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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Do What You Want

Whatever world is being talked about... the Virtual one or the Tangible one, people struggle with choosing the right path.  Why?  We feel compelled to do things to gain the approval of others.  Today's post is about forsaking that impossible goal and choosing your own destiny based on your own desires.  ESPECIALLY in Second Life!  This is a world of fantasy and make-believe, where the laws and rules of society can be bent and broken to mold your own dreams for your character.  You can be literally, almost ANYTHING in SL!  Be an animal, a plant, a vampire!  Explore your sexuality, your creativity, your ability to engineer and design great things!  Find your muse and write ~ there are hundreds of role play sims that offer the opportunity to create interactive stories with hundreds upon thousands of other players looking for that same kind of stimulation.

That's why, when I got this outfit in a blog pack and thought, "Whisp wouldn't wear that.." I had to stop and ask myself, "Why not?"

It's appropriately named "Do What U Want," and is sassy, spunky and for SL, just the right amount of slutty!  It comes with appliers, though, as you all know, I don't use them.  What I did do, though, is put on a skin that I don't usually wear but fit this look really well, custom-made a shape for this look.  Just look at that collar bone!  I put on some shoes from a previous [Room69] event and came up with this...

Yep, that's tape you see covering her lovely lady goods.  No pants; no skirts... tape!  Talk about getting it waxed!  The details on this fabric are fantastic, and if you have materials enabled, you will see what I mean!  The dress comes in a variety of colors (7 if I remember correctly?) and rather than stick with the basic black, I thought I'd go for something more fun today.

Now, when thinking about naughty play, fantasies and fetishes, one needs to consider the hairstyle as part of the look just as much as those crazy high platform stilettos in the first picture.  This style is perfect for good girls going naughty, and is a new release from Tameless.  Shown here in the fantasy series, it comes in a vast range of colors with a HUD to control your choices of hair and bows.  Beautiful mesh work and I love the bangs!

These pale blue eyes are a gift from Mayfly.  They have several sample eyes out for free so you can get an idea of how their mesh eye system works.  All of the eye styles that are "demo" or free are in this color called London Fog.

The breakdown:

Hair:  Tameless - Petunia - Fantasy - NEW RELEASE (Thanks!)
Skin:  Skin-Sation - Zara - Tan - CL
Shape:  Mine!
Eyes:  Mayfly - Liquid Light Eyes - London Fog - FREE
Eyelashes:  Ploom - Feather Mascara - prim lashes
Outfit:  Hot Stuff - Do What U Want - Fushia (Comes with appliers for top and bottom!) - NEW RELEASE (Thanks!)
Shoes:  Forbidden Butterfly - Platform Heels - Snake

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