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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Censored! ~And gifts for us!

Celebrating another year of survival is a great thing for any business, whether in SL or RL.  Censored is currently celebrating by having a HUGE event on sim, with lots of other businesses in the mall participating.  Booths are lined up with special sales items, and lots of gifties and cheapies out for the taking.  Look for the cupcake on each display to find items around 10L$ or less!  Of course, I had to attend, and dragged a friend along with... who was kind enough to model with me some of the great stuff we found!

 (Above) Here I am at the event, being a geek.  But, hey, I got free cake!  The necklace and earrings are the gift from Phoebe, glasses free from Stars.  The hair was a gift for the event from HINAKO (check out the cupcake-shaped buns! Cute!) and the eyes were a dollarbie from Step InSide.  The skirt was 10L$ from Chloe.  So much goodness!
 Weaving (left) is modeling the ArisAris igs5Carmina Tami mesh outfit that was a gift at the event, as well as a group gift from Censored... the skin called Karly.  We're posing together in a fun pose set that was marked down for the event to 50L$ from Purple Poses.  It's called Friends 58.  I (right) was wearing these really great 14-texture-option Gumboots from ArisAris (not free), the sweater gift from Killa Designz, Akeruka Blanca skin gift, and the prim nail set from .:Princess:.
 Here, Weaving is wearing a very sexy group gift from Censored... Manuella... along with a Lucky Chair win, the skin called Bruna with the Katien Lipstick 2 option.  She's giving me a hand with my suitcase of goodies that I found, and I'm wearing a Censored group gift (dress) called Tami, cheetah print eyeshadow, necklace, and earrings from Zibska (Chaka set), along with a skin gift from Modish in tan, clev, red.  Oh, and did you see the boots?  Yep, same ones.
 The entire reason I found this awesome sales event is because of this chair.  This is the RnB Dakota chair dollarbie with 14 poses inside.  They have lots of other items at their display, but I really, really wanted this chair!  Weaving is sitting pretty in it, wearing another Censored group gift (dress) called Marry, the Akeruka Blanca skin gift, and the .:Princess:. nails.  Threatening to throw the happy birthday cupcake in the distance is me, wearing the green option of the mesh scarf gift from Tentacio, the Censored group gift skin Doll, the Atooly gift piercing, and yet -another- Censored group gift outfit called "I love mom" with the lipstick tattoo included in the set.
 Of course, the other picture was kind of hard to see, so here's a close-up of the Doll skin, Tentacio scarf and Atooly piercing gift.
 ...And a close-up of the Akeruka Blanca skin and Censored Marry dress.
 Creepy-cool gift of the event was the "Your Heart" necklace from Anymore.
 Here, Weaving shows off the Christmas Set group gift from Censored.  We're not sure if we both just were having rez issues; but, we didn't find a skirt in there.
And, last; but, not least, the Censored group gift of the Alice skin and shape along with the Rivendell Party Bangles gift and a gift outfit from Evolve called Abby.  Note: The skirt and belt are NO MOD.  No resize scripts either, so if your shape is built like this one was, you'll be swimming in this skirt.

Lots of goodies to be had, and bargains to be found!  Happy shopping, all!

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