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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Maneuvering around the bergs

The first snowfall that makes it beyond the mountain tops coats the land in thick, white splendor.  The waters, choppier and with small, frosty crests on the waves, propel icebergs to and fro in languid drifts that creak and moan in the night.  The fjords are not solidly coated with ice just yet.  It is time to get in the last of the water travel before the boats must be stowed until spring.

One interesting feature about Valdrtosk that I happen to love is the option to travel by canoe.  Tor put out a really fantastic canoe rezzer from Trident that allows anyone to grab a canoe and paddle, and try their hands at rowing around the water... until it freezes over, anyway!

Magika has been having a retirement sale on all sculpted hair styles in order to make room for more mesh.  This particular style has long been one of my favorites, as the shoulder attachment for the ponytail is adjustable and that means that I can wear it with my Lolas and not have a gap like I would get with mesh!

With the rising popularity of mesh attachments and now, mesh bodies, prim clothing is becoming more and more handy.  As if the prim-work put into this outfit wasn't amazing enough before, now it's that much more valuable as I can wear it with my mesh parts and adjust it as needed!  No applier required!

The breakdown:
Hair:  Magika - Veruka - Blonde
Skin:  Skin-Sation - Gloria - Peach - August Group Gift! (includes appliers)
Shape:  Mine!
Eyes:  Insufferable Dastard - Thank you gift with Extra Shine type 2 - free in store!
Breasts:  Lolas - Delicq
Hands:  Slink - Female - Relaxed
Outfit:  Tamiron Forge - the Warrior
Boots:  COCO - Suede Boots - Fur - Group Gift!
Canoe:  Trident Canoe and Paddle
Location:  Valdrtosk Village - BtB Northern Gorean RP sim

Friday, August 22, 2014

Autumn in Torvaldsland

Yes, even those of Northern Gor have seasons!  Spring, summer and fall are cherished before the bitter and harsh cold of winter sets in.  When going by the book, the traditional garb of the bonds was a plain, un-dyed kirtle that was like a nightgown split down to the belly and pulled up on the sides to be bundled and tied off at the hips to make getting around easier.  They had a lot of work to do.

Some places give more liberties with what can be worn, due to the fact that it is Second Life, and not an actual alien planet.  Finding a good quality kirtle that is by the book is difficult to say the least, and there are lots of options out there for other things to wear!  So, here is an idea for a hard-working bond whose owner is kind enough to allow pants to be worn when working in areas that her legs might be damaged...

Chilly days and nights mean the need for arm warmers, scarves, pants and boots!

The skin, including appliers, is a hot bargain right now on the Marketplace, thanks to Mr. Bloch! Find this Caterina skin for a limited time for only 10L$!  These eyes are a beautiful gift from .ID.

The boots shown here could be worn by free women as well.  They come in fur (shown) or dark brown, and are a group gift from COCO!

Such a beautiful view.  Won't be long and it will be frozen and the ships will be put away for winter.

The breakdown:

Hair:  Fashionably Dead - Little Queen - Blonde 8 (former gacha prize!)
Skin:  Mr. Bloch - Caterina - with WowMeh, Slink, Lolas, Phat Azz and Loud Mouth appliers, and shape
Shape:  Mine!
Eyes:  Insufferable Dastard - Thank you gift with extra shine 2 (no group needed)
Outfit:  Luas - Cataysa - Brown (comes with boots, too)
Boots:  *COCO* - Suede_Boots - Fur - Rigged - group gift
Collar:  Soedara - Pembantu Collar - Bronze Adorned (okay, not very BtB for northern; but I love it!)

Location:  The beautiful Valdrtosk sim - BtB Northern Gorean RP - soon to be winter!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Mountain Bond

The snow falls on the mountain tops and coats it in fresh, white dust.  Soon the green grass will be smothered in ice and the sweet wind in her hair will turn bitter cold.  The waters will freeze over and her toes will go numb inside her boots.  For now, she can stand on the hilltop, where the stone arch joins the two sides of the river, and savor the moment where summer kisses winter in a few brief weeks of autumn.

It is possible to make a good av for any genre, at little to no cost.  Everything that Whisp is wearing, except for the mesh body parts, was free!

The breakdown:

Hair:  Analog Dog - Caught - Raspberry (not mesh) - previous gift
Skin:  The Skin You're In - Mari Sunglow (with optional dimples and sunglow brows) - FabFree Gift
Shape:  Mine
Breasts:  Lolas - Delicq Rigged mesh
Hands:  Slink - F - Relaxed
Eyes:  Mayfly - Liquid Light Mesh Eye - Monet Dusk Shadow - W1 - Group Gift
Outfit:  Luas - Selma - Purple (includes bracelets and collar) - Lucky Board Gift
Location:  Valdrtosk northern BtB Gorean RP sim - Seasons are changing!  They are recruiting for all positions, free and slave alike!

Friday, August 15, 2014

The Big Show!

There has been a lot of chatter in some of the groups I'm in lately, about "the best" in mesh body parts, appliers, retailers, etc. The one place I know to find them all in one handy location is the Big Show.  The Big Show has designers from across the grid, with items specifically made either as mesh attachments (such as breasts, heads, hands, etc.) or for the mesh attachments as add-ons or appliers.

Above:  Of course, I'm drawn to shoes.  It's so hard to decide which new design I want to grab up, though!  There are plenty of great selections to try to choose from, such as these options from Co 57.  You can see how indecisive I was!

A great look for shopping, no?  I'm particularly fond of this skin by 7DS, because of those great lips!  I love that I can manipulate the shape in concordance with the skin, and come out with something that looks so natural.  Reminds me just a little bit of Catherine Zeta-Jones.  Just a little.

So... what I did end up grabbing up, out of curiosity, was a whole slew of mesh demo body parts and this free mesh head from SKING.  They include the other head demos from their collection in the box, so you can test them out and see if there's another you like better.  This one has some skin options, the alpha, the head, and a HUD to customize makeup, freckle options, and expression.  You can not adjust the features with your sliders, so you're stuck with this face once you're wearing it.  I wore mesh eyes with it for easy adjusting.

Profile view of the Sking mesh head

Normal Expression, no makeup, no extras

Expression:  Sexy 1

Expression:  Sexy 2

Expression:  Angry

Expression:  Ahhh

Expression:  Kiss
All said and done, it's going to take quite a bit of convincing (and more L$!) for me to invest in any more mesh parts than I already have.  I am stunned at the progress that designers have made since I started in SL, and how remarkable the mesh creations are.  What's your favorite mesh body part or creator?  Let me know in the comment box!

The breakdown:

Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes - Medium Onyx, W1 (system eyes), Luminous Mesh Eyes - Spring Teal, W1
Jewelry: Beloved Jewelry - Jasmin Set - Room69 August
Heels: Glow Designs - Chained Pumps - Vampire - Room69 August
Dress: Yokana - Miley Opened Mini Dress (comes with mesh thong) - Room69 August
Hair: Tameless - Lana - Naturals
Skin: 7DS - Group Gift - May
Shape: Mine!

Street Posing:
Eyes:  Mayfly - Liquid Light Eyes - Monet Dusk Shadow - group gift
Hair:  [e] - Elika - Blondes
Head:  SKING - Da Face - Mesh Head 1.0 - Agneska
Breasts:  Lolas - Delicq (also at Big Show)
Hands & Feet:  Slink (also at Big Show)
Outfit:  Tameless - Dark Cabaret (without boots, includes holster and collar) - Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair (99L$)
Shoes:  Glow Designs - Crystal Stilettos - Black - Cosmo Sales Room

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Back to the North

She hadn't gotten her hopes up.  No; it had been too long.  They had taken her several days ago... bound at the wrists and ankles, then stripped and bathed upon arrival.  She had been given silky garments that barely covered her shame, and jeweled chains and adornments for her head, arms and ankles.  They were trying to teach her, a proud Northern woman, to dance, kneel and serve.  They wanted her to be a Kajira.   
Then, the bells were rung and horns blown.  They were being raided.  The shout that carried over the land struck fear into those who heard it... except for her.  To her, it brought hope.  "The men of Torvaldsland are upon you!"  There was battle and bloodshed, and at long last, rescue.  She was found!  Oh, but the look in the Captain's eyes; it was not one of joy.  No, it was sadness, then shame; and at last, it was anger.  She was lifted and flung over his shoulder, not guided like a proud Free Woman.  She was now and forever a slave. 
She was kept with the other women, once free, intended to be bonds.  They were coffled together and huddled on the serpent until at long last they arrived in the cold North.  Her clothes were too skimpy; too filmy to protect from the biting chill of the Torvaldsland air.  It would not matter long.  As a slave, she would be sold, and carried away from the land she knew as home.  

I have been wandering and looking at different Northern Gor sims in Second Life for some time now.  I blame my friends, who have gotten to be so wrapped up in it!  I finally found one that is not only beautiful; the sim owner is also delightful, and the RP I have seen has been really good, too!  It's called Valdrtosk, and is a Northern BtB Gorean RP sim with two adjoining regions of farmland and residential area.  They are all part of the RP, and gorgeous to look at.  TORLEIKASVALDR Resident, owner and Chieftain of Valdrtosk, was kind enough to let me come in and take some shots here, as well as to chat with me for quite a while.  Since I had the go-ahead, I've decided to include some images of the RP sim as well!

Entering the Stronghold
A view of the Residential area... careful those waters have sea sleen in them!
The land itself is rich and beautiful, teeming with life of all kinds.
This makes for a beautiful walk home, don't you think?

The Breakdown:

Hair:  Wasabi Pills - Jean Mesh Hair - Blondes - at Uber
Skin:  Skin-Sation - Blair - Pale - New line of cute & natural skins. Basic line -  with skins without makeup (only no brows & 2 breast options) and basic appliers (lolas & slink) 99L$
Shape:  Mine!
Eyes:  Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eyes - Spring Teal, W1
Breasts:  Lolas - Delicq Rigged Mesh
Hands & Feet:  Slink
Silks:  ~Soedara~ - Exotic Berjuang Tari - Lush Green - includes jewelry, all prim and modifiable
Collar:  ~Soedara~ - Pembantu Collar - Bronze Adorned

Location:  Valdrtosk Northern BtB Gorean RP Sim (Thanks Tor!)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Asiamerican Dragon Lady

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival has some hot, hot, hot items!  When matched with some gifts and some sky-high heels from [Room69], this is what you get...

Above:  The pose here is one of the three included in the little gift from .aisling. at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  Grab the gift, and then try your luck with the Gacha machines!

Above:  I couldn't resist showing off the detail of these eyes from Mayfly, the freckles on this group gift skin from 7DS, or these great earrings from On a Lark.  The eyes are part of a new series, where you can change the amount of reflection, amount of shadow, pupil size and more!  They're so realistic!  The skin is one of many of the group gifts out for the taking right now in the garden at 7 Deadly s{K}ins.  On a Lark put the earrings out as a gift at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival!

The dress is fitted mesh, and comes with the flexi part, which is an optional add-on.  It also includes the tattoo you see on the right leg, and applier for Lolas mesh breasts.  The shoes are at [Room69] for August, and time is running out on grabbing them up!  The hot black manicure and pedicure can be found on the marketplace.

The hair is a sexy new look from Damselfly called Sunhild.  Each color set in the Gacha at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival comes with a HUD to select the hair texture you prefer.  This is Tuxedo, which is a rare.

The breakdown:

Hair:  Damselfly - Sunhild - Tuxedo - 75L$ per play at Fantasy Gacha CarnivalSkin:  7 Deadly s{K}ins - August Group Gift - Find this one upstairs, near the MM board
Shape:  Mine!
Eyes:  Mayfly - Luminous - Spring Teal - w1
Breasts:  Lolas - Delicq fitted mesh breasts
Hands & Feet:  Slink F - Relaxed hands, high feet
Earrings:  On a Lark - Lotus Earrings (with HUD to change metal and stones) - gift at Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Nail Appliers:  By Snow - Fashionable Black manicure and pedicure applier - black French tip - 1L$
Fan:  Rag Dollz - Blossom Fan with animation
Shoes:  Oceane - Killer Heels - Dragon Silk - Green - Out now at [Room69] event!
Dress:  deviousMind - Sakura Shibari Dress - Jade Dragon - 75L$ per play at Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Pose:  (in first picture)  .aisling. - little gift - at Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Just a pause

Sometimes we all need to just take a break, and find a beautiful, quiet place to sit and just... be.

I love to visit sims, role play or otherwise, and see what the creators have been able to do; I especially like to see what they come up with in the confines of a Homestead sim.  Heimili is a Northern BtB Gor sim that has taken a Homestead and succeeded in making it beautiful, in spite of the limitations that come with it.

It's a beautiful place to visit; but if you stop there, be prepared for role play!  They have very simple, no-nonsense rules, and are looking for some strong, Northern men to come and help take care of the many beautiful bonds!

The skin you see here is a group gift from Poudre.  It comes in 6 shades, with 2 cleavage options for each, brow shapers and 2 brow tattoos.  It also includes a shape; though you know me!  I prefer to use my own!  The only thing a girl could want now is appliers!

The breakdown:

Hair:  MiaMai - Halla - Blonde (with hair base)
Hair Feathers:   (No longer available)
Feather Earring:  pr!tty - Native American Girl - earring (old gift) ~ Check out the new build!
Necklace:  Sweet Poison - Barret Necklace - Hook - Gift at Fantasy Gacha Carnival!
Skirt:  ~*Fantasia*~ Exposure Skirt - Brown
Skin:  -Poudre- Teta - Seed Grey - Medium - Group Gift!
Shape:  Mine!
Eyes:  Mayfly - Liquid Light Mesh Eyes - Monet Dusk Shadow - Keshie Group Gift!
Breasts:  Lolas Delicq
Hands and Feet:  Slink - Relaxed hands, High feet
Poses:  Aisling - little gift poses at Fantasy Gacha Carnival! (yes, 3 free poses!)
Setting:  Heimili Northern BtB Gorean RP Sim

Lucky Guy

I know that you are all used to seeing me run around in my busty blonde female avatar.  Today is going to be something a little different, thanks to a recent run of what you might call good luck... finding guy stuff!  Since some of the items I found were no transfer, I decided to put them on myself and go with it!  Why not?

Fantasy Gacha Carnival has begun!  Vikings, Pirates, Shinobi, and more... tea houses, rune stones and armor galore!  (Yes, I need more coffee.)  Most of the Gacha machines run about 50L$, though there are some that are 75, 99, or 100, depending on the creator and the items inside.  Normally, the more intricate the pieces being offered, the higher the price.  This amulet, though, was only 25L$ per play, and the items inside are Viking based!

The tunic, belt and pants are all mesh, and I won these in a lucky chair!  They had sets for women and men, and an exclusive Rose color in the MM board.  Not too shabby, and works for medi-fantasy or Gor!

This ultra-long hair (remind you of any of your favorite on-screen characters?) is from Damselfly.  It has a non-rigged piece for on the head, which can be worn alone for a shorter style, and a rigged piece for the super-long ponytail.  The rare ones are the black and brown like the one shown above.

The breakdown:

Hair:  Damselfly - Khal - Tuxedo - 75L$ per play at the Fantasy Gacha CarnivalSkin:  7 Deadly s{K}ins - Judas - Group Gift for February - ALL group gifts are out NOW at the store garden next to the lucky tree!  Join the group, snatch up all of them, and go upstairs to slap the MM board while you're there!
Shape:  My own guy shape!
Eyes:  Mayfly Eyes - Keshie - Liquid Light Eyes - Monet Dusk Shadow - Group Gift in store now! (system and mesh, with glow and full bright options, shaded white options, as well as size options)
Amulet:  BananaN - Viking Amulet - Gorgon Loop - 25L$ per play at Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Outfit:  .:Soul:. - Archer2 Tunic - Black, with Swagger 2 Pants - Black and mesh belt - in lucky chair and MM board now!
Boots:  Surprise!  These mesh boots are already in your inventory!  Created by Jeremiah Linden, these are a part of the new mesh starter avatars.  Find it in your library, under Clothing > Initial Outfits > Vampire Hunter Angus
Location:  Einarinn - Northern by-the-book Gorean role play sim and breathtaking build! 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

surface dwellers beware

It was an accident, pure and simple.  One wrong step that led from light into darkness; one crumbling stone that yielded and broke through into a tunnel meant not for my eyes.  Howling gusts of wind sang warning to my ears, and yet I did not listen.  I tumbled forward, eyes squinting past the blinding darkness as I pushed myself to my feet.  One step, then two, fingers reaching out desperately for guidance as my feet gingerly tapped at the tunnel floor.  Soon, the pale moonlight that shimmered through the opening I had created was too dim to see; too far behind me.  I looked back only for the length of time it took to inhale, and as I turned back around, the exhale was not spent.  Instead, a large, dark hand was clamped over my mouth, pressing lightly to my nostrils and preventing any chance to cry for help.  In the darkness, I could not see my assailant; only his glowing eyes that looked as two embers, burning within his sockets.

He said not a word; and though I could not see his face to know for sure, I could feel him smiling.  He had caught a new toy.  That seemed every bit his intent as I heard something move, and then the world was lost to me.  When I awoke, I wore shackles... and nothing else.  I was in a cage.  As if that were not enough, the cage was within another cage.  Surface dwellers were certainly not welcome within the realm of Qu'ellar d'Renor.

These eyes are so dramatic!  The amount of detail is incredible.

The breakdown:

Location:  Realm of Estara RP sim - Qu'ellar d'Renor cages
On Whisp:
Hair: Tameless - Sybil - Comes in 3 color packs: Naturals with all 30 natural colors, Fades with 30 ombre and tipped colors, and Fantasy with 30 fantasy colors. All colors come as both rooted and non-rooted. Each color pack is $249. The Mega Pack with all colors are $499L.
Skin: Skin-Sation - Blair - Tan (includes appliers) - 99L$
Shape:  Mine!
Eyes: Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eyes - Spring Teal - NEW (thanks!)
Necklace: Pure Poison - Milla Necklace - Group Gift!
Manacles: Soedara - Unisex Manacles - Metal - NEW (thanks!)
Hands & Feet: Slink - high feet (f) and relaxed hands (f)
Mesh Breasts: Lolas - Delicq

On Orgollhrae:
Scars: ..::SAMURAI HQ::.. - Luke Skins Scar 1 and Scar 2
Skin:  >>Aeros Avatar Baenar<< Skin :: graphite :: smooth
Shape:  His!
Eyes:  >>Aeros Avatar Baenar<< Eyes :: rose quartz
Hair Base:  >>Aeros Avatar Baenar<< Hairbase :: icy day
Hair:  Exile::Nothing Else Matters - Naturals - (M)
Clothes:  **[RD]** Bone hunter - Dark**: Belt with kilt
Boots: -The Fallen- *The Chieftain* Tor
Weapons:  [GTS] Viking Dark Axe Sheath Double