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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Back to the North

She hadn't gotten her hopes up.  No; it had been too long.  They had taken her several days ago... bound at the wrists and ankles, then stripped and bathed upon arrival.  She had been given silky garments that barely covered her shame, and jeweled chains and adornments for her head, arms and ankles.  They were trying to teach her, a proud Northern woman, to dance, kneel and serve.  They wanted her to be a Kajira.   
Then, the bells were rung and horns blown.  They were being raided.  The shout that carried over the land struck fear into those who heard it... except for her.  To her, it brought hope.  "The men of Torvaldsland are upon you!"  There was battle and bloodshed, and at long last, rescue.  She was found!  Oh, but the look in the Captain's eyes; it was not one of joy.  No, it was sadness, then shame; and at last, it was anger.  She was lifted and flung over his shoulder, not guided like a proud Free Woman.  She was now and forever a slave. 
She was kept with the other women, once free, intended to be bonds.  They were coffled together and huddled on the serpent until at long last they arrived in the cold North.  Her clothes were too skimpy; too filmy to protect from the biting chill of the Torvaldsland air.  It would not matter long.  As a slave, she would be sold, and carried away from the land she knew as home.  

I have been wandering and looking at different Northern Gor sims in Second Life for some time now.  I blame my friends, who have gotten to be so wrapped up in it!  I finally found one that is not only beautiful; the sim owner is also delightful, and the RP I have seen has been really good, too!  It's called Valdrtosk, and is a Northern BtB Gorean RP sim with two adjoining regions of farmland and residential area.  They are all part of the RP, and gorgeous to look at.  TORLEIKASVALDR Resident, owner and Chieftain of Valdrtosk, was kind enough to let me come in and take some shots here, as well as to chat with me for quite a while.  Since I had the go-ahead, I've decided to include some images of the RP sim as well!

Entering the Stronghold
A view of the Residential area... careful those waters have sea sleen in them!
The land itself is rich and beautiful, teeming with life of all kinds.
This makes for a beautiful walk home, don't you think?

The Breakdown:

Hair:  Wasabi Pills - Jean Mesh Hair - Blondes - at Uber
Skin:  Skin-Sation - Blair - Pale - New line of cute & natural skins. Basic line -  with skins without makeup (only no brows & 2 breast options) and basic appliers (lolas & slink) 99L$
Shape:  Mine!
Eyes:  Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eyes - Spring Teal, W1
Breasts:  Lolas - Delicq Rigged Mesh
Hands & Feet:  Slink
Silks:  ~Soedara~ - Exotic Berjuang Tari - Lush Green - includes jewelry, all prim and modifiable
Collar:  ~Soedara~ - Pembantu Collar - Bronze Adorned

Location:  Valdrtosk Northern BtB Gorean RP Sim (Thanks Tor!)

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