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Monday, September 2, 2013

Being a Girl

So, everyone who has ever logged into Second Life knows that you can be virtually anything you want.  Sometimes, even when you don't want... you'll end up being something.  A cloud, for instance.  Or maybe even an egg.  Anyway, Whisp gets to run around the virtual world being a girl of all shapes and sizes, colors and styles.  Here, I've found a few great items to make that even easier...

Above: Taking a break from shopping!  This is actually a cocktail dress that I decided to punk up a little bit.  The hair is a color sampler that I love the style of, so I've been waiting for a chance to wear it.
Skin: Arm Candy - Becca - Candy Face - SYSP
Tattoo:  Zentro - Stay True - [Room69]
Dress: Forbidden Butterfly - Sweetheart Cocktail Dress - [Room69]
Shoes: Miss Canning - Hermes Sneakers with 10 color HUD - [Room69]
Accessories: Persefona - Pearl Headband and Pearl Eyeliner - [Room69]

Love these sneaks!  Color change at the touch of a button.

Here, a closer view of the skin, tat and pearls.  The skin comes with the option of teeth or solid lips.  Did not include a shape; did include brows.

Above: More [Room69] Goodness and a NEW RELEASE from Panda Punx!  Does anyone else catch a hint of Hayden Panettiere here?
Skin/Shape: Panda Punx Body Shop - Alixx - Pure Light
LipStick Layer: Goddess - Nude - Lipstick Gift at SYSP
Eyes: Pulse - Dreams
Hair:  Magika - Awake
Outfit: Damned Dolls - Cutie Girl Mesh top and Mesh mini shorts - [Room69]
Shoes: Miss Canning - Hermes Sneakers - [Room69] (colored blue)

Here, a closer shot of the Panda Punx skin without the lipstick layer. Very pretty stuff.  You can get the modifiable shape at the body shop, in case you'd like to adjust the curves somewhere.

Feel free to hit me up in-world if you have a tip on some great finds!  I'd love to feature them here.

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