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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's FREE!

If you've been checking out my blog at all, as in ever, really, ever, then you know that I'm all about finding discounts and free items.  This post is featuring items that I got FREE, either as Group Gifts (with zero group join cost) or in Lucky Boards or Subscribers.

It's very rare that I go visit a store and am seriously (no, seriously) impressed with the build.  Usually, it's your pixel-brick-and-mortar type store with shelves, displays, hangers, and the like.  Those are all fine and good.  This one, though, took my breath away.  It has such a "Tomb Raider" feel to it!  I wanted to scale walls, jump across ruins and discover lost tunnels and treasures.  It's called 6DOO.  I found it while on the hunt for some great elf ears!

 Above:  Once you pass through the doorway of light, you come to the ruins, complete with columns, statuesque faces that have been pulled apart like puzzle pieces (perhaps they were!), large almost-hidden gears and passageways.
 On my way to 6DOO, I stopped at Lua's to check out the 25L$ Tuesday sale, and grabbed some gifts from some of the stores there.  Tentacio had a great Subscriber gift of boots and a necklace with its own tiny bird cage and bird (shown above).  May's Soul had a Subscriber gift, too, of the outfit (called a camisk in the gor world), including the belt you see here.  What kind of girl walks around without taking something yummy to munch on during her travels, anyway?  Cupcakes, berries, chocolate, and more!
 The skin and eyes were Lucky Board wins at Favourite Genes (Boards are Group only).  The hair was a 3 year anniversary Group Gift from Dura (who, by the way, makes some of the BEST male hair in SL if you ask me).  Group join fee is 0L$ for both!
 Taking in the wonder of this place... wow... using a pose from Axix.  This is called "Summer Free" and is a Group Gift.
 What good would it be to visit 6DOO and not show you anything you can get there?  These really cool, really detailed Sheep Grafting Horns are out as a Group Gift.
Just look at that detail!  Perfect for your role play needs, or just for looking awesome.

The breakdown:

Skin: Favourite Genes - Vivica - Wildling - FREE in Lucky Board (multiple skins, shape, brows, physics included)
Eyes: Favourite Genes - Nocturne - White - FREE in Lucky Board
Pose: Axix - Summer Free - FREE Group Gift
Boots & Necklace: Tentacio - FREE Subscriber Gift
Camisk and Belt: May's Soul - FREE Subscriber Gift
Hair: Dura - 3 year anniversary hair - Dk. Brown - FREE Group Gift
Horns: 6DOO - Sheep Grafting Horn - FREE Group Gift

See, you can look fantastic, no matter how old (or young) your av is.  You just have to find the right places and the whole virtual world opens up to you!  Thanks for your support!  See you next time.

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