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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Goddess caged in a human body... what to do but wander Rome?

A lovely SL lady named Wanda gave me a link to a unique group of sims called Alexandretta, which made for the perfect backdrop for these shots.  Not everything in this set is free; but they are all amazing!  Have a peek...

This amazing purple (which is a symbol for royalty in some cultures) outfit is all prim, with resizer scripts in case something doesn't sit exactly where it should.  There's just enough flex to the skirts to make it sway nicely with your steps and the top is sculpted with just the right curves for a woman.  Accessories are included in luxurious gold and turquoise, and the sandals, too.  Stop in and have a look, and make sure you tell Tam that I sent ya!

Above:  Lamenting over what to do with all this time and the constrictions of a human form.  What a form to be stuck in, though!

The skin, shape, brows, and physics are from Panda Punx, available at the current round of [Room69].  The event is only a few weeks at a time, making this set very limited!  Appliers are available; but I am a firm believer that you can get amazing, lush curves without adding all of the mesh attachments (sorry creators!).  This shape is an excellent example of that.  These hips would give Shakira reason to envy!

Above:  You can see the belt, sandals, bracelets a little more clearly here.

See what I mean?  Luscious curves in all the right places!  And this skirt absolutely teases with its low-slung back, draping in a naughty way.

This ultra-long mesh braid comes in multiple colors (you get the HUD, then click the color you want delivered to you) as a group gift from Eater's Coma.  This store is hot, and gaining popularity by the droves!  With 2 mesh hairs and a mesh dress & skirt out as group gifts right now, word's going to spread like wildfire!

The breakdown:

Skin/Shape: Panda Punx - Anyka - Star - Bronze (Cleavage option shown) with Anyka shape - [Room69] - 69L$ each
Hair: Eater's Coma - Gift 03 - Light Sandy Blonde - Group Gift - 0L$ in store
Eyes:  Plastik - T.P. - Malon - base and mesh
Outfit: Tamiron Forge - Aphrodite - Purple (Thanks!)

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