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Monday, July 14, 2014

2014 Relay for Life Hair Fair has begun!

And I started off at Platinum to take a look around at some of the offerings.  I ended up with a lot of demos, and a couple of gifts, too!  Here are a couple of the free gifts from Iconic...

Above and Below: FIRSTLADY hair shown in Cafe colors.  Comes with several HUDs to choose your colors from, that also has a resizer to adjust the hair.

This has a really pretty wind-swept look to it.  Great for modeling, or for trying to get that blowout look without having super-long locks.

Above:  FIRSTMS, also in the cafe colors.  A lot like FIRSTLADY, only a shorter version with a little more flip to it.  Chic and sassy, with a lot of class.  Hair bases are included!

The breakdown:

Hair:  ICONIC - FIRSTLADY and FIRSTMS - Cafes - FREE at Hair Fair!
Skin:  Heartsick - Solstice - Aeon Redux - Olive - MC/DB
Shape:  Mine!
Eyes:  Plastik - VaeColl - Remnant
Feet:  Slave - Barefoot - Tiptoes - FREE
Nipples:  Nearly Tactile - Buxom - Femme
Outfit:  Luas - Redemption Jewels - Green

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