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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dollarbie at the [plastik] and gifts at Analog Dog

My dear, tiny, waifish and sad-eyed friend, Lani, helped me out today when we visited Snatch City.  Snatch is having a huge sale right now with most items up to 50% off, including a HUGE selection of mesh items.

Before we took advantage of the Snatch City's photogenic streets, Lani had gone and picked up a couple of freebies and a great dollarbie from the :[plastik]:.  I said, "I have to blog that!" So, here goes...

 Above and below:  
Mesh hair with color change HUD - Analog Dog Free Ball - Pop Scotch (includes hair bases)
Skin - Mojo - old group gift - Meda
Mesh Corset - :[plastik]: - Camilla ~ Find this in the gift box as part of the dollarbie!
Necklace - :[plastik]: - Krysis Cord (with color change HUD) ~ Find this in the gift box, too!
Mesh Pants - :[plastik]: - Soren Skinnies - black ~ Also in the gift box!
Leather Sculpted Boots - In Her Shoes - FREE!
Eyes - Favourite Genes - Reflective 3
Itty-Bitty-But-Oh-So-Pretty Shape - Her own!

More goodness to come!  Thanks for your support.

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