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Monday, November 11, 2013

How did I end up here?

For those of you who like to role play and are looking for something a bit different, you probably are tired of seeing the same old thing.  Most places are either gorean, medi-fantasy, or heavy combat meter fighting.  A couple of my friends have recently joined up in a sim that's the prequel (yeah, you read that right) to New Babylon (c).  It's called Lost Vegas (c) and it's got a great storyline, and is a really cool build, too.  It was a great backdrop for some pictures.  I had to narrow it down to a couple, or I could've made this post go on for miles!

 Above:  Entering the City after walking through the desert.  The sim itself is built to show several different areas.  There are Raiders, Outlanders, Highwaymen, Townees, even gods and demi-gods.  Of course, they don't want everyone trying to be an uber-powerful character, so gods are restricted roles.  It's a land where everyone has to struggle, salvage, and scrape their way by.  It's the futuristic Wild West, where you have to face the challenges of survival in the wilderness and desert; but with a twist, where you have to face the supernatural powers around you as well.  Sound like fun?  Check it out here!

So, the entire reason that I went looking for a good backdrop was to showcase these really cool items that YOU can pick up, too!

Skin/Shape:  Favourite Genes - Bonnie - SYSP November round - 99L$ Comes with appliers for Lolas Tango, SLink Hands and SLink Feet.  The shape is curvy enough, you may just decide you don't need the Lolas -or- Phat Azz appliers!
Hair:  Tameless - Kirsten - Naturals - New Release! (thanks!)
Eyes: Favourite Genes - Weathered Eyes - Ink - SYSP November Round
Outfit (including boots): Tameless - Bad to the Bone Outfit - Mesh top, system jeans, mesh boots and wristbands - New Release!  (thanks!)
Eye Makeup:  Favourite Genes - Exotica Eyes - part of Beauty Assortment - FREE
Lashes: .ploom. - Feather Mascara - part of Harlowe Nightshade group gift
Headband: Baubles! by Phe - Tiger's Claw Statement Hairband - New Release! (thanks!)
Necklace/Belly Piercing: Tara - Leaves and Copper
Poses: Pr!tty - Simple poses

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