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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Getting ready for Christmas morning...

While I was getting the last post ready, I wandered around Tamiron Forge and swept up the gifts that he has out across the stores.  I made out like a bandit, to be honest!  There are some really amazing items for the guys; but since Whisp is not a guy, I thought I'd show you this cute outfit that you can grab up for FREE.  It's only available until the end of December, so go take a look now!

 The outfit is the cute little green and red number you see here.  It comes with the Christmas bauble earrings, too!  Perfect for Christmas morning adventures in the living room!  You can see, above, that a cup of hot cocoa by the fireplace is adventure enough, sometimes....

The house that Whisp is sitting in is available for a limited time at [Room69].  It's unfurnished, with working doors and shutters.  It's called Viridian from Home Appeal, and comes with a rez-box.  From the informational note card included: "It exists of 2 parts and totals 79 prims with a landimpact of 44, the footprint is about 13 x 26 meters."  There are verandas off the upper floor, so you can stand outside and enjoy the view.  The Christmas Tree is a mesh gift from DaD.  It has a Land Impact of 3, and a resizer in it so you can make it larger/smaller to fit your needs.  Fireplace was from Independent Objects, a gift out for the RFL Christmas Expo.

I saw that.  You were checking out my hair, weren't you?  It's a Tameless release called Lotus.  Mesh, with a HUD for texture change, it comes in Fades (16 ombre and tipped colors), Naturals (20 natural colors), and Fantasy (20 fantasy colors) color sets.  Color packs are 249L$, or buy them all for only 499L$!

The Breakdown:

Hair:  Tameless - Lotus - Fades - New Release (thanks!)
Skin/Shape:  Favourite Genes - Cassidy - Natural - Gacha Rare - 35L$
Eyes:  Favourite Genes - Warm Eyes - Earth - New Release Coming Soon (thanks!)
Outfit:  Tamiron Forge - Gift 10 - FREE in store!  Find the gift boxes!
House:  Home Appeal - Viridian - [Room69] - 69L$
Tree: DaD - Gift - 0L$
Fireplace: Independent Objects - Gift - 0L$

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