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Sunday, November 18, 2012

60L$ Weekends and Gifts from BMe...

Today I have a variety of items for you to check out.  At the end, you'll find some free stuff from BMe.  I'll begin with the purchases, though.  If you're familiar at all with bargain hunting in SL, you've probably heard of 60L$ weekends.  Creators across the grid put out several items that they have marked down to 60L$ for Friday through Sunday ONLY.  I have found a lot of great deals this way, on everything from outfits, hair, and other avatar items... to creator tools, full perm texture sets, and more.  This weekend, the furnishings caught my eye.

With Thanksgiving coming up for those of us in the USA, the grid is abuzz with turkey talk.  Lots of places have special meal and table items out.  Having owned a medieval sim in the past, where castle dining was something we had to consider, this particular set really caught my attention.  M'Lady Royal Dining Table by Angelic Design is only one of several dining sets that are out for the weekend.  This comes in a rez-box, and you can click the table to temporarily rez everything from apertifs to the full feast, and dessert.  It seats up to 16 people!  If you click on the chair, you can cycle through several different animations, and clicking on the plate will give you some very pretty flatware so you can enjoy your meal.  I only wish I had found this sooner!

Chilled champagne, warm candlelight glow... if only I had friends to enjoy this with me...

Fantastic detail on all of the food.  Makes me hungry just looking at it!

Well, so much for waiting!  Down the hatch!

Looking for something a little more mad?  The Alice Tea Party Table, also from Angelic Designs, offers just that!  With a variety of cakes, fruits, teas, and other concoctions, your friends of all sorts (even petites!) will enjoy the fun.

There is a wide variety of seating options with this set.  Lots of goodies temp-rezzed to reduce prims.  It does require a constant update, though, with the temp-rezzer.  The only down-side to this set that I found was the yellow glow.  It made finding the right lighting for pictures a challenge.  Great ambient effect... washed out details on avs.

How can you possibly have a Tea Party without the teapot, teacup, cupcakes and checkerboard?  Why you cannot, of course!  It would be simply mad!
The salt and pepper collection from Wayward Muse piqued my interest this weekend as well.  This black and white chair set offers multiple poses in each seat, for singles or couples.  60L$ for two chairs.

Yep, it's good to relax.  The two-toned curvy shelf with accessories was also 60L$.  The detail on the retro radio, frames, and of course the shelving itself, is very realistic.  There was also a table set to match, but I had to show -some- restraint.

This is probably my favorite pose in the single menu for these chairs.  Comfy, comfy.
Okay, so I am all about free.... Blue Moon Enterprises not only makes high quality items for medieval, Victorian, and other eras, but they also have goodies!  Here I am wearing the gift called Miss Autumn Vintage in Peacock.  Mesh and flexi-prim parts in beautiful detail create this outfit that can be used for RP in several different settings.  It even includes the boots!  Each week, she is releasing a new color set, so make sure to keep checking back in!  Oh, and slap the MM board while you're there.  Low targets for high quality!  Unbelievably realistic details.

BMe is not only well known for the quality apparel, but also for the amazing mesh builds.  Here, I'm popping a pose in the fantastic group gift, in front of one of the high-quality cottages.  Robert and Solas always amaze me with the loving effort they put in to each design.  Reasonable prices, too!  It's a win all around!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Black Event is on! 10L$ goodies found at the Wash!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Black Event, it's a lot like the Cart Sale at the Wash.  You get a LOT of quality vendors together, setting up their liths (like monoliths, but here they're more like crystals) with all of their items 10L$ or less!  We're talking skins, furniture, clothing, shoes, accessories, hair, EVERYTHING for 10L$ or less!  Of course, I could easily go completely broke at an event like this.  I managed to practice some pretty decent self-restraint.  I am -fairly- proud of myself.  Let's have a look at some of the goodies that I, and my dear friend Eldinar, found at the event...
Yes, it's a distance shot.  There is a point.  I grabbed this semi-furnished Vintage Skybox from BagLady Design, along with the Ladder Shelves (which I happen to want badly in RL) from *COZI* and the Shades of Grey mesh daybed from Piddler's Perch.  I thought... why not take a picture with all of these combined?  So, voila.  Here, you can see the artistic thought put into the skybox design with the tile and wallpaper choices.  There is even a slight glimpse of the built-in furnishings on the right hand side of the image, and the shelves on the left.  Skylights keep it from being too dark and gloomy within.

Here I am, sitting on my daybed (one of many included poses, by the way) in the Esmeralda skin in Pale from [essencial] skins.  The mesh cardigan, bra, panties, and monochrome suspender socks are all from dirty.little.secret.  These came together in a set for 10L$.  The Natsuki pitch black hair and hairbase are from Adoness

Another view of the skybox; this time, with my Serenity Sofa in Blackest Brocade from Snow Bound.  The tables in the background are part of the box.  I'm in the dirty.little.secret mesh Boyfriend Shirt in black pinstripe and Eld is in an outfit from Lash Ware.  {LW} had the black Camo Cargo Pants out separately from the black Bullet Denim Shirt.

Here, a little bit of punk and a little bit of grunge (if you can tell the difference).  Black Knit Fingerless (mesh) gloves from Ear Candy, *bf* Grungies (mesh) boots in black, B&T low rise capri leggings, and B&T mesh tank top in black sequin.  That's a whole lotta mesh.  It pays to be able to right-click and add those alphas and items. 
Same pants, same gloves... this time with a black mesh Shrug Jacket from LOoLOo and the Maloney & Hudson FREE Sequin Halter top.

A little more fancy this time... we have the Amour Fashion Destiny Dress, and Eld is wearing the SD Wears "Studly Dress Shirt" and M&H Black Trousers.

You can't see it in this shot, but I've got on a great Black Rain necklace from Bliensen + MaiTai along with this B&T mesh Top Dress in grey snake.  Eld is making this Hell Bop Dixon shirt and tie look good!

I mentioned there were skins, didn't I?  Here is a skin and shape made just for the occasion from Aeva//HeartSick.  It's called Myth in Onyx, and comes with the shape, physics, tooth layer, brows and hairbases.  There is a matching set for the gents, too!  The hair with the orange streak is a Halloween gift from Amacci called Nami.  Signature- Nasaya Mesh Dress is from Amour.  Eld is wearing the Basic Mesh Jeans from B&T, and the Lash Ware Logo Tee and their Graffiti Sneaks.

I am loving this Gothic Scrollwork Bench from Piddler's Perch.  It comes with singles poses, couple poses, and I happen to be a huge fan of the design as well.  This couple pose is adorable!  Eld is sitting in his Hell Bop "Zach" high waist pants with suspenders and I am swooning in my B!asta Whitney Boots in black.  The Black Metal shorts outfit is a FREE gift from B!asta, and what drew my attention to the event in the first place!

I mentioned I love this bench and this pose, right?  I changed the lighting a little bit, and thought I'd take another shot so that you could possibly see the detail of the clothing a little better.  Oh, and Eld's chest... rawr.

Another great pose in the bench... which has touch-menu adjusting to make lining up the kisses so much easier!

Have I mentioned I love this bench?  In this one, I've got the boyfriend shirt on again... which works, since I stole it from Eld.  You didn't think he runs around shirtless all the time, did you?

There was a LOT more that I bought.  So much, that I didn't have time to take all the pictures!  The point is, get over there before the 24th, when it will all be over!  You're not going to find bargains this fantastic all together for a while.  What's better than retail therapy?  CHEAP retail therapy!  Enjoy...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Censored! ~And gifts for us!

Celebrating another year of survival is a great thing for any business, whether in SL or RL.  Censored is currently celebrating by having a HUGE event on sim, with lots of other businesses in the mall participating.  Booths are lined up with special sales items, and lots of gifties and cheapies out for the taking.  Look for the cupcake on each display to find items around 10L$ or less!  Of course, I had to attend, and dragged a friend along with... who was kind enough to model with me some of the great stuff we found!

 (Above) Here I am at the event, being a geek.  But, hey, I got free cake!  The necklace and earrings are the gift from Phoebe, glasses free from Stars.  The hair was a gift for the event from HINAKO (check out the cupcake-shaped buns! Cute!) and the eyes were a dollarbie from Step InSide.  The skirt was 10L$ from Chloe.  So much goodness!
 Weaving (left) is modeling the ArisAris igs5Carmina Tami mesh outfit that was a gift at the event, as well as a group gift from Censored... the skin called Karly.  We're posing together in a fun pose set that was marked down for the event to 50L$ from Purple Poses.  It's called Friends 58.  I (right) was wearing these really great 14-texture-option Gumboots from ArisAris (not free), the sweater gift from Killa Designz, Akeruka Blanca skin gift, and the prim nail set from .:Princess:.
 Here, Weaving is wearing a very sexy group gift from Censored... Manuella... along with a Lucky Chair win, the skin called Bruna with the Katien Lipstick 2 option.  She's giving me a hand with my suitcase of goodies that I found, and I'm wearing a Censored group gift (dress) called Tami, cheetah print eyeshadow, necklace, and earrings from Zibska (Chaka set), along with a skin gift from Modish in tan, clev, red.  Oh, and did you see the boots?  Yep, same ones.
 The entire reason I found this awesome sales event is because of this chair.  This is the RnB Dakota chair dollarbie with 14 poses inside.  They have lots of other items at their display, but I really, really wanted this chair!  Weaving is sitting pretty in it, wearing another Censored group gift (dress) called Marry, the Akeruka Blanca skin gift, and the .:Princess:. nails.  Threatening to throw the happy birthday cupcake in the distance is me, wearing the green option of the mesh scarf gift from Tentacio, the Censored group gift skin Doll, the Atooly gift piercing, and yet -another- Censored group gift outfit called "I love mom" with the lipstick tattoo included in the set.
 Of course, the other picture was kind of hard to see, so here's a close-up of the Doll skin, Tentacio scarf and Atooly piercing gift.
 ...And a close-up of the Akeruka Blanca skin and Censored Marry dress.
 Creepy-cool gift of the event was the "Your Heart" necklace from Anymore.
 Here, Weaving shows off the Christmas Set group gift from Censored.  We're not sure if we both just were having rez issues; but, we didn't find a skirt in there.
And, last; but, not least, the Censored group gift of the Alice skin and shape along with the Rivendell Party Bangles gift and a gift outfit from Evolve called Abby.  Note: The skirt and belt are NO MOD.  No resize scripts either, so if your shape is built like this one was, you'll be swimming in this skirt.

Lots of goodies to be had, and bargains to be found!  Happy shopping, all!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Gifts and Cheapies - Hair, Skin, Clothing

RL has had its grip pretty tight on me lately, and I apologize for not being able to keep you updated on some of the cooler "freebies" in SL.  Time to get back in the swing of things!

Some of you may know that Favourite Genes has downsized to one in-world location and the rest on the Marketplace.  That doesn't mean that we've been forgotten about!  Recently released was a group gift for the women called Magdalena.  It's a pale, lightly freckled skin with copy/mod shape and brows.  Free for the group (check past notices) or buy for 50L$ (same price as the group join fee).  Personally, I recommend joining the group.  Same price, plus you get more goodies that way.  Just sayin'.

 {FG} Magdalena shown here with a dress from [plastik] and the new DURA group gift for men.
 The DURA hair gift is a full color pack, and includes the hat - not a separate option.

So, if we're working on appearances, why not add some great hair?  DURA has a 2012 Halloween giftie out for men and women who join the group.  These are full color packs, and very cute.  The male hair is shown above, and the lady hair is shown next, along with a great find at the Dressing Room.  Only 50L$ for this suit from MAAI!
Mesh suit dress "Grace" in cyan, in multiple sizes from MAAI.  50L$ special at The Dressing Room.  Shown here with skin from Al Vulo!, glasses from Glamorize, hair from DURA, and shoes from Redgrave.
Just enough cleavage to give some sex appeal without falling out of your shirt!

I will do my best to get some more bloggy goodness to you this week.  Lots of hunts going on that need blogging!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bake Sale, SYSP winding down and more...

It's almost time for the SYSP to close and switch to the September collection.  Last chance to get in there and grab some really great skins!  Cupcakes is also having their weekly Bake Sale in the center of the sim, with several stores contributing to a collection of marked down items.  Collabor88 is also ongoing, with some really great items!  Too many for me to choose from because my limited budget wants to streeeetch and buy ALL the things!

(Above) Lily skin and shape from Favourite Genes at SYSP - August.  Mesh lashes are from AI Vulo.  Feminine, flirty ruffled mesh dress is from [Sleeping Koala] (moving Sept. 1) at the Cupcakes Bake Sale (50L$).  Hair is D!va "Tomoko 2" in Cat's Eye from Collabor88.

(Above) Here, the dress is accessorized with a very pretty gift from Bliensen + Mai Tai.  The necklace is called Dark Bloom, and you can grab yours for FREE!  It also comes with matching earrings, for those of you who don't hide your ears behind hair like this one from TRUTH.

Recently, Amacci sent out a group gift, shown here.  "Mirelle" in ebony comes with different cleavage options, coordinating shape, and several eyebrow options.

This fantastic ivy heart wreath from A.D.D. Andel was also at the Bake Sale.  Only 50L$, and one prim without the hanger, this is a great addition for any virtual home.  It was also available in the traditional circle wreath.  It is meant to be a decoration, not worn.  Pose not included. 

Lots of great stuff to find all over SL.  I'm off to go find more!  Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A couple more goodies from the August SYSP!

Just two for today, but the SYSP is chock full of great skins!  Hair shown is from TRUTH and dress is from [plastik].

 Keita Skin from APS shown above with cleavage tattoo and brows.
Aurora Skin from BeautyCode shown here in tan with dark shadow.

Keep checking in!  More to come....

Monday, August 6, 2012

Hunts, Closings and Projects, Oh My!

Wow, so much going on!  The Gypsies Tramps and Thieves Hunt has begun!  I got stuck, so I took a break and went to check out the Structure Your Skin Project for August, and got a notice that Koketka is closing!!!  HUGE sale with almost everything marked at 40L$!  Skins, clothing, shoes, etc... all for 40L$ each!  And don't forget that the Dressing Room and the Dressing Room Blue have some amazing items out, too!  TDR has several skins out - you know that's my weakness!  Have a look at some of the goodies I snatched up!

 Above:  The hair is a freebie from LOGO and the skin and eyes are on the cheap at the Dressing Room.  The skin comes with adorable teeth options, eyebrow shaper, etc.  I love the combination of the rosy lips and the dark, feathery hair.
 The jeans with the black lace strips on the legs and tight-rolled cuffs were 40L$ from Koketka, as was the cute and comfy looking striped mesh shirt.
 I'm a long-time fan of Garage, so I was thrilled to find the Garage Lova Skin at Koketka.  I also snatched up this little mesh "Sara" dress.
 From the Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves Hunt, I found this great patchwork-plaid gypsy skirt and top from MTC, and a skin/shape/brows/physics set from Favourite Genes.
Structure Your Skin Project for August has a LOT to try on.  I'm running short on time, though, so I'll show you more soon.  This one is from Favourite Genes.  It's called Lily, and comes with the natural and red lip options.  One for day, one for night!  Includes the skins, copy/mod shape, brows and physics.  Hair from Dura, shirt from Koketka.

More to come soon!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

2012 Hair Fair has begun!

Four beautiful sims, full of excellent designer shops... and all for a good cause!  All of the designers are donating at least some portion of their sales to the cause "Wigs for Kids." All of my favorite hair shops in one spot! *Squees*  The majority of the shops set up have gifts out of one kind or another.  Not all are hair, but all are excellent.  Just one more reason to love the Hair Fair!  Open from July 14th through the 29th, this annual event offers exclusive, one-time-only styles for everyone.  Read more here, then click over to the Hair Fair Blog and get more information!

I have only been to three of the four sims, and already have racked up quite a collection of gifts! (I fully intend to re-visit later, with more Linden dollars to spend!)  Some of my favorite shops are yet to be seen on the remaining sim, so you can bet I'm not going to miss that! 

The four sims are Water, Flower, Garden and Sand, and there are almost 100 designers offering up special hair items for charity.  Yes, there are even some for Petites!  Gifts are 0-1L$ and laid out for guests to find with ease.  Mesh, flexi, sculpted, hairbases and more... have a peek!

Two styles really seem to be the "Look" for the Fair this year.  One is the Bob.  Whether fringed, sideswept, or both, it's a classic look that has made a huge comeback this summer!  Above: Hair and Pale Peach Lipstick from esk-imo, bangle bracelets by pr!tty, pose and eyes by Amacci

Roller Derby girl~ wearing an outfit from +DV8+ and hair gift from Gauze (Wisp- Lapis)

Another great gift from Gauze - Komelia hair (an updo with a touch of wild), shown here with Amacci eyes and feather earring from pr!tty

 The second popular style that seems to be a favorite this year, is the simple but always elegant up-do.  Here is a lovely one from MaiMai, shown with one of the two colors of eyes given from Amacci.

Nearly all of the color collections have offered at least a set with "dipped" tips.  Here, the gift from ISON shows a perfect color duo for summer.

[INK] specializes in hair for men.  Yes, you heard me!  Men!  This one that they have given as a gift works well for either gender.

Back when my original pixels first began wandering the virtual world of Second Life, there was one hair store that was always suggested for great hair:  Calico.  CiC is at the Hair Fair to show that Calico still has it!  Shown here:  Kennedi.  There is a hair for the men in there too!

I'm not sure what I love more about ChiChickie!'s gift... the hair (Jia) or the adorable hair stick option that adorns it!

Battle Angel once again offers a whole set of hairs to choose from in their gift package, as well as on their walls.  Playing in the water above:  Iris in dark red.

One of my favorite stores, lamb, offered a complete color collection of their take on the fringed bob.  Shown here in Washed Out, with a pretty pose and bright eyes from Amacci.

Another long-time favorite is Analog Dog.  I love this wild, wavy look, perfect for the beach.  Eyes are from Amacci, and the outfit is part of the Hair Fair low lag setup you can find on any of the Hair Fair sims.  Now if we could just get people to actually wear them instead of script and prim-heavy outfits....

An adorable retro-modern style like "Swing" from Loovus Dzevavor (shown above in Godiva 3) just looks fitting for a vintage summer outfit and playing in the sea foam, doesn't it?

Leverocci gives their take on the fringed bob, here with Sylvia in Almost Black.

+LALA Moon+ has always been able to approach style with a bit of fun and whimsy.  No, that's not a pet on her head... it's Dachs Hund in a pretty brown.

Remember how I said not all gifts were hair?  Here is a goes-with-anything mini from IA (Dungaree Jeans Skirt).  Hair is from Diorsis Hair (Amber in Goldblond 1).

Magpie's gift is an up-do with a fringe and some playful wisps around the ears.  Shown here in the Foxes.

Another great outfit offered as a gift is from (Fashionably Dead).  Yes, it includes that really great necklace as well!  Hair is from Iren, another take on the fringed bob in several color-streaked choices, and the pose is from pr!tty.

One more softly swept up-do comes from Lollipopz.  Liana in light brown comes with a matching hair base.  Great for sunny days.  Eyes are from Amacci.

 Last but not least, what good is a Hair Fair if it doesn't include those of a more fantastic nature?  Here, tentacle hair and glowy, ethereal headpiece from Tekeli-Li.  (spinal tentacles also from this store, but not at the Hair Fair)  Of course, the makers do not disappoint, and include a note card giving the inspiration behind this style.

So far, the Hair Fair was completely worth it!  If you visit, I recommend grabbing those low-lag goodies at the entrance and putting them on right away.  This will help your visit, and every one else's go a lot smoother.  Keep an eye out for sim crossing signs, and maybe even discover a shop you've never heard of!