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Friday, July 13, 2012

First Sim Feature: Dellhallow!

I recently got notice that an old friend of mine (old meaning long-time, not age!) has put her hand to sim design once again.  I was absolutely in love with the last RP sim that she did from the beauty of the sim to the love and thought put into the story.  When I heard that Kyra Reiter had done it again, I -HAD- to go see!

 "Dark Fantasy Roleplay. Hidden behind the beautiful scenery lies the dark truth. A history based on greed and written with the blood of the innocent. Which side will you take, in the never ending battle?"

Dellhallow is a thing of beauty.  The textures, the little details (the ivy on the old ruin arches is amazing), even the landing zone are all well done.  I had to snap some pics, and even managed to run into a couple of the soon-to-be RPers there!

 Dellhallow Landing Point/Information Center ~ a plethora of information about the background, rules, factions, races, admin and more!  No meter to pick up here; they use dice! This is your first stop at the sim.  Make sure to check out those statues!
 A unique way to make an entrance!  Climb down the ladder and choose where to go...
 Not ready to see the In-Character area yet?  Maybe you should check out the market and see if there are any supplies that you need!  OOC Market area in the sky... stalls available!

Ready to see the sim itself?  Opening for RP on the 17th...

 Dellhallow from afar... looks peaceful enough
 The Port Bay, complete with Watchman
 Beautifully landscaped... with a gorgeous sim surround too!
Mysterious, powerful, and a great icebreaker at dinner conversations:  the Liths!
 Peaceful countryside mill house, awaiting occupants
 The village by night...
 ...and by day.
 Everywhere you look in Dellhallow, beauty can be found.
 Many roles are welcome here to add to the story.  Want to fell trees, making a living off the woods?  Now is your chance!
 Warriors in the making need not royal chambers.
 Careful, there may be a roguish type hiding in the shadows as you pass through that gate....
 What sort of fantastic creature could inhabit a home such as this?  Perhaps you should visit the sim and see for yourself!
 Itching to try on that new Petite Av and put it to work?  There is a whole Petite village constructed for your magical, whimsical storyline to unfold in!
 Perhaps this tree is a symbol of growth in the wasted ruins... perhaps it was two lovers caught in an embrace by an angry nymph who cursed them to be forever entwined this way...
 Where some lay their heads on silken pillows, others find home in much simpler places.
 But of course... they, too, have to eat!
Ruins on the hill... but there must be more to this place than just the outdoors!  What of civilized folk?  Perhaps a school? Hmm...

 Well... there is this tavern... No?  Not exactly what you meant?  Ohh, right.  I think I know what you're looking for...

The entrance (after the hike up the forever-long stairs!) may seem foreboding, but true wisdom and knowledge are gained when we are able to swallow down our fears and trudge onward!
 A chamber for a Professor, perhaps?  The Library of Gilean welcomes knowledgeable and wise ones willing to share what they have learned.

 So many things to learn, so many things to teach.  Alchemy, healing, magic... that will do!

 Science:  We do what we must, because we can... (okay couldn't resist)

Beyond those who are entering, or perhaps sharing, their education, there are those of noble blood and leadership.  Below, a dizzying view from an upper balcony toward the throne room.

 Here, a meeting of minds with the possible Throne-holder Edgard, Lady Honore close to his side, and the Grandmaster of the Erebos Templars, Vargas....

Though... I'm not too sure that Grandmaster Vargas is too pleased with what he hears.  Time will tell!

And that, my dear friends, is the conclusion of this tour.  I hope you have enjoyed it, though I can honestly say that seeing it first-hand is a much more amazing experience!  Again, it opens for role play on July 17th, but there are activities going on ALL WEEK!  From the 15th to the 21st, there will be grand opening events, including hunts, prizes, meet and greets, parties and tours!  You can learn more about the rules, the story, and even decide on a character by clicking THIS LINK!


  1. Anonymous2:14 PM EDT

    I saw this review, and tried to go there, but the land is closed? Is it under a different name? Seems like its gone??

    -Konrad ViVree

  2. It is still there! I know that she had closed it one day to change the seasons. It is most definitely still there, though, and is now ablaze with color for fall! My most recent blog post featuring the suit dress was actually done from Dellhallow.



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