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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

On the Hunt

For all of you out there who enjoy RPG's, you know as well as I do that not all sims are based on medi-fantasy genres.  There are some out there that are a bit more futuristic; sci-fi, even.  Time to pay homage!

Above:  Taking a moment to pause.  Even bounty hunters need a break now and then.  This outfit comes from Tamiron Forge, aptly called Lorna - Huntress.  It's mostly mesh, with different sizes or resizers, alphas, and a ton of detailed prim-work.  The weapons (and she's loaded with em!) are for show only, so those of you who want metered combat will have to go grab some, or learn how to script them yourself!  It's a complete outfit, including the boots!  All you need now is the body...

 Above:  The body is NEW for the December [Room69] event.  It's called Hadleigh - Cocoa - Blush from Favourite Genes.  You get a choice of skins (blush, watermelon, or stitched), copy/mod shape (including one made specifically for phat azz appliers), brows, physics, and appliers for Lolas, Phat Azz, Loud Mouth, and SLink.  The hair is a new release from Tameless.  It's mesh and comes in Fantasy or Naturals, with a Lolas version in case you're not wanting your hair to stick through your implants.

(Here, you can see the shotgun shells on the belt, the rope, and the back of the hair.)

Above:  Looking out to Elysium City, a new RP sim for those looking to explore more sci-fi type RP.  Description from their note card reads: "Elysium City  is a Sci-fi role playing sim. The city is a dystopian and set in the future. Humanity has colonized other worlds but the large bureaucracy and long distance between planets of this emerging Human Empire has left many worlds at the mercy of Mega-Corporations that set their own rules and feudal systems of rule. The city evokes a sense of despair and conflict and gives the characters a variety of interesting settings to roleplay within.The dynamic roleplay is primarily driven by the creative players with occasional story lines run by the staff."


The Breakdown:

Outfit: Tamiron Forge: Lorna - Huntress (Thanks!) - includes accessories!
Hair: Tameless - Charlize - Naturals (Thanks!)
Skin/Shape: Favourite Genes - Hadleigh - Cocoa - [Room69] - 69L$
Eyes: Omega Point - Cyber Prim Eye (Yes, it's the same set of eyes in all of the pics.  They're animated!)
Setting: Elysium City

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