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Monday, August 6, 2012

Hunts, Closings and Projects, Oh My!

Wow, so much going on!  The Gypsies Tramps and Thieves Hunt has begun!  I got stuck, so I took a break and went to check out the Structure Your Skin Project for August, and got a notice that Koketka is closing!!!  HUGE sale with almost everything marked at 40L$!  Skins, clothing, shoes, etc... all for 40L$ each!  And don't forget that the Dressing Room and the Dressing Room Blue have some amazing items out, too!  TDR has several skins out - you know that's my weakness!  Have a look at some of the goodies I snatched up!

 Above:  The hair is a freebie from LOGO and the skin and eyes are on the cheap at the Dressing Room.  The skin comes with adorable teeth options, eyebrow shaper, etc.  I love the combination of the rosy lips and the dark, feathery hair.
 The jeans with the black lace strips on the legs and tight-rolled cuffs were 40L$ from Koketka, as was the cute and comfy looking striped mesh shirt.
 I'm a long-time fan of Garage, so I was thrilled to find the Garage Lova Skin at Koketka.  I also snatched up this little mesh "Sara" dress.
 From the Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves Hunt, I found this great patchwork-plaid gypsy skirt and top from MTC, and a skin/shape/brows/physics set from Favourite Genes.
Structure Your Skin Project for August has a LOT to try on.  I'm running short on time, though, so I'll show you more soon.  This one is from Favourite Genes.  It's called Lily, and comes with the natural and red lip options.  One for day, one for night!  Includes the skins, copy/mod shape, brows and physics.  Hair from Dura, shirt from Koketka.

More to come soon!

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