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Thursday, January 23, 2014

A little pleasure... a little terror...

Hello again, all!  As I said before, I'm doing a whole series of posts on a really cool and hopping sim called Lost Vegas: a Godswar Roleplay.  Since I just can't seem to stop my addiction to shopping for stuff in SL, either, I'm blending them together for a whole bundle of fun.

This time, I have some really cool surprises for you!  First off, let me show you Whisp's look this time... fresh out of the gorean room and the Fantasy Collective, a drool-worthy collaboration!

This Camisk set is a beautiful mesh item found at the gorean room this round.  Perfect for a gorgeous slave!  Now, I know most people outside of SL immediately think of pre-civil war slavery when they hear that term.  Inside SL, when people hear slave or slavery, the first thought generally runs to gorean or to those tacky silks, leashes and nadu aos.  This sim has a really different look on slavery and the slave trade.  While there is the possibility of the sexual aspect to it, it's not a sim where you can just be captured and forced into being someone's whore.  No; here, slaves are willing submissives.  They submit themselves entirely with a lot more in mind than just orgies and running around naked.  It's a refreshing look at a story line that can be played out tactfully and with a lot of fun!

 Above:  Slaves aren't necessarily treated poorly, either.  The slaves in the Bellagio, for example, are treated very well and highly valued.  The Talena, created of Astarte, are especially valuable.  From the lore: "First generation created are often passed from one God to another as a 'gift.'  The Talena are famous for their passionate slavery, and a few of the others consider it quite the honor to be owned by a God or Goddess.  It is only on the rarest occasions that someone other than a God be gifted with one... the person receiving the godchild as their own is quite special indeed."

This skin was a gacha find at the Fantasy Collective.  It came with a shape (not shown) and these matching mesh feet.  Not a bad deal at all!

When looking for the Talena, you don't go to the brothel.  You go to the Bellagio!  Just watch for the fantastic building shown above.  Gorgeous water jet fountains, a beautiful little nature setting, and a majestic building in and of itself!

Above & Below:  Every time I visit Lost Vegas, I meet a new god of the lore.  So far, even though they are evil IC, they've all been wonderful!  Harvest, who plays a god undercover by the name of Taylor Lespool, is the god of Nightmares and Fear.  Taylor is so delicious, though, that I had to get some pictures!

Beware of his true nature, though...

 Harvest is indeed fearsome, and the darkness itself worships him, trying to pull him in close every time he slips away to torment the sleeping souls of the weary.  I certainly wouldn't want to see this guy in my dreams!

The breakdown:

Skin - Bite & Claw - Fleur - Petal - Gacha @ the Fantasy Collective (includes shape and mesh feet)
Camisk - Luas - Celeste - White @ the gorean room (includes standard shapes, bangles, belt and necklace)
Eyes - Ikon - Promise - Fjord with HUD and system eyes - Group Gift! 0L$ in store!
Hair - Truth - Parisia - Roots - Honey

Taylor Lespool:
Lapointe and Bastchild - Men's "Biker" Boot
.Birdy. - Damon Skin ~Dusk~
[INK] - Hair__MOAT - Coal
[VIRTUAL INSANITY] -- Lucky Stroke Ciggue (Gacha 2 - Indigo)
::Fe Style:: - Facial Hair/Beard 2Ed - 02
IKON Promise Eyes - Quicksilver (M)
SUGAR -- Costello Jacket Shirt & Tie (M)
SUGAR -- M Mens MESH Trousers
THESKINSHOP - -- (10) (EYEBROWS) "Suave" (Black)

Hoorenbeek -- Riding Boots
Floyd's Body Shop -- Rape Tentacles
Aii - The Ugly and Beautiful -- Pull of Darkness Magic Aura
Little Britian Designs - The Chatterer

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