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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

On the Hunt

For all of you out there who enjoy RPG's, you know as well as I do that not all sims are based on medi-fantasy genres.  There are some out there that are a bit more futuristic; sci-fi, even.  Time to pay homage!

Above:  Taking a moment to pause.  Even bounty hunters need a break now and then.  This outfit comes from Tamiron Forge, aptly called Lorna - Huntress.  It's mostly mesh, with different sizes or resizers, alphas, and a ton of detailed prim-work.  The weapons (and she's loaded with em!) are for show only, so those of you who want metered combat will have to go grab some, or learn how to script them yourself!  It's a complete outfit, including the boots!  All you need now is the body...

 Above:  The body is NEW for the December [Room69] event.  It's called Hadleigh - Cocoa - Blush from Favourite Genes.  You get a choice of skins (blush, watermelon, or stitched), copy/mod shape (including one made specifically for phat azz appliers), brows, physics, and appliers for Lolas, Phat Azz, Loud Mouth, and SLink.  The hair is a new release from Tameless.  It's mesh and comes in Fantasy or Naturals, with a Lolas version in case you're not wanting your hair to stick through your implants.

(Here, you can see the shotgun shells on the belt, the rope, and the back of the hair.)

Above:  Looking out to Elysium City, a new RP sim for those looking to explore more sci-fi type RP.  Description from their note card reads: "Elysium City  is a Sci-fi role playing sim. The city is a dystopian and set in the future. Humanity has colonized other worlds but the large bureaucracy and long distance between planets of this emerging Human Empire has left many worlds at the mercy of Mega-Corporations that set their own rules and feudal systems of rule. The city evokes a sense of despair and conflict and gives the characters a variety of interesting settings to roleplay within.The dynamic roleplay is primarily driven by the creative players with occasional story lines run by the staff."


The Breakdown:

Outfit: Tamiron Forge: Lorna - Huntress (Thanks!) - includes accessories!
Hair: Tameless - Charlize - Naturals (Thanks!)
Skin/Shape: Favourite Genes - Hadleigh - Cocoa - [Room69] - 69L$
Eyes: Omega Point - Cyber Prim Eye (Yes, it's the same set of eyes in all of the pics.  They're animated!)
Setting: Elysium City

We'll never be Royals...

Even with old, beat up pickups and wastelands around us, we can pretend.  "You can call me Queen Bee, and baby I'll rule. Let me live that fantasy."

What better for Royals to wear than gold?  Head over to the new round at [Room69] on December 1st, and you'll find this great dress there in a variety of colors.  The event is at a new location this time, so make sure you use the NEW landmark.

Accessories:  Baubles by Phe - Estate hairband
Dress: J & A Rock Culture - V Cut Strapless Dress - Antique Gold - [Room69] December 1st! (69L$)
Hair: Tameless - Viviana - Naturals - New Release! (thanks!)

Body: Skin & Shape - Favourite Genes - Fiona - Peach - Plain - New Release/Group Gift 0L$ (thanks!)
Eyes: Favourite Genes - Nocturne - White - Group Lucky Board 0L$
Hair: Tameless - Viviana

Above:  What good is a gown with no shoes?  These strappy, gold-studded shoes were a great choice to finish this out, even if it did expose tender toes to the rough surroundings.

Shoes: Al-Hanna - Denise Heels - Black - New Release - mesh with color variety and HUD

Thanks for your support, everyone!  See you again really soon with more goodies.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Black Event at the Wash is ON!

It's that time, folks!  The 2013 Black Event cart sale at the Wash is back, and in full swing!  There are so many vendors with amazing items for 10 or 50L$ ~ but that's not all!  There's also a "Behind the 8 Ball" Hunt going on there, too!  You look for the 8 balls lying around here and there, and find a free gift inside from various vendors.  This is by far one of my favorite annual events in SL, sponsored by FabFree and Hell Bop.  Definitely worth having a look!  I snatched up quite a lot of goodies, and made sure I only took a -little- bit of L$ with me so I wouldn't go nuts (which is easy to do there).

I went through the Destination Guide to find a great place to take the pictures and showcase these items that I found.  I didn't want to lag anyone else out at the B.E. while having my graphics turned up (draw distance can kill people with slower systems), so I found a sim called Pangloss.  It's dreamy and surreal, exactly what I like to explore!

 Above and below:  This was the group gift from Dark Water Designs.  They gave out a unisex item that has a mesh hooded jacket and system pants.  The hood didn't work so well with hair, so I just put on some bangs from Analog Dog and ran with it.

Outfit: Dark Water Designs - 0L$ at Black Event
Skin: Ploom - Maia - Cream - Snow - 95L$ at My Attic (the Deck)
Shape: External Appearance - Braylynn - 0L$ at Black Event
Bangs: Mad Bangs - Analog Dog

 Yes, I am standing on a whale, floating in the sky!  If that's not epic awesomeness, I don't know what is.

 Above and below:  Using the free pose I picked up the other day from Axix, having a blast soaring through the sky on my new whale friend.

 The Breakdown for above 2 pics and 1 below:
Shape: External Appearances - Braylynn - 0L$ at the Black Event
Skin: Idiosyncracy - Pale - Snowflake - 95L$ at My Attic (the Deck)
Hair: Dura - Halloween Gift - Dark Grey - 0L$ group gift in store
Outfit: The Little Bat - Basic Black Dress - 0L$ at the Black Event
Pose: Axix - Summer Free - 0L$ group gift in store

Above and below:
Hair: Dura - Halloween Gift - Dark Gray - 0L$ group gift in store
Skin: YS & YS - Milena Light
Scarf: 6DOO Skinny Lace Scarf - Black - 0L$ group gift in store
Lipstick & Boots: Aeva//Heartsick - Mischief Boots and Silver Lipstick - 0L$ at Black Event
Outfit: The Little Bat - Basic Black Dress - 0L$ at Black Event
Shape: External Appearances - Braylynn - 0L$ at Black Event
Eyes: YS & YS - Magnetic Ice

Above: So, this one I didn't take at Pangloss.  I had some great textures that were begging to be shown off; so I went "home" and used them on the walls/floor.

Pose: Diesel Works - Aurora 9
Blindfold: Curious Kitties Eye Cover (tinted it black... used to be in store, not sure if it still is!)
Luggage: Ear Candy - Black and Gray Satchel - 0L$ at Black Event
Mesh Pants: MASH Fashion - Boa Pants - 0L$ at Black Event
Shirt: Aaric's Design - Only if You Dare - 0L$ at Black Event
Scarf: 6DOO - Skinny Lace Scarf - Black - 0L$ group gift in store
Hair: Dura - 3 year hair - dark gray - 0L$ group gift in store
Lipstick: Aeva//Heartsick - Licorice Lips - 0L$ at Black Event
Textures on wall and floor: Timeless Textures - Neolithic Black #10 (wall) and #2 (floor) - 0L$ for set of 10 at Black Event

I have so much more great stuff to sort through and file neatly away in folders in my inventory.  I'll try to keep you posted as to what other great items there are!  Better yet, go check for yourself!  The event isn't on forever, you know!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Savage Beauty

During my time in SL, I have had the privilege of meeting a lot of really cool designers.  I do my best not to go all "fangirl" on them; but sometimes I just get so excited and full of squee that I can't help myself!

RP has led me to cross paths with one such designer, who creates amazing items for a place called Tamiron Forge.  He was so kind as to pass me this outfit (since I've been on this gorean kick lately!) that you can find out at the store.  It's called Savage Beauty.

Above, you can see all of the prim work that went into this outfit.  Arm cuffs, bracers, ankle bands, head band, necklace and even the belt have the salvaged teeth and claws from a run-in with a rather large and furry beast.  You can still see the blood on some of them!
 This comes with a fur shirt and skirt.  The belt has the paws with claws still in tact.  Don't waste any of it!  Was this the weapon used to save her life and give her the clothing she now wears?

Above:  You can see the teeth on the necklace, and bloodied claws that were saved.


Savage Beauty outfit:  Tamiron Forge
Skin: {FG} - Vivica - Wildling
Eyes: Plastik - Haunt - the Evil Room
Hair: dD - Shola - Onyx - Savoir Hair
Prim Feet: SLink - Jolie Pied - bare feet
Setting: Kaiya Islands Africa - Land for Rent!

It's FREE!

If you've been checking out my blog at all, as in ever, really, ever, then you know that I'm all about finding discounts and free items.  This post is featuring items that I got FREE, either as Group Gifts (with zero group join cost) or in Lucky Boards or Subscribers.

It's very rare that I go visit a store and am seriously (no, seriously) impressed with the build.  Usually, it's your pixel-brick-and-mortar type store with shelves, displays, hangers, and the like.  Those are all fine and good.  This one, though, took my breath away.  It has such a "Tomb Raider" feel to it!  I wanted to scale walls, jump across ruins and discover lost tunnels and treasures.  It's called 6DOO.  I found it while on the hunt for some great elf ears!

 Above:  Once you pass through the doorway of light, you come to the ruins, complete with columns, statuesque faces that have been pulled apart like puzzle pieces (perhaps they were!), large almost-hidden gears and passageways.
 On my way to 6DOO, I stopped at Lua's to check out the 25L$ Tuesday sale, and grabbed some gifts from some of the stores there.  Tentacio had a great Subscriber gift of boots and a necklace with its own tiny bird cage and bird (shown above).  May's Soul had a Subscriber gift, too, of the outfit (called a camisk in the gor world), including the belt you see here.  What kind of girl walks around without taking something yummy to munch on during her travels, anyway?  Cupcakes, berries, chocolate, and more!
 The skin and eyes were Lucky Board wins at Favourite Genes (Boards are Group only).  The hair was a 3 year anniversary Group Gift from Dura (who, by the way, makes some of the BEST male hair in SL if you ask me).  Group join fee is 0L$ for both!
 Taking in the wonder of this place... wow... using a pose from Axix.  This is called "Summer Free" and is a Group Gift.
 What good would it be to visit 6DOO and not show you anything you can get there?  These really cool, really detailed Sheep Grafting Horns are out as a Group Gift.
Just look at that detail!  Perfect for your role play needs, or just for looking awesome.

The breakdown:

Skin: Favourite Genes - Vivica - Wildling - FREE in Lucky Board (multiple skins, shape, brows, physics included)
Eyes: Favourite Genes - Nocturne - White - FREE in Lucky Board
Pose: Axix - Summer Free - FREE Group Gift
Boots & Necklace: Tentacio - FREE Subscriber Gift
Camisk and Belt: May's Soul - FREE Subscriber Gift
Hair: Dura - 3 year anniversary hair - Dk. Brown - FREE Group Gift
Horns: 6DOO - Sheep Grafting Horn - FREE Group Gift

See, you can look fantastic, no matter how old (or young) your av is.  You just have to find the right places and the whole virtual world opens up to you!  Thanks for your support!  See you next time.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A visit to the Dalelands...

As promised, more goodness from the Gorean Room!

I visited the Harrowdale sim, which is a role-play community based largely on the Forgotten Realms setting of Dungeons & Dragons.  It's a beautiful sim, currently in the autumn season with fallen leaves, and occasional rain.  There is even a thriving ferret population.  Don't step on them as they scurry about your feet!

Skin: {FG} Penny - Tan (old Room69 item)
Hair: Magika - Nine
Eyes: the Plastik - Oni - Magicka - Em (mesh)
Sandals: Tamiron Forge - RS Cross Tied
Mesh Outfit: On a Lark - Asteria - Coal - Gorean Room - 50L$

 I had to show you a closer image of the detail on the fabric (below).  This is meant to be worn on a gor sim, so it's no surprise that there aren't any panties or glitch pants with it!  Ladies, you'll have to find your own somewhere if you want to be more modest.

M'Lady in the tavern? What will people say?

A recent visit to the Gorean Room has me reeling with all of the amazing stuff to be found!  There are so many amazing outfits there, RP tools (soup anyone?), and so much more.  Heck, I even found myself wishing Whisp was a male av at one point!  So... my next couple of blog posts are going to be focusing on what you can find at this round of the Gorean Room!

Here, a beautiful mesh gown that's perfect for a variety of RP genres.  I love the simplicity of it, and the true-to-period design.  It comes with a modesty layer (the back has a plunging cut that would show quite a bit of backside for those who choose to be a bit more risque) and, of course, alpha layer and sizes.

Pose: .ploom. Hymn 3
Dress: Lorien - Lady Marian - Gorean Room event 70L$
Hair: Truth - Parisa w/Roots
Eyes: the Plastik - Oni-Magicka-Em (mesh)
Skin: Tuli - Helena 04
Taken at Zolio RP sim

The Gorean Room is an event that occurs every 15 days, with some really amazing designers coming together to offer events geared toward medieval or gorean style role play for 50-70L$.  There are always amazing items there, for men, women, and general RP.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Why, thank you!

The best part about joining groups in SL(c) has to be the group gifts.  Yeah, it's great to be informed about things; but man, you gotta love getting things for free!

Skin: YS & YS - Cara (teeth) - My Love - GG 0L$
Hair: Cheveux - hair pack F036 - New Release (thanks!)
Mesh top, jeans, shoes: Justice's Designs - Dork
Pose (star included): Do Re Mi - Like a Diamond
Picture taken at: Landing point at Hazardous

Skin: YS & YS
Hair: Magika - Layne
Mesh pants: Egoisme - Joggin Pants - GG 0L$
Glasses: Glamorize - Gloss Black
Tank Top: Death Row Designs - MTankFem23 (I think therefore we have nothing in common)
Picture taken at: Hazardous, after teleporting down

Of course, when joining groups, I tend to only join the ones that I really like.  If the items are good quality, I don't even mind paying a group fee.  Some places, it's totally worth it to pay 50-250L$ to join; because you usually get that back in gifts that you'll actually use.  For the record, Egoisme has several group gifts out for men and women.

Next time, I'll make sure to get a close-up of the skin!  I just loved the way this sim is designed and had to get as much of it in the pictures as possible!

Thanks for your support!

Monday, November 11, 2013

How did I end up here?

For those of you who like to role play and are looking for something a bit different, you probably are tired of seeing the same old thing.  Most places are either gorean, medi-fantasy, or heavy combat meter fighting.  A couple of my friends have recently joined up in a sim that's the prequel (yeah, you read that right) to New Babylon (c).  It's called Lost Vegas (c) and it's got a great storyline, and is a really cool build, too.  It was a great backdrop for some pictures.  I had to narrow it down to a couple, or I could've made this post go on for miles!

 Above:  Entering the City after walking through the desert.  The sim itself is built to show several different areas.  There are Raiders, Outlanders, Highwaymen, Townees, even gods and demi-gods.  Of course, they don't want everyone trying to be an uber-powerful character, so gods are restricted roles.  It's a land where everyone has to struggle, salvage, and scrape their way by.  It's the futuristic Wild West, where you have to face the challenges of survival in the wilderness and desert; but with a twist, where you have to face the supernatural powers around you as well.  Sound like fun?  Check it out here!

So, the entire reason that I went looking for a good backdrop was to showcase these really cool items that YOU can pick up, too!

Skin/Shape:  Favourite Genes - Bonnie - SYSP November round - 99L$ Comes with appliers for Lolas Tango, SLink Hands and SLink Feet.  The shape is curvy enough, you may just decide you don't need the Lolas -or- Phat Azz appliers!
Hair:  Tameless - Kirsten - Naturals - New Release! (thanks!)
Eyes: Favourite Genes - Weathered Eyes - Ink - SYSP November Round
Outfit (including boots): Tameless - Bad to the Bone Outfit - Mesh top, system jeans, mesh boots and wristbands - New Release!  (thanks!)
Eye Makeup:  Favourite Genes - Exotica Eyes - part of Beauty Assortment - FREE
Lashes: .ploom. - Feather Mascara - part of Harlowe Nightshade group gift
Headband: Baubles! by Phe - Tiger's Claw Statement Hairband - New Release! (thanks!)
Necklace/Belly Piercing: Tara - Leaves and Copper
Poses: Pr!tty - Simple poses

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Overto Omonto ~ Creepicool Mesh Art!

I don't only like to blog about fashion; though I always end up sticking something in there about it, no matter where I go.  I found this really great build in the Destination Guide, and thought I'd go check it out.  It's called Overto Omonto, and definitely visit-worthy.

 Above:  Found this guy walking about the flora on stilts.  I'd say he was looking back at me; but I think his vision is blocked by that eye cover.
 Above:  Okay, the obligatory fashion shot... 
Skin:  Goddess - Laura - Dimples - Cleavage - Sunkissed for the SYSP November event (99L$)
Hair:  Tameless - Tilly - Naturals - New Release!
Mesh Outfit: Tameless - Perdita - New Release! (yes, like the dalmation)
The skin comes in Sunkissed or Milk, with cleavage options, dimples options, leg bow options.
Above:  Peering back at me from within the water... not sure who this is or once was; but I'm sure this fella will be appearing in someone's dreams tonight!

It's a great build, overall, if a bit creepy to walk through.  Make sure you use the Region Lighting, and keep your draw distance at around 100 at least.  I usually keep mine at 32; but it pays to be able to see the full thing.

Caught in the Rain

It's all fine and good to find a meditation garden to go and... well, meditate.  It makes it difficult to focus, when you're a beginner at this, in the rain!  Good thing that a girl can still look good doing it, though...

Above and below:
Skin:  {FG} Avril - old [Room69] item from a couple of months ago - love the blond brows, though!
Mesh tube top:  ..::Eden::.. for [Room69] November round - comes in several colors 69L$
Piercing and matching ring: !NfiNiTy - butterfly set - [Room69] November round - both to the set for 69L$
Face Tat: Plastik - Soul Ink - Stretched Dreams
Mesh & Flexi Hair:  Analog Dog - Ashbury - Oatmeal - FREE in Free Ball
System Jeans: Razorblade Jacket - Thrashed Jeans
Heeled Boots: Redgrave - Girls Bikers RELOADED in Smoke

Find the 69L$ items and more here...

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dollarbie at the [plastik] and gifts at Analog Dog

My dear, tiny, waifish and sad-eyed friend, Lani, helped me out today when we visited Snatch City.  Snatch is having a huge sale right now with most items up to 50% off, including a HUGE selection of mesh items.

Before we took advantage of the Snatch City's photogenic streets, Lani had gone and picked up a couple of freebies and a great dollarbie from the :[plastik]:.  I said, "I have to blog that!" So, here goes...

 Above and below:  
Mesh hair with color change HUD - Analog Dog Free Ball - Pop Scotch (includes hair bases)
Skin - Mojo - old group gift - Meda
Mesh Corset - :[plastik]: - Camilla ~ Find this in the gift box as part of the dollarbie!
Necklace - :[plastik]: - Krysis Cord (with color change HUD) ~ Find this in the gift box, too!
Mesh Pants - :[plastik]: - Soren Skinnies - black ~ Also in the gift box!
Leather Sculpted Boots - In Her Shoes - FREE!
Eyes - Favourite Genes - Reflective 3
Itty-Bitty-But-Oh-So-Pretty Shape - Her own!

More goodness to come!  Thanks for your support.