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Sunday, November 18, 2012

60L$ Weekends and Gifts from BMe...

Today I have a variety of items for you to check out.  At the end, you'll find some free stuff from BMe.  I'll begin with the purchases, though.  If you're familiar at all with bargain hunting in SL, you've probably heard of 60L$ weekends.  Creators across the grid put out several items that they have marked down to 60L$ for Friday through Sunday ONLY.  I have found a lot of great deals this way, on everything from outfits, hair, and other avatar items... to creator tools, full perm texture sets, and more.  This weekend, the furnishings caught my eye.

With Thanksgiving coming up for those of us in the USA, the grid is abuzz with turkey talk.  Lots of places have special meal and table items out.  Having owned a medieval sim in the past, where castle dining was something we had to consider, this particular set really caught my attention.  M'Lady Royal Dining Table by Angelic Design is only one of several dining sets that are out for the weekend.  This comes in a rez-box, and you can click the table to temporarily rez everything from apertifs to the full feast, and dessert.  It seats up to 16 people!  If you click on the chair, you can cycle through several different animations, and clicking on the plate will give you some very pretty flatware so you can enjoy your meal.  I only wish I had found this sooner!

Chilled champagne, warm candlelight glow... if only I had friends to enjoy this with me...

Fantastic detail on all of the food.  Makes me hungry just looking at it!

Well, so much for waiting!  Down the hatch!

Looking for something a little more mad?  The Alice Tea Party Table, also from Angelic Designs, offers just that!  With a variety of cakes, fruits, teas, and other concoctions, your friends of all sorts (even petites!) will enjoy the fun.

There is a wide variety of seating options with this set.  Lots of goodies temp-rezzed to reduce prims.  It does require a constant update, though, with the temp-rezzer.  The only down-side to this set that I found was the yellow glow.  It made finding the right lighting for pictures a challenge.  Great ambient effect... washed out details on avs.

How can you possibly have a Tea Party without the teapot, teacup, cupcakes and checkerboard?  Why you cannot, of course!  It would be simply mad!
The salt and pepper collection from Wayward Muse piqued my interest this weekend as well.  This black and white chair set offers multiple poses in each seat, for singles or couples.  60L$ for two chairs.

Yep, it's good to relax.  The two-toned curvy shelf with accessories was also 60L$.  The detail on the retro radio, frames, and of course the shelving itself, is very realistic.  There was also a table set to match, but I had to show -some- restraint.

This is probably my favorite pose in the single menu for these chairs.  Comfy, comfy.
Okay, so I am all about free.... Blue Moon Enterprises not only makes high quality items for medieval, Victorian, and other eras, but they also have goodies!  Here I am wearing the gift called Miss Autumn Vintage in Peacock.  Mesh and flexi-prim parts in beautiful detail create this outfit that can be used for RP in several different settings.  It even includes the boots!  Each week, she is releasing a new color set, so make sure to keep checking back in!  Oh, and slap the MM board while you're there.  Low targets for high quality!  Unbelievably realistic details.

BMe is not only well known for the quality apparel, but also for the amazing mesh builds.  Here, I'm popping a pose in the fantastic group gift, in front of one of the high-quality cottages.  Robert and Solas always amaze me with the loving effort they put in to each design.  Reasonable prices, too!  It's a win all around!

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