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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A little medi-fantasy, anyone?

There are a lot of new RP sims opening in Second Life right now.  You can take your pick between a variety of genres, time periods, metered or non, and a whole gamut of character types to go along with them.  I decided to visit one that I'd heard about through the Medi-Fantasy Events and Information Group, called Skyrah.

Skyrah is an alternate world, torn apart by war and trying to rebuild.  According to their charter, they are "torn into four realms by the tides of war trying to restore the balances of good and evil, the living and the dead, and everyone in between."

They allow a variety of different character types, and you can visit the sim to take a look as long as you wear a visitor tag and don't interfere with the RP.  So, I geared up and went for a look myself.  Of course, I had to find just the right outfit to wear, and get the look down.  So, while you'll get to see part of the sim here, it's mostly going to show you (of course) what I was wearing!  If you want to see more of the sim,  you'll have to go and pay it a visit yourself!

 Above:  You can see the full outfit that I decided to wear from Tamiron Forge.  It's called Jhari, and shows just what kind of a warrior you'd be messing with if you wanted to come after her.  She's apparently taken on some kind of fearsome, furry creature, and kept the claws and fur for herself.  Waste not, want not!

 Lots of prim detail went into this, as always with [TF] designs.  It also includes a hood, not shown here.  Only the top and stockings are System layers.  Prim parts have resizers in them so you can adjust.  Most of the good RP sims out there are trying to keep their script usage down to reduce lag; so you might want to adjust them perfectly before you go, then delete the scripts to keep your own number down.

Wearing fur, walking around at night... must be a brisk evening!  I got the flushed face tattoo as a gift!  Details in the breakdown for where to find it.

The Breakdown:

Hair: Analog Dog - Gala - Shea
Eyes: IKON - Spectral Eyes - Leonine - mesh VIP Group Gift - 0L$ in store!
Skin & Shape:  Panda Punx - Anyka {Star} Bronze (Cleavage) - 69L$ at [Room69] (appliers available)
Tattoos: {FG} Full body Freckles and {FG} Flushed Face - Gifts under the Christmas tree - 0L$ in store!
Outfit: [TF] - Jhari - 398L$ in store (Thanks!)  Tam also has some great gifts out for Christmas for a limited time.  Now is a GREAT time to go have a look around and pick up goodies!  You can also get some really great group gifts while you're there.  Group join is only 10L$.

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