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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lucky Guy

I know that you are all used to seeing me run around in my busty blonde female avatar.  Today is going to be something a little different, thanks to a recent run of what you might call good luck... finding guy stuff!  Since some of the items I found were no transfer, I decided to put them on myself and go with it!  Why not?

Fantasy Gacha Carnival has begun!  Vikings, Pirates, Shinobi, and more... tea houses, rune stones and armor galore!  (Yes, I need more coffee.)  Most of the Gacha machines run about 50L$, though there are some that are 75, 99, or 100, depending on the creator and the items inside.  Normally, the more intricate the pieces being offered, the higher the price.  This amulet, though, was only 25L$ per play, and the items inside are Viking based!

The tunic, belt and pants are all mesh, and I won these in a lucky chair!  They had sets for women and men, and an exclusive Rose color in the MM board.  Not too shabby, and works for medi-fantasy or Gor!

This ultra-long hair (remind you of any of your favorite on-screen characters?) is from Damselfly.  It has a non-rigged piece for on the head, which can be worn alone for a shorter style, and a rigged piece for the super-long ponytail.  The rare ones are the black and brown like the one shown above.

The breakdown:

Hair:  Damselfly - Khal - Tuxedo - 75L$ per play at the Fantasy Gacha CarnivalSkin:  7 Deadly s{K}ins - Judas - Group Gift for February - ALL group gifts are out NOW at the store garden next to the lucky tree!  Join the group, snatch up all of them, and go upstairs to slap the MM board while you're there!
Shape:  My own guy shape!
Eyes:  Mayfly Eyes - Keshie - Liquid Light Eyes - Monet Dusk Shadow - Group Gift in store now! (system and mesh, with glow and full bright options, shaded white options, as well as size options)
Amulet:  BananaN - Viking Amulet - Gorgon Loop - 25L$ per play at Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Outfit:  .:Soul:. - Archer2 Tunic - Black, with Swagger 2 Pants - Black and mesh belt - in lucky chair and MM board now!
Boots:  Surprise!  These mesh boots are already in your inventory!  Created by Jeremiah Linden, these are a part of the new mesh starter avatars.  Find it in your library, under Clothing > Initial Outfits > Vampire Hunter Angus
Location:  Einarinn - Northern by-the-book Gorean role play sim and breathtaking build! 

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