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Monday, December 9, 2013

Should've worn a coat!

A few of my favorite stores have shops set up at the 2013 Relay for Life Christmas Expo, so naturally, I had to go look!  Probably should have dressed more for the occasion; but I just got these adorable gifts and had to wear them!

Above:  I love the way the Favourite Genes shop is set up.  The theme of this year's Expo is very Victorian in style, and so is the shop here.  Great spot to show off the great gifts I grabbed from Eater's Coma!  The mesh dress can be worn as shown, or just as the skirt.  The hair has the wire ears attached, and comes in an assortment of colors.

This tattoo is from Zentro, the December release for [Room69].  They always have something really unique out for the event, and didn't disappoint this month, either!

Above:  Taking a minute to rest at the Liv Glam shop, here at the Christmas Expo.  Liv Glam, like the other shops here, have exclusive items out for the RFL event.  All proceeds go directly to the RFL.

There is a lot going on at the event, including raffles, auctions, naughty-or-nice gifts, and a Hunt for the Bells, where each participating store puts out an exclusive item for only 10L$.  Of course, donation kiosks offer the opportunity to donate what you can while you visit.  It's a beautifully done set of sims, with a lot of amazing designers.  There is an ice skating rink, Christmas tree lot, live DJ, and an entire area dedicated to Breedables.  What better reason to shop, too, than to support a good cause?  Come pay a visit, grab some free stuff, visit Santa, and support the RFL!

The Breakdown:

Skin/Shape: Panda Punx - [Room69] - 69L$
Hair and Dress: Eater's Coma - Group Gifts - 0L$ at store
Tattoo: Zentro -  [Room69] - 69L$
Shoes: Latreia - Dragon - [Room69] - 69L$

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