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Monday, November 5, 2012

Gifts and Cheapies - Hair, Skin, Clothing

RL has had its grip pretty tight on me lately, and I apologize for not being able to keep you updated on some of the cooler "freebies" in SL.  Time to get back in the swing of things!

Some of you may know that Favourite Genes has downsized to one in-world location and the rest on the Marketplace.  That doesn't mean that we've been forgotten about!  Recently released was a group gift for the women called Magdalena.  It's a pale, lightly freckled skin with copy/mod shape and brows.  Free for the group (check past notices) or buy for 50L$ (same price as the group join fee).  Personally, I recommend joining the group.  Same price, plus you get more goodies that way.  Just sayin'.

 {FG} Magdalena shown here with a dress from [plastik] and the new DURA group gift for men.
 The DURA hair gift is a full color pack, and includes the hat - not a separate option.

So, if we're working on appearances, why not add some great hair?  DURA has a 2012 Halloween giftie out for men and women who join the group.  These are full color packs, and very cute.  The male hair is shown above, and the lady hair is shown next, along with a great find at the Dressing Room.  Only 50L$ for this suit from MAAI!
Mesh suit dress "Grace" in cyan, in multiple sizes from MAAI.  50L$ special at The Dressing Room.  Shown here with skin from Al Vulo!, glasses from Glamorize, hair from DURA, and shoes from Redgrave.
Just enough cleavage to give some sex appeal without falling out of your shirt!

I will do my best to get some more bloggy goodness to you this week.  Lots of hunts going on that need blogging!

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