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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Room69, Magika half price sale, and upcoming goodies (sneak peek!) in the July SYSP

I got a tip from a friend about this new collaboration of goodies at the [Room69].  While the name smacks of naughtiness, it's actually a lot more family friendly than it seems.  Tons of items for - you guessed it - 69L$!

I also got a heads-up on a blogger pack from Favourite Genes for the upcoming Structure Your Skin Project, and went shopping at the Magika half price sale!  Put them all together and it's good times and huge savings in SL!  Please note that the SYSP is closed until July 1st for setup.

 Above: Molly shape, Molly Skin 1 and Molly eyes (nut) from {FG} at the SYSP.  Shown here with Magika [01] Please from the half price sale and a really cool retro one piece mesh swimsuit from *Keresma* in yellow polka dots.  Only 69L$ for the suit!
 Above: Molly 2, Molly Shape, Molly eyes in Green and Magika Nine mesh hair.  This bikini from Damned Dolls (Playa's Girl bikini with HUD) is mesh, and comes with options on how transparent you want the bikini to be.  It also has a mesh cover-up dress that you can adjust the transparency level on to make it look wet or dry.  Shown below in fully transparent with the Magika Layne hair style.

Below: Still wearing Molly 2, with the Molly eyes in Chrome and the Frosty Pink lips option (There is a set of lipsticks and a set of eyes also for sale at the SYSP in July.  These add-ons are 79L$ each set.), along with the "Awake" style from Magika.  Awake also comes mirrored, and with a HUD.  Miss Canning SEXY gym shorts (with color options) and Kaithleen's Summer T Shirt in white both from the Room69.

 Above and below: Checking out the club scene... wearing Molly 3 and Molly eyes (nut).  The hair is Magika Flourish.  Dress is from Chandelle Design - Anita.  It is available in black or red.  Platform shoes are Forbidden Berry in Snake.  Shoes and dress both available at Room69.

More posts for Room69, and the NEW SYSP coming soon!  Please leave me feedback if there is a special collaboration or event that you would like to see featured here.  Thanks for the love and support!

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