlet, necklace, arm bands, garter, dress and wings for only 100L$.  It also includes sandals for Slink flat feet!  Whether you're looking for a Halloween costume or something pretty to wear to that new medi-fantasy RP sim, you're covered with this complete outfit!

The breakdown:

Bed - Trompe Loeil - Fiona Treebed Red
Outfit (incl. wings and accessories) - Al Hanna - Fairy Outfit - Pink
Eyes - Mayfly - Luminous - Spring Teal - w1
Hair - [e] - Elika - Blondes
Skin - Mr. Bloch - Caterina - with all appliers
Shape - mine
hands/feet - Slink 
location - The Enchanted Forest of the Beasts

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