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Monday, August 18, 2014

Mountain Bond

The snow falls on the mountain tops and coats it in fresh, white dust.  Soon the green grass will be smothered in ice and the sweet wind in her hair will turn bitter cold.  The waters will freeze over and her toes will go numb inside her boots.  For now, she can stand on the hilltop, where the stone arch joins the two sides of the river, and savor the moment where summer kisses winter in a few brief weeks of autumn.

It is possible to make a good av for any genre, at little to no cost.  Everything that Whisp is wearing, except for the mesh body parts, was free!

The breakdown:

Hair:  Analog Dog - Caught - Raspberry (not mesh) - previous gift
Skin:  The Skin You're In - Mari Sunglow (with optional dimples and sunglow brows) - FabFree Gift
Shape:  Mine
Breasts:  Lolas - Delicq Rigged mesh
Hands:  Slink - F - Relaxed
Eyes:  Mayfly - Liquid Light Mesh Eye - Monet Dusk Shadow - W1 - Group Gift
Outfit:  Luas - Selma - Purple (includes bracelets and collar) - Lucky Board Gift
Location:  Valdrtosk northern BtB Gorean RP sim - Seasons are changing!  They are recruiting for all positions, free and slave alike!

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