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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

M'Lady in the tavern? What will people say?

A recent visit to the Gorean Room has me reeling with all of the amazing stuff to be found!  There are so many amazing outfits there, RP tools (soup anyone?), and so much more.  Heck, I even found myself wishing Whisp was a male av at one point!  So... my next couple of blog posts are going to be focusing on what you can find at this round of the Gorean Room!

Here, a beautiful mesh gown that's perfect for a variety of RP genres.  I love the simplicity of it, and the true-to-period design.  It comes with a modesty layer (the back has a plunging cut that would show quite a bit of backside for those who choose to be a bit more risque) and, of course, alpha layer and sizes.

Pose: .ploom. Hymn 3
Dress: Lorien - Lady Marian - Gorean Room event 70L$
Hair: Truth - Parisa w/Roots
Eyes: the Plastik - Oni-Magicka-Em (mesh)
Skin: Tuli - Helena 04
Taken at Zolio RP sim

The Gorean Room is an event that occurs every 15 days, with some really amazing designers coming together to offer events geared toward medieval or gorean style role play for 50-70L$.  There are always amazing items there, for men, women, and general RP.

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