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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Savage Beauty

During my time in SL, I have had the privilege of meeting a lot of really cool designers.  I do my best not to go all "fangirl" on them; but sometimes I just get so excited and full of squee that I can't help myself!

RP has led me to cross paths with one such designer, who creates amazing items for a place called Tamiron Forge.  He was so kind as to pass me this outfit (since I've been on this gorean kick lately!) that you can find out at the store.  It's called Savage Beauty.

Above, you can see all of the prim work that went into this outfit.  Arm cuffs, bracers, ankle bands, head band, necklace and even the belt have the salvaged teeth and claws from a run-in with a rather large and furry beast.  You can still see the blood on some of them!
 This comes with a fur shirt and skirt.  The belt has the paws with claws still in tact.  Don't waste any of it!  Was this the weapon used to save her life and give her the clothing she now wears?

Above:  You can see the teeth on the necklace, and bloodied claws that were saved.


Savage Beauty outfit:  Tamiron Forge
Skin: {FG} - Vivica - Wildling
Eyes: Plastik - Haunt - the Evil Room
Hair: dD - Shola - Onyx - Savoir Hair
Prim Feet: SLink - Jolie Pied - bare feet
Setting: Kaiya Islands Africa - Land for Rent!

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