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Saturday, July 7, 2012

More goodness from the SYSP, Collabor88 and other gifties!

{FG} has put out a female set and a male set for it's first month of SYSP (Structure Your Skin Project).  Cara Lyn is a petite form with two skin shades, copy/mod shape, brows and physics.  Very cute and not overly blown up on the cleavage!  The male skin set also comes in two shades, with body hair on the skins, copy/mod shape and brows.  No hair base for either of them, but that is easily solved thanks to the free hair base sets found around the grid.
 Cara Lyn shown in Tan, from Favourite Genes at the SYSP July showcase. Hair: FREE from Analog Dog. Pants: part of the Plastik dollarbie at the main entrance!
Ser James in tan shown with the 2nd anniversary gift from Dura.  Images for Ser James and Cara Lyn were taken at the Alphabet of Grace sim.

Also going on right now is the collection at Collabor88.  Here, designers of all sorts come together and offer everything from furniture, clothing, hair, accessories, skins and more... everything you need for your Second Life.  Each item is hugely discounted, and ends in an "8."  You might find items for 108 L$, 98 L$, etc.  I snagged a great skin with a series of brow shapes made exclusively for Collabor88 from Illusory Skins.  I had to use one of my own shapes, but it worked really well with it and didn't need any adjusting to make it work!  Only 88 L$!  Have a peek:

I am also super-excited about some upcoming hunts that start August 1st.  Make sure you keep an eye out because I'll be blogging those as well as some of the August SYSP items when they are released!

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