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Monday, February 3, 2014

Everywhere, they stop and stare. I'm just a stranger on this road.

Two posts in a day!  Ambitious?  Not really... unless SL is acting up and not letting things rez!  Like today.

Back to Lost Vegas I went, and everyone there was super helpful and patient (as always).  Harvest was my escort again, and though I could cam and drool all day long over that guy, I had my own agenda to stick to.  Have a look!

Above and below:  Okay, so the heels might be just a little too high to realistically be playing a Highwayman here.  This outfit was just so cool, though, and includes the thigh holster and gun!  The hat is separate, but works so well for this setting.

I love this skin!  It comes with the cleavage as an option.  With a peekaboo top like this, why not flaunt it?  Panda Punx also has a matching shape to go with it, but I felt it just a little bit too pouty to wear for this look.

Above and below:  Not my first run-in with a Scarecrow... but my first actual run-in with a Raider!  He's so creepy-cool!  What drew my eyes the most was all of the detail.  The jacket is so realistically done, and that wild hair!  I wouldn't want to run into him in a dark alley, but I couldn't help but hide in the alley myself to creeper stare and take pictures!

Of course I have to wonder what the shovel is for....

The breakdown:

On Whisp:
Skin: Panda Punx - Maddie - Lovestruck - Sunkissed - CL - [Room69]
Shape: My own
Eyes: Plastik - Haunt - Lyahra
Hair: Eater's Coma - Group Gift 03 - Light Sandy Blonde
Outfit: Tameless - Wanted - Steel
Hat: Admiral Spicy - old [Room69] item - store closed :(

On Grime:
Deco: Alphamale skin (vampire)
Deco: Mesh harness boots (ashphalt
Deco: Mesh Peacemaker Duster male (dirt)
Deco: Shifty hair set (Coal)
Deco: Slinbelt (black)
Hermony: Cigarette
Clemm: Fract eyes Bloodshot
DRD: Filthyshovel (Part of Torned-full outfit)
Fallngore: Ripped Cheek
Razorblade: Dealer gloves (part of Timberlake outfit)
Repulse: Head shot
Repulse: Open chest wound
Tabou Irrestible: Sewn Bad az (MOG2 rare gacha)
Tonktastic: Paratrooper fatigues [Battleship grey]
Corvus: Bloody Hand tattoo

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