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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Just a touch of shimmer

Okay, so Gachas are not all bad.  In fact, they can be quite addictive.  The Arcade has so many amazing things in it that I really had to limit myself from going crazy in there!  A girl (or guy) could easily go broke in that place, so take a friend who has some self control with you.  Designated Drivers, people!  Do not go alone!

So... today I have a mix of great items from the Arcade, [Room69], group gifts, and new releases!  Of course, some old favorites thrown in the mix.   Have a look!

Above and below:  Just a little bit of shimmer is all it takes to make a girl feel glamorous.  The jeans are mesh from Al-Hanna and come with a color-change HUD, so you can pick what color you want them to be.  I chose gold to go with the jewelry, hair and eyes, which are an old favorite from the Plastik (featured on multiple past posts).

The breakdown:

Shape:  Mine - no can haz!
Skin:  Skin Sation - Gina - Sunkissed - March Group Gift!  Get yours FREE in store!
Hair:  Fashionably Dead - Little Queen - Blonde 8 - Arcade Gacha!
Jewelry:  Beloved Jewelry - Romana - [Room69] March
Mesh Jeans:  Al-Hanna - Mesh Color Jeans with 21 color HUD - New Release!  Thanks!
Prim Nipples:  Nearly Tactile - Buxom - Femme

Monday, March 3, 2014

City Mouse, Country Mouse?

There are some really awesome items out NOW at the [Room69] event!  Of course, my favorite backdrop of late is at the Lost Vegas sim.  So to flaunt some of the recent new releases and some great finds from [Room69], I visited the slums of LV, where the Underground runs rampant and lives like it's a whole different world in there.  While I was out and about, I ran into Keliah, who is rocking a hot and badass Raider look.  Take a look and see what we've come up with!

Above:  Keliah shows no mercy to the enemies of the Sun Scorpions, as shown by her collection of skulls worn from her belt.  She definitely knows how to intimidate.

Above and below:  No matter where you live, city or desert, you've got to know how to relax.

The hair is a new release from Tameless.  There are 3 color packs: Naturals with all 20 natural colors, Fades with 16 ombre and tipped colors, and Fantasy with 20 fantasy colors.  Each color pack is $249.  The Mega Pack with all colors are $499L.  All of their hairstyles are re-texture and re-size scripted.  They now come in 48 different colors.

Above:  The details of this tattoo are amazing, and it comes in three levels of darkness for the ink.

The breakdown:

Gun: Breach M14
Hair: -dDx- Discord Designs - Atlas (Pillar Box Red)
Top: [R3] Revolt - Luna Strapped Top (HUD version)
Shorts: Drift - Daisy Dukes - Denim (HUD version)
Belt:  AdventureGear - Tomb Raider Utility Belt
Skulls: Pfc PuccaFirecaster - Reaper
Boots: dRd DeathrowDesigns - Worn Combat Boots (Coal)
Dirt Layers:  ViGo - Dirt all over
Face paint: Enki Warpaint
Skull Bracer & Gauntlet:  [ C ] Captive - Tribal Howl
Cigarette:  Nikotin Cigarillo (Gold)

Goggles: Riot Gear - Hunter Goggles

Eyes: Plastik Vae Collection - Beam
Skin/Shape: {FG} Patricia - Peach - MC - Blonde Brow [Room69]
T Shirt: Al-Hanna - Venezuela - Group Gift
Hair: Tameless Hair - Evion - Naturals
Tattoo: Kharma - Celtic Egyptian Tattoo - 100%
Pants: Plastik - Elizabeth Mesh Pants - Ravan

Circus Circus

Wow, it's been a while since I posted!  I have got a really cool, spunky, fun style for you guys today, though, straight out of the Big Top!

 What is a Circus without at least one clown?  This is Peridot, and she performs at Circus Circus, an RP faction at Lost Vegas.  Her character, when not performing, is a sophisticated lady that can keep up with the guys when it comes to hard work.  Performances, though?  She's full of fun and mischief!

Peek-a-boo and other poses are part of the AO that suits this act perfectly!  I wish I could have put a video here for you to watch.  Guess you'll have to go see it for yourself!

Above:  A clearer shot of the put-together ensemble.  The makeup, the colorful hair, the highly detailed outfit... they all come together to make one heck of a performer!

The breakdown:

Clothing: Bare Rose Quin Pinafore
Gloves: Celoe  Mery Gloves in Mine
Hair: Exile  Bring it On in Fern (Amacci Hair Base 2 in Lime)
Clownface: SMD Mask Elorah 04d
AO: SWAN Jester AO with puppet

Skin:  League Isla Pale

Monday, February 3, 2014

Everywhere, they stop and stare. I'm just a stranger on this road.

Two posts in a day!  Ambitious?  Not really... unless SL is acting up and not letting things rez!  Like today.

Back to Lost Vegas I went, and everyone there was super helpful and patient (as always).  Harvest was my escort again, and though I could cam and drool all day long over that guy, I had my own agenda to stick to.  Have a look!

Above and below:  Okay, so the heels might be just a little too high to realistically be playing a Highwayman here.  This outfit was just so cool, though, and includes the thigh holster and gun!  The hat is separate, but works so well for this setting.

I love this skin!  It comes with the cleavage as an option.  With a peekaboo top like this, why not flaunt it?  Panda Punx also has a matching shape to go with it, but I felt it just a little bit too pouty to wear for this look.

Above and below:  Not my first run-in with a Scarecrow... but my first actual run-in with a Raider!  He's so creepy-cool!  What drew my eyes the most was all of the detail.  The jacket is so realistically done, and that wild hair!  I wouldn't want to run into him in a dark alley, but I couldn't help but hide in the alley myself to creeper stare and take pictures!

Of course I have to wonder what the shovel is for....

The breakdown:

On Whisp:
Skin: Panda Punx - Maddie - Lovestruck - Sunkissed - CL - [Room69]
Shape: My own
Eyes: Plastik - Haunt - Lyahra
Hair: Eater's Coma - Group Gift 03 - Light Sandy Blonde
Outfit: Tameless - Wanted - Steel
Hat: Admiral Spicy - old [Room69] item - store closed :(

On Grime:
Deco: Alphamale skin (vampire)
Deco: Mesh harness boots (ashphalt
Deco: Mesh Peacemaker Duster male (dirt)
Deco: Shifty hair set (Coal)
Deco: Slinbelt (black)
Hermony: Cigarette
Clemm: Fract eyes Bloodshot
DRD: Filthyshovel (Part of Torned-full outfit)
Fallngore: Ripped Cheek
Razorblade: Dealer gloves (part of Timberlake outfit)
Repulse: Head shot
Repulse: Open chest wound
Tabou Irrestible: Sewn Bad az (MOG2 rare gacha)
Tonktastic: Paratrooper fatigues [Battleship grey]
Corvus: Bloody Hand tattoo

Come hither

Taking a break from the LV series to show you guys a few gifts and new releases that are perfect for the upcoming Valentine's Day madness.  More Lost Vegas next post!

Above:  This sexy hair is a new release from Tameless called Bliss.  Great for seducing that new spouse of yours this Valentine's!

And if crawling across the bed doesn't help, try showcasing this mesh lingerie set from Al-Hanna in a different way.  Someone is bound to get hot!

Perfectly pink lips and gorgeous details make this a hot skin to use for luring someone in for a little love.  It's a February group gift from Skin Sations (group join fee) that is well worth it!

Remember up there, where I mentioned luring in a new spouse?  Showcase that love with the engagement ring and/or engagement + wedding ring set from Beloved Jewelry.  Part mesh, with 5 different metal options, texture change, and beautiful details that my pictures just don't do justice for.  Stunning!

The breakdown:

Hair:  Tameless - Bliss - New Release (Thanks!) 3 color packs: Naturals with all 20 natural colors, Fades with 16 ombre and tipped colors, and Fantasy with 20 fantasy colors.  Each color pack is $249.  The Mega Pack with all colors are $499L.

Skin: Skin Sation - Danielle - Pale - Group Gift (Feb)

Lingerie: Al-Hanna - Red lingerie with hearts for St. Valentine Day. - Group Gift! (Also have mesh boxers!)
     Include: - Bra, 6 sizes: L, M, S, XL, XS, XSS  - Thong, 5 sizes: L, M, S, XS, XSS

Ring: Beloved Jewelry - Treasure Wedding Ring Set (shown in silver/light gold) - Texture Change Version -245L Promo Priced January 30th-February 6th; 345L Valentine's Special February 6th-15th, single color versions (like shown) available  in 6 Variations, 60L Promo Priced for My 60L Secret Weekend sales only
January 30th-February 6th

Bed: Noctis - Vintage Wrought Iron Bed (crawling/touching poses not included) - does have animations! 

Friday, January 31, 2014

Welcome to the Outlands

So, today I had this GREAT set of gear in a conglomeration of stuff from [Room69] and new releases that I mixed and matched to come up with this Outlander look.  It's kind of a wild, punky, Road Warrior style, which fits right in with... you guessed it... the Lost Vegas sim!  I also stole the souls of three of the regulars there.  Okay, so I didn't steal their souls.  But I did get some pretty good shots of their awesome avs!

First off (above), I snapped this image of Addisen, aka the Teacher.  Her character is one that can manipulate time (Yes, she's a Whovian for those of you who know what that means!), and this is her "I'm blending in" look for town.  One of these days, I'll get some shots of her in her other form!

 Above and below:  What can I say but YUM?  Agamemnon is not only the god of war & leadership, but I hear that OOC he does a great job with SL photography!  He leads the Spartans, controls the Merit Points, and reminds me why I like cowboys so very much.

 Only one thing can look this dangerous and sexy at the same time, and that's a Scarecrow.  This (Above) is Madame Pe.  She's not awful; she's misunderstood!  Okay, maybe she would rather play with your insides than your outsides; but, at least she does it in style!

And now for what you've all been waiting for... the goodies!

These jeans are part of a set out at [Room69] for February.  It includes a shirt, jacket & boots, but with the rips on the legs, I felt it would be a perfect match with the military belted top I was wearing for this "Outlander" look.

This partially-shaved hair style is from Tameless and includes the shaved hair bases, so you don't have to go hunt those down!

The Breakdown:

On the Teacher:

Hair/hat: 'Jill' from TRUTH

Necklace: 'Stone necklace' from .Eldritch.

Hooded Dress: 'Coconut Dress' from DECO

Jeans: 'Low Rise Rune' from DE

Boots: 'Buckled Brown' From Lightstar

Blade: 'Kukri' from Remarkable Oblivion

On Agamemnon:

Jeans: Jomo

Shirt: Gio-Men

Hat: Riders - straw cowboy hat - FREE
Boots: GOS - Aviator Boots
Eyes:  Poetic Colors – Milky Eyes (Grass)
Tattoo: Sleepy Bozer - Ally Moss
Skin: Nivaro - James Skin (Vice Beard)

On Pe:

Shape: #adored - janelle - m (Sized down to a small)

Skin: .Birdy. Zombie girl~ Group gift<3 font="" new="">

Eyes: JM2 ~ [black] Demon eyes

Hair: Exile::Longest Night Blacks

Stitched wounds: - DAMNED - PuzzleDoll /Full

Eye makeup: - DAMNED - CatEyes Makeup

Dress: Sugar - Mina Mini Dress

Hand necklace: [ zerO ] Last Caress - Choker (resizer) - Bone

Cleaver necklace: KOSH- CHOP U UP NECKLACE

Thigh highs: ISON - black leather thigh highs

Fishnets: ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Queen of hearts fishnets

Spiked knee pads: dl:: Spiked Knee Guards

Boots: RO - Hobnails (leather)

Harvester piercing: .r.M. - Harvester - Piercing

On Whisp:

Skin: Skin Sation  (formerly Goddess) - Yasmine*3* Tan C - Lucky Letter Board! (Group Fee free TODAY! 100L$ on 2/1/14)

Lips: Skin Sation - Viki Lips - Natural

Hair:  Tameless - Giana - includes hair base - NEW RELEASE (thanks!) 3 color packs: Naturals with all 20 natural colors, Fades with 16 ombre and tipped colors, and Fantasy with 20 fantasy colors.  Each color pack is $249.  The Mega Pack with all colors are $499L.

Left Eye:  Plastik - Haunt - Withered (Mesh)

Right Eye: IKON - Promise Eyes - Fjord - Group gift!

Boots:  Edge Grafica - 31 Engineer Boots

Shirt:  !!smesh - Mesh military belted top - [Room69]

Jeans:  iCandy - Taken (part of outfit) - [Room69]

Nailed Plank - REVOLT


body - Para Designs - Fire & Ice - Burnt Edition
face - Damned - War Stripes - Red/Black (old hunt item)
eye - Repulse - Gashed Eyelids II Face Tattoo (left)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Last chance on the road to Vegas...

What amazes me about the Lost Vegas sim is how even the landing zone is gorgeous.  It is so well built that you literally feel you are already in the RP area.  So, this post is done using the "LZ" as a backdrop.  I've got some really cool stuff to show you from gachas, the upcoming [Room69] event, and some new releases!  Have a peek!

Above:  Kharma has a couple of great tattoos out at the [Room69] event.  This one is a bow star tattoo like stocking laces up the back of the legs.  It also comes with Phat Azz and Cute Azz appliers.

Above:  These shoes come with different colored laces, so you get options!  It's a great new 90L$ release from Al-Hanna, and I love the details in things like the hooks, the little loops on the back, and the shading around the laces themselves.

Above:  You can almost see the entire getup here.  The funky mesh mini dress is from J & A Rock Culture and is available at the [Room69] event starting in just a few days.

Above:  Kharma also has this hand tattoo in different levels of ink strength.  Shown here is the 65% option.  It also comes with the SLink applier for hands, and is available at the [Room69] event.

Above:  Skin, freckles and brows are part of a Gacha prize pack from Favourite Genes.  35L$ a play.  The earrings are from Baubles! by Phe, 145L$ for them but half price if you wear your group tag!  The hair is a new release from Cheveux and includes the hair bases.

The breakdown:
Lighting: Phototools - Dream Book Light 03
Location:  Lost Vegas - a Godswar Roleplay sim
Skin:  Favourite Genes - Hanna - Ivory - Festive - Gacha prize (includes brows and freckles tattoos)
Shape:  Mine!  I made it.
Eyes:  IKON - Promise Eyes - Fjord - group gift!
Hair:  Cheveux - F041 - hairblond03 - New Release! (Thanks!)
Dress:  J & A Rock Culture - mesh mini dress - Hipster - Indie - [Room69]
Earrings:  Baubles! by Phe - Gold Grated Hoops - Orange - New Release! (Thanks!)
Shoes:  Al-Hanna - Color Skulls Sneeker - Orange Laces - New Release! (Thanks!)
Kharma - Poker Hands Tattoo (65%) with SLink Applier - [Room69]
Kharma - Bow Star Tattoo with Phat Azz and Cute Azz appliers - [Room69]

Special thanks to sim owners at Lost Vegas for letting me use your beautiful sim for this series!  I'll be back for more soon!