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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Overto Omonto ~ Creepicool Mesh Art!

I don't only like to blog about fashion; though I always end up sticking something in there about it, no matter where I go.  I found this really great build in the Destination Guide, and thought I'd go check it out.  It's called Overto Omonto, and definitely visit-worthy.

 Above:  Found this guy walking about the flora on stilts.  I'd say he was looking back at me; but I think his vision is blocked by that eye cover.
 Above:  Okay, the obligatory fashion shot... 
Skin:  Goddess - Laura - Dimples - Cleavage - Sunkissed for the SYSP November event (99L$)
Hair:  Tameless - Tilly - Naturals - New Release!
Mesh Outfit: Tameless - Perdita - New Release! (yes, like the dalmation)
The skin comes in Sunkissed or Milk, with cleavage options, dimples options, leg bow options.
Above:  Peering back at me from within the water... not sure who this is or once was; but I'm sure this fella will be appearing in someone's dreams tonight!

It's a great build, overall, if a bit creepy to walk through.  Make sure you use the Region Lighting, and keep your draw distance at around 100 at least.  I usually keep mine at 32; but it pays to be able to see the full thing.

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