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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat? Definitely TREATS!

There are LOTS of activities in SL right now to celebrate Halloween... and LOTS of places giving out goodies!  To make it even better, it's time for a new round at the Structure Your Skin Project and at [Room69]!  Both open Nov. 1st and I have a sneak peek for you.

Let's start off with some Party fun... 

 Above:  Just got done with the "grown up" party... 
Hair: Tameless - Becca - Naturals - New Release
Skin/Shape: Favourite Genes - Natalya - Peach - Room69
Dress:  Keresma - Flowing Tunic - Dark Glitters - Room69
Boots: Latreia - Lejna Silver - Room69
Piercing: Baubles by Phe - Goddess Piercing - New Release

 Above:  A closer view of the piercing... which goes from the inner to the outer eye.  Half of me screams "OUCH" while the other half is squee-ing with how cool it is!

And now... to play Trick or Treat!  If you haven't been yet, stop in at the Purgatory Sim and go check out Havenhollow.  It's an interactive Trick or Treat setting with a variety of doors to knock on and get treats... or tricks!  I saw some of the most adorable little kid avs running around there along with grown ups, and the interactive mesh models there were amazing!

Above:  this is one of those interactive displays (in the bunny suit...)
My outfit:  Loordes of London Boho set 8 - Room69 (mesh)

Above:  Score!  I got candy!
Horns:  Tea Lane - Vanth Horns (sadly this store is closed)
Tattoos:  Favourite Genes - Cheshire Cat (We're all mad here) chest tattoo and See What I'm Saying (eyeball on mouth) tattoo - 1L$ each in fallen leaf hunt at store
Hair:  Exile - Iona
Pose - Kawaii Pose set - Room69
Shoes: Latreia - Myka - BrFlower Mary Janes - Room69

Let's go pick up more goodies!

 Above:  Waiting outside at .ploom. in this great FREE hair ~ part of the Halloween Massacre event from the Alice Project.  One free hair per day through the Halloween period, and some marked down hairs full of blood and wonder in case you missed the free days!  Here, and below, is Holly (bloody) in black.
 Above:  Made it inside and got the gifts from .ploom.  shown above (lips) and below (lips and skin).  If you wear your group tag, you can also get a discount on the 13 days of Halloween items... One new item each day!  Poses, hairs, the works!
Mesh tank top:  uBody - Riley Tank - Room69
Skin/Shape:  Favourite Genes - Bonnie - SYSP
Eyes: Favourite Genes - Weathered Eyes - Amber - SYSP (part of a set)
Lip Tattoo: .ploom. - Jack o' Lantern group gift
Above:  Checking out the Gift Skin from .ploom. ~ Nightshade

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