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Monday, July 21, 2014

Dark side of New Orleans

It's not Thursday, so I can't call this "Throwback Thursday."  I can tell you I revisited an old haunt and popped in over at Godswar the 100 today!  I ran into a great friend of mine, Petra, and coerced her into posing for me for another post! (Insert much squee here!)

I asked Petra to show me her favorite spot on sim and this is where she took me.  She said if you stand in the middle of the road there, you "look one way, you see Oak Alley, the other, you see that amazing Virginia Oak tree."  Above is a shot of Oak Alley.

Being a sim admin is tough work.  Petra is one of those admin that gave up RP (which breaks my heart because she's such an amazing writer!) in order to handle the admin side of things, helping with power leveling and story telling.  Running a sim takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work!  Though she's not an actual player character in NOLA, she's maintaining an active presence and what a presence it is!

 If you had to imagine some spirit-form wandering about New Orleans, wouldn't this be one you'd rather run into than some from the movies?  It's got the perfect balance of smolder and shiver!

Above:  That amazing Virginia Oak Tree!  Simple things in the distance that look so benign.  But when you get a little closer and see what's really lurking in the darkness...

Above:  The hair is a HAIR FAIR freebie from EMO-tions!  Get it while it's hot!  It's called Medusa, and for good reason!

The breakdown:

On Petra:
AO:  Creative Insanity - Demoness
Hair:   Dura-Girl **18 - Black
Hagoromo (Large floaty scarf):  Silver - by Aii Creations
Skin:  Gauze - Smokey - Quartz
Eyes:  Gauze - Sinful Eyes - Greed
Feet:  +Legacy Cain+
Hands:  DRD - Demon Hands
Tattoo: by Renee Collazo
Face Chain:  May's Soul - Immoe Chain Black
Dress:  Miel - Peasant Dress (be sure to wear panties!!!)
Shadow Aura:  Bright Shadow Avatars & More
On Whisp:
Skin:  Plastik - Ataciara - Lullaby - Swagger - Cleavage
Breasts:  Lolas - Tango - Delicq
Eyes:  Plastik - Haunt - Demona
Tongue: Unsung - Cat-Tongue - Cerberus (I wore left and right to get the forked tongue look)
Hair:  EMO-tions - Medusa - FREE gift at Hair Fair 2014 (Includes head piece and HUD)
Shape:  Mine!
Horns:  Deluxe Body Factory - Beelzebub Horns
Face Tattoo:  Plastik - Soul Ink - Law
Outfit:  Tameless - Dark Cabaret (includes boots and accessories) - $99L The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair

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